Prophet of Kruphix

Prophet of Kruphix

Creature — Human Wizard

Untap all creatures and lands you control during each other player's untap step.

You may cast creature cards as though they had flash.

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Prophet of Kruphix Discussion

plakjekaas on Please help save this game

2 weeks ago

If, with the enormous card pool of the EDH format, you can't construct a deck of the colors of your liking, without feeling the need to include (or or to a lesser extent), you might be blinded by power and lost track of the philosophy of the format.

Here's a link, for those who might be interested

Not being able to enjoy a deck without letting the splashy new "must-includes" dictate you how to build it, sounds more like a personal problem than a defect in the format to me.

Suspence89 Green has been the go-to for big splashy silly things WAY before EDH was rising up as the biggest format of them all. You can't rejoice about the old days of Prophet of Kruphix and Primeval Titan and then shake your self-proclaimed boomer head at green in its current role in EDH in the same post. If you don't like to have to include green in your deck, then don't. I'm sure there's over 15000 cards still to choose from. Hell, I've built a mono +1/+1 counter deck just to see if I could, and it turned out crazy fun. The beauty of this great game we all love is in your absolute freedom to express yourself through the cards you put in your deck. I currently have 13 decks built, not even half of them play Sol Ring . I only own 2 Arcane Signet . I have as many decks that are green (2 mono , 1 , 1 and 1 five color) as I have decks within Boros colors (2 mono, 2 mono, 1 ). There's no reason to include green in any deck you don't want to, and if you want to play green in every deck, you appear to be a green mage. Why wouldn't you feel appreciated if your color is today's special?

With the enormous amount of complaining of getting nothing and getting everything, I'm sure the paradigm will shift someday to complaining why instead of green, we need to include [insert color here] not too far in the future. Either that or we'll continue trends shown on Command Zone and EDHREC podcasts that show people already shying back from overloading their decks with green. is the 4th most represented monocolor and a shared 2nd with in two-color decks, according to EDHREC stats.

In the end, the best advice I can give is: try have more fun with the cards than with the trends, the cards will last, the trends will pass.

Suspence89 on Please help save this game

2 weeks ago

I've been wanting to voice his opinion for some time now and I know what the vast majority of you already think. "The color pie is fine"... It's not because we can't even agree on it. With something so quintessential and foundational, the color pie should be of upmost importance and priority when it comes to expanding this great game we all love.

That's why I'm writing this. Because I love this game and specifically this format. I started playing EDH back in Dark Ascension so I've seen everything from, how many Primeval Titan s can you make, to Prophet of Kruphix being the single most powerful card to hit any table. Don't get me wrong I loved those periods in EDH and still have many great memories of splashy games and epic wins with friends that equally invested into our LGS's edh community. As time has gone on, my inner boomer is shaking their head as cards continually show a trend that is becoming more and more disappointing.

WotC has begun the dissolving process of the color pie!

Here are just some of my observations from my experience within my EDH community. I joined a very large EDH discord community a little over a year ago. I tend to play in the mid tier but I can hang with the high decks. I find that people really love playing in mid tier and the players at that level really want an enjoyable game without sweating over every priority pass from turn to turn. Don't get me wrong, high decks and CEDH decks are truly compelling and interesting but they're just a different environment that demands a different intensity.

During my time in online magic I've built 4 decks and really expanded my knowledge and enjoyment of the game. However, the color pie problem I've noticed is this: what color should I add to my green deck?

Its too often that spoiler season reveals the next eyerolling white cards like Reidane, God of the Worthy  Flip or Starnheim Unleashed that "aRe MeAnT fOr LiMiTeD" that's just a cheap justification for neglect. Meanwhile green receives it's favorite child treatment with Esika, God of the Tree  Flip and Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider . Or take Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip to your EDH table and watch people not even play with you. My short point is that just in Kaldheim, the trend of color favorites has been blatantly displayed. Before you say I'm beating a dead horse, take a step back and honestly look at how EDH is becoming Green + X the gathering.

