Call to Heel

Call to Heel


Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its controller draws a card.

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Call to Heel Discussion

War_Machine_800 on Army of Allies

7 months ago

This looks like a fun deck! I would play it as is, but I'll still leave some card ideas in case anything sparks your interest. Since there are a couple of higher cost creatures, you might want to replace some with Veteran Warleader.

If you want to try to capitalize on your ETB triggers then you will want some cards that let you flicker your creatures. Essence Flux, Cloudshift, and Ephemerate are all one cost instants letting you do this. You might be able to save some creatures from dying using these as well.

If you're ok with just putting them back in your hand for extra benefits then Call to Heel lets you draw a card and Familiar's Ruse lets you counter a spell. There's also spells like Peel from Reality or Unsummon if you want to target the opponent.

Of course you could always replace some basics with multicolor pain lands or something like those Temple Gardens you got there. Other than that you might just want some more noncreature spells to give your deck some more versatility.

Brefin on Vadrok (Mutate/Tokens)

1 year ago

OMG. I had not even considered Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. That said, much like the other cards that were mentioned, I think that's a higher tier of power than I'm aiming for. Even my testing and refining of the deck is demonstrating that Vadrok, Apex of Thunder has plenty of power and cards like Snap, Dockside Extortionist and Cloud of Faeries would definitely increase the power dramatically.

Release to the Wind was cute, but I've been drawing back from flicker effects. It lets me recast, but not remutate the creatures. I've been preferring Call to Heel and such that lets me draw the stack back to hand.

I have more comments on your deck, but I'll put them there. That said, I like Squee's Embrace in your Maybeboard as a type of card I hadn't considered and is kind of silly but also on theme for putting my mutate stack back where I want it.

lagotripha on Paradox Bell

4 years ago

Mind Stone is a practical mana rock with emergency draw- have you tested Isochron Scepter with Whispers of the Muse/Think Twice/Remand/Call to Heel/Twisted Image/Vision Skeins as alternatives- just remands in the outcome slot and whispers in the serum visons slot with conjourers and otherworld as isochrons would allow for some more resillience. also, remanding your own spells guarantees the combo.

HerculesMorse on Lawful Chaos

4 years ago

I'm such a Dick Head! I only just realized that Call to Heel can be used to activate Detain again if you cast it on your own creature! So sorry; in my defense I worked night shift and haven't had a good sleep yet. It's probably got more uses than say Essence Flux or Cloudshift.

HerculesMorse on Lawful Chaos

4 years ago

Cool idea and the low $ is awesome, +1! I haven't got much to suggest other than I'd swap out Call to Heel for either Voyage's End or Echoing Truth (I don't want you to give the opponent a card). Also if the budget can extend that far I'd recommend Remand over Cancel simply for the card-advantage. I'd probably look at swapping Prescient Chimera for Dungeon Geists too; if you go with the Geists (and have more Spirits in general) I'd really recommend Nebelgast Herald.

Also you definitely need some dual lands, such as Temple of Enlightenment or Glacial Fortress, because you're definitely going to have mana issues I think.

TheRedGoat on Fatal Return

4 years ago

Wait, so why not Remand in all of this? Also, while it is a higher cost, what about Repulse since it also nets you a card?

Regardless of those, I'd find space for Call to Heel since it has both offensive and defensive qualities to it.

Altoman on Pauper Allies

5 years ago

Mothdust Changeling? It only cost 1, and it would be great combined with Peel from Reality or Call to Heel

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