Bazaar Trader

Bazaar Trader

Creature — Goblin

Tap: Target player gains control of target artifact, creature, or land you control.

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Bazaar Trader Discussion

legendofa on Nine Lives (modern)

1 week ago

What are your thoughts on a couple of Bazaar Traders as a backup to the Harmless Offerings?

hejtmane on Yasova Dragonclaw help

1 week ago

My basic advice for Yasova been playing her a long time she was my 3rd commander I built and i still tweak her as stuff comes out

Sacrifices outlet Ways to remove hexproof/shroud Then keeping the creatures Bazaar Trader Conjurer's Closet and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling there are a few more one time use blink effects that work make sure they don't say owner Ramp/Draw I could make her faster with faster mana

Just encase you ask yes you can trade with yourself with bazaar traderthat is what makes it so juicy but you can also use him as a political tool

Yes I mispelled the deck name on purpose Thiefing

nononono on Someone's gonna die

2 months ago

Bazaar Trader fits really well, thank you! Although I'm not sure if Worldfire is realistic for a modern game

DBCooper on Someone's gonna die

2 months ago

Bazaar Trader can make for some fun moments by giving you opponent that Jinxed Idol before it can damage you.

Also, Worldfire seems to fit the theme of this deck very well.

Gilbobaggins on Jinx time!!!

2 months ago

zapyourtumor I like the Idea of Steel Golem but you would have to use Bazaar Trader to force Golem and idol to opponents. Also Pithing Needle like effect on Jinxed Idol as they could sac steel golem right back.

zapyourtumor on Inferno Titan's Jinxed Artifact Collection

3 months ago

Shattering Spree

Don't really understand the Bazaar Trader Jinxed Idol package here, don't really understand Necrogen Spellbomb either. I would much rather have 4x Lightning Bolt .

plakjekaas on Blue players

4 months ago

So just to get the facts straight, do I understand correctly that you had in play:

Krenko, Mob Boss

Grand Warlord Radha

A few goblins

Bazaar Trader

Titania's Song

Mycosynth Lattice

And handed an opponent your Nikya of the Old Ways

And none of your opponents were using either green or red and still broke the lock?

I am trying to go at it from an empty board, which is probably too big of a handicap, but assuming there's stuff in play, Felidar Cub was a sufficient suggestion for that. I understand that if you have Krenko, my Nikya is not going to die in combat from you, but that's where other players could come in to enable the Abolish .

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