Thieves' Auction

Thieves' Auction


Set aside all nontoken permanents. Starting with you, each player chooses one of the cards set aside and puts it into play tapped under his or her control. Repeat this process until all those cards have been chosen.

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Thieves' Auction Discussion

carpecanum on Scarecrow

2 months ago

Thieves' Auction is hilarious with a board full of scarecrows. If opponents don't choose your scarecrows then you can take them and destroy whatever they did choose.

Spirit of Resistance and Pledge of Loyalty are fun with a 5 color boss.

Gleeock on What are people's thoughts on …

4 months ago

Haha, I keep raging on the social contract left & right. It is too subjective & turns on a dime... You used MLD & couldn't win in 3 turns? unacceptable to me! how many turns is acceptable? what is your version of acceptable advantage? etc??

& to have conversations about a subjective social construct all the time & have a serious Therapist-style pow-wow before games - you might as well name it Magic The Talkening at that point because you won't be playing alot. Then there's the idea that certain individuals with voices & social platforms tend to gospelize what the generally accepted social norms are in the game, its fascist, it sucks, it enables people to act like babies because it is "generally accepted" to respond extra salty to very specific legal game mechanics... Honestly, some of my groups funnest recovery games have involved Thieves' Auction without a great plan (besides how the deck is built), & that is all sorts of social contract no-no according to many

Vessiliana on Of all The Queens Men

4 months ago

Oh my, any deck with Illicit Auction can be wacky. Have you thought about Thieves' Auction ? It is a wild ride for sure, with no telling how the game will end up afterward. If your playgroup is young enough, you might enjoy it.

test_user2 on Xyris loves everyone

5 months ago

Pako, Arcane Retriever is a valid question. Was an "I-like" on first glance. ^^ Kessig Wolf Run is a good point. Also Soul Conduit , although it is quite mana heavy. I'm not so much a fan of Thieves' Auction , as I suspect, that redistributing the cards might be a very long and dragging process, but thank you for the suggestion!

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