As Conspiracy enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Creature cards you own that aren't in play, creature spells you control, and creatures you control are the chosen type.

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Conspiracy Discussion

Zakath on This deck is a deck 1

3 days ago

Might I suggest for possible board wipes: Dregs of Sorrow, Evincar's Justice good to remove token and machine gun opponents, Last Laugh could be interesting if you include Sanguine Bond, Massacre Girl

Conspiracy (if we can find one cheap enough) would be good with a couple of cards you already have.

Priest of Forgotten Gods could definitely work for some more card draw and disruption. TCG says it's a $1

Grim Harvest is a pretty cool recursion tool - especially with Priest.

Wilt over Naturalize - same cost & effect but you can cycle.

I really like Journey to Eternity  Flip in this deck. It's a little on the expensive side but I think it can generate quite a bit of value.

Noire_Samhain on Taborax's Apostles of Despair

2 weeks ago

There is actually lol- the card is Conspiracy.

That sort of thing is a nice idea for a bit of tech. I personally don't feel I need it with 28 potential triggers for Taborax, but its a really good potential choice for those who wish to build this list as well or their own lists.

carpecanum on

1 month ago

Spiders really don't have a stand out card so its hard to make a purely tribal deck with them. If I had to pick a single card to add maybe i'd go with Vigor?

Many cards can put out multiple Insects however. If you could fill the field with insects then pop out Conspiracy suddenly your boss could cause real damage. Still kinda on theme. Saber Ants and other cards do the same thing (a morph and one with defender if i remember correctly).

KylerStar on Syr Haakon's Big Sister

1 month ago

To add to that. If Ashes of the Fallen and/or Conspiracy ever found a home in this deck, Enlightened Tutor, or anything of the sort, may also be good. You could grab one of these if needed, but otherwise it fits your theme being able to fetch equipment.

KylerStar on Syr Haakon's Big Sister

1 month ago

Luminous Broodmoth might be a good include. Has decent value on it's own, but goes infinite with Colossus Hammer.

To be fair though, has no synergy with the knights theme. Also being the only non Knight might not be worth the inclusion of Ashes of the Fallen or Conspiracy. Although if you found enough non knight cards that really do deserve a spot in the deck it may be a nice package. Stoneforge Mystic Comes to mind.

Just a fun idea even thought it might not be worth the include.

Edit: Just read the last part of your descryption. QQ

plakjekaas on Whats The Best Tribal?

2 months ago

Conspiracy or Arcane Adaptation or Xenograft + Turntimber Ranger makes infinite 2/2 ally wolves, 2/2s are better than 1/1s >:)

MrKillStar on Ayara Ping

3 months ago

I would cut Conspiracy, since most of your creatures are zombies anyway and little tokens you create, you could just sacrifice asap with Ayara/Conrad on board.

Prismatic Geoscope - read rules on - its 5 mana rock, that enters the battlefield tapped and can produce only one mana = useless in mono color deck. Better go with Sol Ring/Mana Geode/Arcane Signet are better options for that.

I use Tortured Existence+Desecrated Tomb in my For the Void deck and its just pure awesomeness. Every activasion of TD triggers Syr Conrad's ability twice (one creature coming out of you GY, another one coming in) and DT gives you 1/1 BLACK bat token with flying (which matters for Ayara). Its also insant speed activation, so you can use them to create flying blockers and a lot of tokens to sacrifice. Add in Phyrexian Altar and you can go infinite with either Ayara or Syr Konrad.

Sanguine Bond - With weak life gain in this deck, I wouldnt bother with this. I would replace it with more ramp - Caged Sun/Black Market or Songs of the Damned (which would work even better with Buried Alive), etc.; Village Rites would be very nice card draw (of course Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence is a big thing too).
Liliana of the Dark Realms could be also pretty nice for ramp.
You can always keep Sanguine Bond and throw in more life gain stuff life Whip of Erebos/Dread Presence/Ivory Tower/Venser's Journal or graveyard hate cards like Crypt Incursion/Suffer the Past.

Woe Strider could be used as instant sac outlet for your Ayara, with a 0/1 WHITE token and scry 1 as a nice bonus.

Cabal Coffers,Lake of the Dead,Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - also very good lands for mono black decks, just not for low budget decks. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - probably not worth it if you dont run that many non-swamp lands.

Cards I would cut off:

Forlorn Pseudamma - 4 cmc 2/1, that needs to be tapped and pay additional just to make 2/2 zombie seems not very good.
Piper of the Swarm - they only thing making rats is Piper and Plague of Vermin (which is ok though). Piper works much better in Ayara rat decks. In this almost zombie tribal deck, Piper just doesnt really fit.
Syphon Flesh - Very independent on your opponent's board state and number of opponents.. So its kinda 50/50.
Conspiracy - Unless you're going to do some shenanigans with making non-zombie creatures and tokens into zombies (I counted 10 things in total that are either non-zombie creatures or make non-zombie tokens), I really wouldnt waste a card space with it, unless you can do some absurd amount of tokens.
Prismatic Geoscope - as I already said above.

[email protected]_only on Pattern Recognition #160 - Magnify …

3 months ago

So, story time for amplify; Legions had just come out, and with it, slivers were reborn. There were also, as it turns out, some beastly monstrocities for removal, like the aforementioned Feral Throwback's provoke.

"But wait," I hear you cry, "what do these two completely different tribes have to do with each other?" Well, first I need to provide a bit of context; you see, while the card itself might reference a specific creature type, the mechanic doesn't. It checks creatures that share a type as the creature enters play. It's a small distinction, but it allowed a weird interaction:

Conspiracy + Slivers + Amplify = win?

Mind you, nowadays we have Hivestone, Arcane Adaptation, and Xenograft, but this was old school. Heck, magic was just celebrating its 10th anniversary. And there's nothing I like more that taking old cards that were basically useless, cheap gimmicks, and turning them into disgusting beasts. besides which, with the new slivers, it was possible to cover most bases with a mere two colors in slivers. This was basically unheard of a the time.

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