Life's Finale


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Rare

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Life's Finale


Destroy all creatures, then search target opponent's library for up to three creature cards and put them into his or her graveyard. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Life's Finale Discussion

Scion_of_Darkness on The Ultimate Lich God (Budget Voltron+Infect)

4 days ago

My take on playing the Lich is to clear the board with Life's Finale and World Slayer instead of the route you've chosen of evasion. I play Darksteel Citadel and Darksteel Ingot both to put the Liches counter on and to have some mana after Worldslayer hits. My build also rocks Ensoul Artifact and Tezzeret's Touch. I'd link you the deck if I knew how. I guess click on my user name, right?

DanteBeleren on The scarab god like his dead friends

1 week ago

Ok cool. In that case, a rough idea of what I'd do with the deck is to make sure to incorporate both aspects of his ability. Creature base obviously zombie shenanigans, but what about the 2nd part? Well I'm a cruel person and prefer to use other people's toys against them, so I'd suggest a wheel style deck with bounce spells.

To focus on the activated ability I'd suggest: Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, Windfall, Dark Deal, Waste Not, Life's Finale, Damnation (always a safe card), Dissipation Field and No Mercy (as mentioned above) are good places to start. All of these can help to get creatures into opponent's hands and/or grave for you to steal. Also, Heartstone and Training Ground (which you know about) will be helpful too.

Zombies are pretty straight forward as long as you know what you wanna do with them. Mass generation with a few lords or recursion with lots of etb triggers seem to be the most consistent in my experience with them. With Scarab God's abilities he wants both (naturally), so you'll have to attempt for the happy medium. In that regard I don't have a lot of advice to give because that is more dependent on your own play style and what feels "right", but if you wanna take a look at my deck Liliana's Renaissance it is in similar style to what I'm describing.

Regardless of what you do, hopefully some of that was helpful to you. Also plus one cause your initial start of what you've got going looks amusing.

LVL_666 on Your Graveyard is Delicious

2 weeks ago

Well first off I have to say I like the name (+1, just for that). It really drew me to your deck - kinda like really good clickbait. I have to say that for such an awesome deck name though you don't have much of a deck description. I know you're probably working on expanding it, but what would help people new to your deck would be at least answering the following questions:

  1. What's your primary strategy/wincon?
  2. Is this deck suited toward multiplayer? singleplayer? (add more tags to your deck)

If you want a more in depth guide to writing a deck description, check out Epochalyptik's deck description guide here. Additionally, here are some card suggestions that could help you build up more threats, and dominate the table.

Consuming Aberration - This card has great synergy with your commander, and is just a good big threat to have. The 2nd part of it's ability is the best part "Whenever you cast a spell, Mill all opponents til they reveal a land." It has alot of potential uses for this deck and you should consider it.

Life's Finale + Buried Alive - It's fun to be mean, and these cards are very mean. It populates the opponent's graveyard (giving you more options) and you can remove some very annoying cards. Definitely good if you know your opponent's deck, and that something useful to the Mimeoplasm is in it. Plus it just feels good to just reap all that salt from them.

Lightning Greaves + Whispersilk Cloak + Wonder- You need some more evasion/protection in this deck. Outside of Asceticism (maybe I missed something) you don't have much in the way of giving your creatures protection, or a means to get through enemy defenses.

Jace, Memory Adept - Honestly, I'm not too keen on planeswalkers, so I took this suggestion straight from EDHREC - The Mimeoplasm. So take this worth a grain of salt, but I think that the only planeswalker you should have in the deck is this one. You're not playing why include so many of them? They don't seem to be vital to your wincon/strategy. Jace at the very least ensures that you get good card advantage while you keep resources out of your opponent's hand (especally after they re-arrange the top of their library) and have another potential target for the Mimeoplasm.

Sorry to write such an opus, but I think your deck has alot of potential (and you don't need to invest a fortune into it). Let me know what your primary strategy is, and i'll try my best to find cards that'll fit it. Good luck, and happy deck/description building!

sagramore on Lord of the Lies

3 weeks ago

Hey, thanks for this deck! I'm using it to help trim down my last 10 cards for a Phenax deck to start testing before I buy. Some really good ideas here although I think mine is a little less streamlined than yours.

One thing that I figured might go really well with your doppleganger/mimic cards is Life's Finale - you board wipe, then you choose 3 creatures from their deck to put in the graveyard, which you can then copy with your creatures later. Just a thought!

Valdast on mitch deck

1 month ago

Running a bit low on lands methinks.

Hedonist's Trove seems weak. 7 mana to cast and then more to get any use out of it?

