Thieves' Auction

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Thieves' Auction


Set aside all nontoken permanents. Starting with you, each player chooses one of the cards set aside and puts it into play tapped under his or her control. Repeat this process until all those cards have been chosen.

DreadKhan on Lil' Shit

3 months ago

IMHO their are few bigger 'lil shit' type cards than Rite of the Raging Storm, if their is an opponent who can't handle 5/1 Tramplers they are dead meat very quickly, it's a very chaotic atmosphere with Rite out. It's also very good with many cards that would work well with your Commander, such as Mask of Griselbrand, and I can point out a bunch of other options. Relic of Sauron is a very good Grixis mana rock that can also draw a card now and then. I think copy effects are probably pretty good with your Commander, if you cast Rite of Replication on your Commander you still get 5 copies ETBing and dying, which should clear out hands and serve as a huge board wipe (you get 5 triggers each of the ETB and death trigger, if you have 3 opponents left 2 of them have 1/4 of their permanents and one has half left, similar for their hands. Irenicus's Vile Duplication is another fun copy effect, this one doesn't die right away and has flying. If you like annoying creatures you might like some of the specters out their, Hypnotic Specter is an old classic that will always take away a card from whomever you hit, and Stronghold Rats can take one from each player fwiw.

I can't decide if MImic Vat would be worth it with your Commander, if you can get him into the Vat you can make a copy each turn for very little mana, but it doesn't get sacrificed unfortunately, it gets exiled at end of turn, so you'd need sac outlets to get his Death Triggers (but on the upside nobody is going to block you).

Their are a few Chaos type cards that might help with your plans to annoy the table, I've always enjoyed Teferi's Puzzle Box, but any effect that cares about your opponent drawing cards really loves the effect, if you can get Box and a Notion Thief out your opponents each lose their hand and you draw cards equal to how many they had when they lost them. Grip of Chaos can help keep your Commander (or another key permanent) alive longer, and you don't run a ton of targeted interaction yourself. Omen Machine is pretty funny, it's especially useful if you use a high average MV, same with Timesifter. Some people will try to flip the table if you resolve a Possibility Storm, especially if your deck isn't trying to abuse the effect. If you leaned harder into your spell plan, or into permanents that work regardless of who controls them you could try Thieves' Auction, a card many that is so obnoxious that some people consider scooping rather than resolving the effect.

I hope some of these ideas aren't too disruptive, it's fun to have a deck that can troll your playgroup a bit!

mtgApprentice21 on https://www.madhouse.dek/troll

8 months ago

Sigh... Sumradagnoth, you were right. Squee and Goblin Assassin are actually kind of amusing. I didn't see it right away 'cause I'm just dumb like that, I guess? I also put in two basic lands and took out Scrambleverse and Thieves' Auction. The former was a headache that couldn't be resolved in less than 30 minutes (trust me, I've tried) and the latter was just a 15 minute minigame that does essentially nothing for the most part. I kept Warp World in the list, though.

fszk on Rakdos Santa Deck

8 months ago

DreadKhan To be perfectly honest with you, I have yet to play this deck. So many of the things you said I just haven't thought about, thanks. About the Thieves' Auction / Blim interaction you are right, it can be hurtful. Initially I threw the Auction in to sow chaos and as a way to give a bunch of stuff away. But thinking about it I'll probably end up with a bunch of my own stuff anyways and get burned by Blim for the stolen stuff. I'll take those out.

I love Midnight Oil in this deck, seems like it'll do a lot of work, I'll throw a couple of those in as well as some Dark Ritual

Do you have any idea about how to re-use the Harmless Offering? I've been struggling with that and I don't want to splash another color in. Thanks mate.

DreadKhan on Deck of Degeneracy (Purphoros EDH)

10 months ago

Glad some of my suggestions were of interest!

I find that some playgroups don't like the absolute chaos that Thieves' Auction creates, but most people are willing to give it a chance if your deck is actually doing something, most people find that it's chaos without a plan to win that's problematic. Either way it can't hurt to ask, you can always have another card you can swap it out for if a group doesn't like more chaotic Magic?

