Rot Farm Skeleton

Rot Farm Skeleton

Creature — Plant

Rot Farm Skeleton can't block.

{2}{B}{G}, Put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard: Return Rot Farm Skeleton from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

(Plant Skeleton)

Rot Farm Skeleton Discussion

Blakkhand on First Golgari EDH Deck

3 years ago

I might look into some higher quality self-mill to replace the tacky stuff like Wailing Ghoul . Some of my favorites are Nyx Weaver , Animal Magnetism , and Rot Farm Skeleton . Splinterfright also self mills effectively, but he can actually be sacced to Jarad for value on top of that mill.

Deere101 on Sidisi Commander

3 years ago

JMSaint5296, Great to hear from one who's had some time using Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. I'm still pretty early in the process so I'm still figuring out cards and abilities that could work well, hence the large maybeboard.

I found Embalmer's Tools recently and that is one I wasn't sure about, but using it on the end step is a good idea. I just thought of using a combo like playing Gravepurge on an endstep and then tapping Zombies to put all of those back into your graveyard to get more tokens. And Rot Farm Skeleton is on the side right now and I'm considering putting it in.

Are there some common issues with playing this style that I should look out for? I haven't gotten to playtest it much yet so I'm just not sure.

JMSaint5296 on Sidisi Commander

3 years ago

Deere101, I myself run a Sidisi deck and let me tell you, it's fun. I've been working on her over the years to get her more compettitive but she works great casually. I suggest adding Embalmer's Tools, at your opponents end step you can tap your zombies to hopefully get more before the start of your turn. You could also add Rot Farm Skeleton for some added self mill. Flesh-Eater Imp is a fun one for that surprise infect, adding a Swiftfoot Boots can help alot with this if your willing to drop a couple of bucks on it. Gaea's Blessing can be added to save you from decking out and Ghoultree is, in my opinion a better Molderhulk. Oh and Wood Sage is a good card to either get a creature you rather not have fall in your grave or just to trigger Sidisi.

Angel_Zero on Sek'Kuar Good Stuff

3 years ago

what about Parallel Lives maybe? could also look into Open the Graves, Lightning Coils and perhaps Nim Devourer Rot Farm Skeleton Hell's Caretaker Champion of Stray Souls. The deck looks sweet.

AlexRuzhyo on Sidisi's Legion

4 years ago

While signets are good, you'd consider mana dorks over rocks. Sidisi triggers, cheaper to cast, ect.

You have a lot of ways to trigger Sidisi, which while not bad, means you're relying a ton on her. You may lack interaction or not do much besides trigger her. I'd look to try the deck with a couple less interactions or a way to put your graveyard back into the deck. Things like Stinkweed Imp, with dredge 5, can add up pretty quickly.

Rooftop Storm + Gisa and Geralf

Satyr Wayfinder, Commune with the Gods are cheap inclusions.

Skullwinder -> Revive, cheaper and assyemtrical. Non creature body tho.

Noxious Revival is pretty handy.

I think Rot Farm Skeleton is too expensive compared to your other options.

Animate Dead, easier to cast and less conditional than Stitch Together, also allows you to pull from someone else's yard.

Life/Death, Exhume are also reanimation options.

Ashnod's Altar is good ramp with zombie tokens.

You may appreciate some draw sources. Phyrexian Arena, Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and that whole lot.

orzhov_is_relatively_okay819 on Sidisi, Meren and Ezuri Oh My......

4 years ago

Before I start, just want to say this looks like a cool deck. It looks pretty promising.

First of all, 41 lands is a bit too many. Depending on the deck, the normal recommended amount is 36-39. Your deck is fairly low-cost, so I would recommend 37 or 38.

Reap is super situational and you shouldn't play it unless you know there's a big presence of black in your playgroup.

Take out Seedtime unless you're playing against a counterspell deck. It barely ever actually works.

Take out Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest. It's just not a good card, even in a deck like this. I have a Meren deck and Mazirek never had any impact.

Take out Ghoultree. By the time you have enough creatures in your graveyard to play it cheaper, it won't matter as much. Also, a 10/10 vanilla isn't really the best play considering all the crazy shenanigans you can start up with this deck.

I recommend taking out Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. Although it's a fine card, if you're looking to cut cards Jarad just doesn't perform as well as most others.

I would take out Kiora's Follower because I don't really see enough cards in the deck where it helps that much.

Take out Phyrexian Plaguelord. It's just a bad card.

I would take out Rot Farm Skeleton because it's a bit too expensive to work as pillow fort, and there are better ways to fill your graveyard.

Take out Scourge of Nel Toth. It doesn't really have any impact in a commander game.

Viridian Zealot is too expensive and hard to cast in a 3-color deck. If you like the idea of it, at least replace it with Caustic Caterpillar.

Take out Zameck Guildmage. It doesn't have enough synergy with the deck.

Take out Thornbite Staff. Once again, it's just a bad card. It costs an absurd amount of mana to do anything useful with it.

This is just my opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Have fun!

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