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Tower of DOOM!



Creature (100)

Sorcery (52)

Land (22)

Artifact (20)

Enchantment (46)

Instant (40)

Planeswalker (2)

Judge Tower, also known as A.S.A.P., is a format created as a training technique for Judges who need to keep track lots of things at once.


  • All players share a library. You own every card you draw for purposes of things like Homeward Path.
  • L2s start with 1 card in hand. L3+s start with 2, rules managers start with 5. (Suck it Tabak!) Everyone else starts with no cards in hand.
  • You must play every card in your hand as soon as legally possible. All optional modes are mandatory, to the extent that you can fulfill them (ex. casting Mnemonic Wall with an empty graveyard is legal, but if there’s any spells in the yard you must target one with Mnemonic Wall’s ETB trigger).
  • You must activate every activated ability of permanents you control once per turn as soon as legally possible. Always activate abilities from the bottom of the card up (for instance, if you satisfy Mosswort Bridge’s hideaway requirement you must activate it on upkeep, not the mana ability).
  • You must attack with all legal attackers and block with all legal blockers whenever the option is presented to you.
  • All players have infinite life.
  • All players have infinite mana.
  • You lose this round if you break a rule. Treat this as competitive REL for things like triggers and communication policy.
  • Play the game until there’s a winner, that winner gets a point, then exile all permanents, all cards in the graveyard, and all cards in hands. Then take all cards in exile and move them to the removed from the removed from the game zone before starting the next round. When the deck is empty, the player with the most points wins!


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