Conjured Currency

Conjured Currency


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exchange control of Conjured Currency and target permanent you neither own or control.

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Conjured Currency Discussion

M_Malcom on Fun Cards to mess with …

2 years ago

Conjured Currency is the biggest pain in the ass in the game and if you can clone it all hell breaks lose.

redsteel on game changing cards

3 years ago

i am looking for cards that state they change how core elements of the game are played like Possibility Storm i am not looking for any game winning cards just ones that change how people have to think these are the cards i have found and i kinda want them to be like them as well this is only for me and my friends so i do not care if they are banned

Scrambleverse Conjured Currency Knowledge Pool Shared Fate

smutazos on Coin Flip Chaos

3 years ago

Worldfire (if you play casual game ;) ), Conjured Currency and Scrambleverse for more chaos

girlyvader on The Roil: Chaos in 5C

4 years ago

MagicalHacker Sorry, I've been away for a while. Perplexing Chimera, like many permanents that require me to give them to an opponent who can then swap them back or hijack my spells, tends to just get the next targeted spell I cast throw back at me for spite; chaos is distinctly not control, and Perplexing Chimera is much more suited to helping a control deck keep storm under control via the threat it presents than helping chaos mess with people's math and cause things to happen. Conjured Currency is much better for Chaos; when players can't get their own permanents back, they tend to sit on it unless someone throws out a bomb. Play goes on, but the end of the game is delayed, giving me time to draw into Warp World or The Great Aurora. Eye of the Storm is, in my opinion, a terrible idea for chaos: the control player just loads it with a bounce or counterspell and suddenly the game is soft-locked. Endless Whispers has promise offline, but I primarily play this deck online in what is effectively a blind meta, so I try to avoid cards that interact with only creature decks; most of the decks I see are at least creature-based combo decks. (I have over 300 games with this deck online).

Ziembski on The Craziest EDH deck

4 years ago

How about Brand and Disrupt Decorum? Brand is crazy with swiching control cards like Thieves' Auction or Scrambleverse. Conjured Currency is much more fun than it seems. Mana Clash and Game of Chaos? If you like to make it less chaotic for you, Krark's Thumb is nice. Also Psychic Battle.

There are so many suggestions I could make that I'm going to link you my Chaos does not choose its enemies. deck.

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