Skullmead Cauldron is a bit expensive. If you're looking to discard cards, might I suggest Key to the City?

Jalum Tome is also a bit slow.

Djeru's Resolve confuses me. What purpose does it serve in the deck?

Replacing Unmake with Anguished Unmaking might be good.

Creatures could afford to drop Blightsoil Druid, Groundskeeper (no land synergy makes him a bit meh), Restoration Gearsmith, and maybe Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts.

Blightsoil could be replaced with another ramp creature, same with Groundskeeper. Restoration Gearsmith and Teysa could be replaced with Karmic Guide and Reveillark.

Other creatures to consider: Ashen Rider, Sun Titan, Reya Dawnbringer,

Viscera Seer, Birds of Paradise, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, Avenger of Zendikar, Karador, Ghost Chieftan.

Other cards: Life from the Loam, Victimize, Seasons Past, Tragic Arrogance, Life's Finale, Rampant Growth, Whip of Erebos, Skullclamp, Phyrexian Arena, Vraska the Unseen?

Ghoulraiser on Zombies

1 month ago

So besides your commander you have only 5 cards that have blue in them. I would go mono black if you are not utilizing that color more with card draw, counter spells, control.

Dread Slaver is good in limited but not edh, it won't stay around long for it to take a bunch of stuff and also people wont mind taking the 3 to keep their dorks. you can replace it with a better beater/ blocker i suggest Scourge of Nel Toth

Highborn Ghoul does nothing in this format. it can be replaced with something to get chip away at opponents life better i suggest Gempalm Polluter

Nested Ghoul barely replaces himself when lost, it can be taken out for Noosegraf Mob which adds a few more guys to the table

take out Disentomb and replace it with Reanimate to cut out the middleman, your hand. same goes for Raise Dead i would put in Animate Dead because it puts it on the field and can take from any yard. i would also cut Gravepurge and slot in Zombie Apocalypse yeah it is double the mana but you dont clutter your top deck and get all your guys out instead of slowly over the course of a few turns. remove Macabre Waltz for Dance of the Dead for the same reasons as Disentomb. another mass reanimate spell is Living Death my opinion would to remove Urza's Incubator for it.

to get into more blue take out Sanguimancy and add in Frantic Search for free card draw basically. also remove Underworld Connections for Rhystic Study. Life's Finale can be replaced with Cyclonic Rift. You already have Lord of the Accursed so Graf Harvest can come out for Lim-Dul's Vault to set up what you need. i would take out Liliana's Indignation for Traumatize indulgence is such abad mana sink you should add Dark Salvation as a mana sink and remove From Under the Floorboards. adding Traumatize works well with cards like Undead Alchemist so to slot him in remove Liliana's Reaver in addition to buff this little synergy remove Darkest Hour for Altar of the Brood to make tokens all night.

Haunted Fengraf is slow because you sac lands and you dont even get to choose you target i would replace it with Unholy Grotto. take out Leechridden Swamp for a swamp there are better ways to get to your opponents life with your mana. graveyard decks do not need Reliquary Tower.

i see you arent running the grimgrin-gravecrawler-diregraf captain combo, i would take out Jet Medallion for Phyrexian Altar to be able to kill the table. also for replacements for the captain remove Adaptive Automaton and Prized Amalgam (its slow) for Vengeful Dead and Plague Belcher

i would also try to find more slots for a for like 4 counter spells

you can check out my list for other combos

NobleGhost117 on Honor of the Abzan

1 month ago

One glaring problem: Commander decks NEED to be 100 cards, no more and no less. If you're building for theme, take out some of the more expensive non-tarkir cards. If you don't care that much, take out some of the cards that don't synergize well. For example, you have like 3 Warrior creatures in the deck, so Herald of Dromoka doesn't really help you. There are better 2-drop creatures in white and quite possibly in Tarkir blocks.

Cards I would consider taking out: Herald of Dromoka, Seek the Horizon, Wing Storm (this one can go to sideboard for anti-flying decks), Pinion Feast (same as Wing Storm), Fleetfeather Sandals, Life's Finale (since your deck is creature focused, you don't want symmetrical board wipes), Incremental Growth, Abzan Skycaptain (only benefits when it dies, not when it enters, so it doesn't help immediately), Longshot Squad to sideboard, Krosan Reclamation.

I would also recommend taking out Fertile Thicket for a forest, and taking out 2 swamps.

Will361405 on Board Wipes

1 month ago

Rout Phyrexian Rebirth Life's Finale Decree of Pain Deadly Tempest Planar Outburst Hour of Reckoning Gaze of Granite are all good one's, there are alot more but I can't think of them

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