Rant over.

d_iros on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage

1 month ago

The tech of using Shared Summons to set up Seedborn Muse on your turn into flashing Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir in next turn, basically makes Shared Summons Prophet of Kruphix in a can. This spicy tech was originated by Abzkaban in You Just Activated My Trap Card!, and is too genius to not incorporate into my deck. I'm cutting Damnation for Shared Summons and replacing Tidal Barracuda with Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. Cutting a board wipe hurts but I always thought Damnation is boring and also this card provides way too much value. Also, the fact that I'm cutting Damnation should speak to how lean this deck has gotten over it's many iterations.

Shared Summons is also a premium draw engine in a can if you tutor Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir and Beast Whisperer. Late game, being able to tutor two creatures with one card will let you answer pretty much any threat with a morph while also finding a piece to advance your gameplan. It's also a pickle lock in a can but the downside is that revealing the tutored cards lets your opponents know the pickle lock is coming.

jonno.scott on Commanders Unite

1 month ago

Prophet of Kruphix is banned, but you could run Seedborn Muse.

DemonDragonJ on How is Elder Gargaroth Remotely …

1 month ago

Omniscience_is_life, that is funny, because I actually think that Prophet of Kruphix is perfectly balanced, although I do agree that Uro is very overpowered.

Omniscience_is_life on How is Elder Gargaroth Remotely …

1 month ago

As of late, Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is one people love to hate. But I don't think it's overpowered--Prophet of Kruphix was overpowered, and ergo got what it deserved. But of unbanned cards... I don't like the three-drop Flash-bears from CMR, but I don't think they need to be banned--just that they should never have been made. But that's another topic :)

Abzkaban on You Just Activated My Trap Card!

1 month ago


Thank you! I just love the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme here. Haha. The deck has only gotten better since I first built it, and it plays really well even if the bounce combo requires a lot of pieces and seems convoluted.

These are all interesting suggestions. Here are my thoughts on them:

Centaur Omenreader Not as good as our other cost reducers, I think, only because it has to be tapped. With Earthcraft it’s fine and a cheaper Ugin although the latter can also function as removal or card advantage which I think is worth the two additional mana. I think it could work if you play with more ways to tap creatures.

Tangleroot I like this one. It could help with storming off especially if we’re chaining creatures and digging through the library. Also infinite mana with our free bounce combo, but that’s win-more. Good card but not sure how I’d slot it in. Currently I don’t feel like I’m missing it, but it could definitely do work.

Glen Elendra Pranksters Faerie Tauntings While it’s true that we ideally want to play under Prophet of Kruphix, that doesn’t always happen. I feel these would be dead draws otherwise. I love the idea of having either out in magical Christmas land, though.

Glimpse of Nature Cheaper than Beast Whisperer and Guardian Project but only a sorcery. I’m not really feeling it only for the lack of reusability outside pulling it from the yard. That being said I can see this being a good play. This has the potential for some explosive draws for 1 mana which is nothing to turn your nose up at. In the right situations it could dig pretty hard. Personally I think I’d still prefer the permanents so I can continue digging on future turns including my opponents’.

Thought Harvester Basically this could be another finisher. I wouldn’t replace Aetherflux Reservoir or Words of Wind with it, but it could be an alternate to Altar of the Brood which I just replaced. They essentially function the same except this exiles the cards rather than milling them which is just better. Not for me, I think, but this easily a good card to have if someone wants to go that route.

Opposition This is not a bad idea. Could be another way to stall opponents or lock them out completely with enough morphs and Seedborn Muse. Slots have gotten really tight in this deck lately, but this is one I’d heavily consider.

All relevant suggestions and none I’d really consider before. Thanks for the added perspective!

MagicMarc on $40 All-You-Can-Eat Monster Buffet

2 months ago

I agree about the Lorescale Coatl not being much use in this particular deck. It depends on how much drawing you see during a game, but I think a mana dork or a creature that fetches lands would be a better choice. I think that Prophet of Kruphix + River Hoopoe is amazing, however. In casual games that could steamroll the table with big creatures. Once you reach 5 mana in a typical 4 player game, that would be 6 life and draw 3 going around the table at your opponent's end of turn. And a big creature play on their turns as well with the flash on prophet.

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