When I was testing it, I remember it feeling like a solid deck, it has nice consistency going for it due to it's Commander being such a stable build around. If a deck can deal with Purphoros (Commander theft seems like it'd be a problem, also enchantments like Oubliette or Imprisoned in the Moon) you'll be in trouble, but usually you'll have a consistent and actionable game plan. The deck can create interesting board states with it's tax/pain effects, and it has solid number of creatures. It also feels fresh and interesting, but I have a fondness for weirder archetypes, and I have a high tolerance for ones that many people would say are actively annoying, so keep that in mind. I could see some people getting a bit salty, if you are worried about that with random opponents you can have a Rule 0 conversation in which you talk about the things that can be bothersome to opponents, I have a few decks that I have to do this with.

philsonwilson on Deck of Degeneracy (Purphoros EDH)

10 months ago

Thanks for sharing your deck NV_1980 seems like a great version too!

DreadKhan - there's some wicked suggestions there. Hadn't thought of cards like Citadel of Pain or Rite of the Raging Storm. I love Thieves' Auction too, never seen it before and seems like it would fit thematically... though my play group might not agree! How did you find the playtest? I haven't had much chance to play it in a larger game but rather 1v1 setting.

ThassaUpYo@ssa I do have Solphim, Mayhem Dominus in the maybeboard already but the others are great suggestions too! As I play a relatively casual style I don't often spend much so having cards like Terror of the Peaks was a deep cut, hence why Fiery Emancipation hasn't been added - though if the deck is fun I'll be looking at adding it too.

Gleeock on I LOVE CHAOS

10 months ago

DreadKhan I've checked that deck out, I dig the style :)

I've used Thieves' Auction in Kardur, Doomscourge to rearrange the balance of power, you can guess I always choose Kardur first in the auction :) .. That deck has Havoc Festival as well :) -- Cardura treats your BPH

DreadKhan on I LOVE CHAOS

10 months ago

I built a single deck that has the Chaos tag, Pavel the Mighty, Hero We Deserve. That deck prioritizes unusual cards/effects, and doesn't mind running some questionable cards if they can fill a role. From the deck, these are some of my favorite Chaos spells: Allure of the Unknown is not only a solid draw spell, it's also a great way to make a friend, especially if you've got big/crazy effects in your deck. I also like the Auctions, Thieves' Auction and Illicit Auction, both have a strong absurdist element to them, but either can do things you're really not supposed to do in Red. Fevered Suspicion can be a lot of fun, Hurl Through Hell is a truly weird effect. While Pavel is a chaotic deck, it also has the possibility of eliminating people, I don't think I like Chaos for Chaos' sake, I like there to be a plan, even if the plan has elements of insanity to it.

I think if you want to build Chaos, your deck should be able to win the odd game, otherwise you're kind of violating the presumption that we're all trying to win the game (to some degree/in some fashion). I suppose if you have a playgroup that's fine with decks that do the equivalent of throwing feces at a dinner party then have at it, but if your deck can sometimes threaten a win it's a very different story than if you're just making people miserable for kicks. I for one will tolerate a lot of annoying things in decks, but at least have a plan to end things, I hate frustration scooping!

DreadKhan on Deck of Degeneracy (Purphoros EDH)

10 months ago

Not sure if you're looking for more ideas, but this deck makes me think of one of mine, where I use a few cards that might fit here, one is Citadel of Pain, this is very good in decks that don't use tons of mana on other people's turns, and I think it has good synergy with your Burning Earth for example. Rite of the Raging Storm is a nice source of a creature ETB each turn for no added resources, a 5/1 can matter on some boards, and if it does that player will die extremely quickly if 3 players are piling an extra 15 damage per cycle, the nice thing is it's never going to be you. A really quirky one that drives people up the wall with it's degeneracy is Thieves' Auction, this card is a nightmare to resolve sometimes, but it can easily turn a game on it's head. It's very juicy if your deck features lots of permanents that nobody else wants for various reasons (such as symmetrical effects). Another quirky auction I loved was Illicit Auction, the art is a bit disturbing, but it seems degenerate to pay life to steal a creature, hopefully with your deck you'll be ahead in life and can just steal something important from someone who's deck pays lots of life! Not sure if it actually matters much, but Basilisk Collar is a handy source of Lifelink for Purphoros that works when he's a creature. It is also very good with any creatures that can ping opponent's creatures, and it's hilarious if you have a creature with Trample, such as from Rite of the Raging Storm. I think the last one that might fit in is Gorilla Shaman, this makes a very good mana sink later game while offering a 1 drop creature.

Hope something there will be helpful, I had lots of fun playtesting your deck!

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