Nivix Guildmage

Nivix Guildmage

Creature — Human Wizard

: Draw a card, then discard a card.

: Copy target instant or sorcery spell you control. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Nivix Guildmage Discussion

enpc on Help Me Revamp This Deck

1 month ago

I don't think you need to protect yourself as much as you need to make the deck faster. You have a lot of really bulky cards that could instead be more ramp/card draw. Having an average CMC of 3.57 is really high for a deck you want to be competitive, especially looking at your distribution.

You also have a very low win condition/ enabler desity. This means that while you have two primary win condition lines, you have basically zero in the way of substitutions for those. I know that Lithoform Engine can fill in for Isochron Scepter, but you're not running more support from stuff like Nivix Guildmage and Turnabout or any other kinds of overlapping combos. Having more redundancy in these enabler pieces means that you drastically increase your chances of assembling a combo becuase you don't need that one specific card.

MagicMarc on Love Affair of Ramirez and Jeska

5 months ago

Hello, I like the deck and have a couple of comments. I agree that your maybeboard contains some dubious cards except for Narset, Parter of Veils . Here static ability is the only reason you need her. And you should need her. Because she makes all of your wheel effects one-sided. Having one-sided Wheels can win games. I would drop nearly any other card in your deck for Narset considering how many wheels you have.Now about the others:

Nivix Guildmage : This card does not bring much to the deck. It's first ability only interacts with your pirate commander really but is a draw two while you are attacking with the blue pirate. You already have a lot of rummage and wheels going on. It's copy ability matters more for single target or usefully repeatable spells. Almost all of your spells do something big and copying them doesn't do anything better than what those cards already do. Mostly only Abrade and your rummage cards can take advantage of this card. I don't feel that's a good enough reason to include it. But it may be better than some of your other stuff currently in the deck.
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries : This is a win more card that relies on you emptying your library to win. You already have many routes to winning that don't need an empty library to win. The +1 ability is good with your commander and some of your creatures but does that make it good enough to include? Maybe not.
Laboratory Maniac : This is not the right deck for this card. It needs to be built around to be a consistant win condition. When not built around, I would skip it in favor of cards that don't distort your theme. Don't get me wrong, its a good card just might not be a good fit.
Teferi's Ageless Insight : I think this goes in line with the Jace and maniac. If you want to go this route, add all 3 to the deck. Otherwise, to trigger it you are already getting extra draws from another source so don't really need it. And you have to be doing something with another card to trigger it at all so by itself it adds nothing to your game state. Though if you do go with the Jace/Maniac route I would include this for the raw draw and discard power whenever you wheel.

There is a card in the current decklist I was curious about. What does Treasure Nabber bring to this deck? I don't see a sac outlet so I am assuming you just use it primarily to steal big/impactful stuff to use it for a turn? Is that a meta call? It seems a weak add when compared to the rest of the deck. I think this card is awesome and with sac outlets and ways to make mana dorks artifacts can be insane in a game. But I don't feel it merits a slot in this deck. You may have a great reason I overlooked to keep it in the deck and I am interested in understanding the inclusion.

Spirits on Mizzix, the Storm EDH

8 months ago

I'm doing a testing cycle with Izzet Guildmage and Nivix Guildmage out. I feel they've eroded in value since Training Grounds came out.

I suspect See the Truth or Mystic Remora will likely become Izzet Guildmage the ability to tutor Izzet Guildmage and Reset is just so high.

enpc on Isochron scepter and dramatic reversal …

1 year ago

Monomanamaniac: Unfortunately because you are casting spells, it does mean that dramatic scepter is suseptible to both ability hate but also storm hate, which has gotten me a few times before. But in a vacuum, it's one of the more compact combos.

I think the thing which makes it so strong is that it's such a low cost to entry on the combo - you only need 4 mana available to play and activate scepter which is super low. I used to run Tooth and Nail for Deadeye Navigator / Palinchron (with a bit of Rune-Scarred Demon enabling) in a Damia, Sage of Stone list which was good, but you always had to generate so much mana to so you could combo out with counterspell backup. With Scepter, a Mana Vault or Grim Monolith basically pays for the combo by itself and makes you mana positive.

The other thing I like with the combo is that there are replaceable pieces for it. I run the combo in my Thrasios, Triton Hero deck (alsongside Tymna) and I have Sigil Tracer who with Thrasios lets you copy Reversal on the stack. You can also use Nivix Guildmage or Izzet Guildmage in this role. But I was even toying with hte idea of using Isochron Scepter + Vitalize + Karn, Silver Golem as a janky combo in Selvala, Explorer Returned. I know it's not a great combo but it shows how you can adapt it so easily.

multimedia on Kalamax Precon Upgraded

1 year ago

Hey, nice budget version of Kalamax. Several good upgrades you've made to the precon.

Chord of Calling with Kalamax to tutor for Pili + Architect for infinite mana is interesting. Consider more ways to draw into a win condition when you have infinite mana? Without the draw making infinite mana with Pili + Architect or with Scepter + Reversal doesn't do enough. Expansion / Explosion is another instant Fork or Explosion with infinite mana can draw a lot of cards. Pull from Tomorrow and Blue Sun's Zenith are other instants that draw X cards.

Nivix Guildmage with infinite mana can draw into your deck until you find a win condition as well as counters to protect the combo. Guildmage with infinite mana can also infinite copy an instant/sorcery you cast which can make Banefire a win condition since you can copy it for each opponent and target a different opponent with each copy. If you can some how get a third copy of Chord when you cast it then you can also tutor for Guildmage.

Some lands in the manabase could be upgraded. Life lands from the precon and Scry temple lands are not worth ETB tapped. Survivors' Encampment and Holdout Settlement are unique lands with Kalamax because they're repeatable ways to tap him. These lands are like Springleaf Drum, they make mana when you use them to tap Kalamax or another creature. But unlike Drum you can tutor for and put onto the battlefield with Crop Rotation. Having more ways to tap Kalamax without attacking while also making mana is beneficial.

Some other good lands that are reasonable price to consider adding are: Rootbound Crag and Shivan Reef. The Filter lands: Cascade Bluffs, Flooded Grove and Fire-Lit Thicket are at lowest price due to just being reprinted in Double Masters. Can get these lands for as low as $5 each. Bluffs is helpful since it can make or , important color combinations to want to consistently make to cast instants for Kalamax.

Cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Meachman on The Low-cost God

1 year ago

This looks like a solid budget build.

Unfortunately both of these have recently gone up in $$, but AEtherize and Jace's Archivist feel like they work well in this deck. Bounce your opponent's creatures and then force discard at instant speed.

Nivix Guildmage is a versatile creature that's more repeatable than Desolate Lighthouse and also lets you get extra value off your spells.

Given how much discard you have, I imagine that some graveyard recursion could be useful. You already have good flashback cards, but even adding just Mystic Retrieval is probably useful.

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