Break Through the Line

Break Through the Line


: Target creature with power 2 or less gains haste until end of turn and can't be blocked this turn.

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Break Through the Line Discussion

Arvor on Veyran and Zada, Bestest of Friends

4 months ago

You could also put effects like Break Through the Line in your deck and make your Commander unblockable before pumping, at least until your Docent of Perfection  Flip flips.

Icbrgr on Gobbois

6 months ago

I'm honestly a believer in the cavalcade strategy the damage output is crazy! Goblin Rabblemaster is something I have used with great success. Even without cavalcade you can develop a formidable board presence.... I also think there is room for more power for the deck if you are willing to take in creatures that are not just goblins like Chandra's Spitfire ... Break Through the Line is another tool that can be used with Chandra's Pyreling .

TheoryCrafter on

6 months ago

Have you considered Break Through the Line ? It costs 1 less to cast than Fervor and you have to pay to activate the ability but it gives your goblins with power 2 or less unblockable. Also have you considered Voracious Dragon ? With all the goblin tokens to sacrifice you can deal a lot of direct damage.

Happy Hunting!

locustPLAGUE on Rograhk and Kediss

7 months ago

Some cards you probably want but just haven't encountered:

Brute Force , Crimson Wisps , Expedite , Fists of Flame , Soul's Fire , Swiftfoot Boots

Mutavault to help against edicts and give you an extra attacker. Lots of other cards do this but not as efficiently

Break Through the Line double duty

Shadowspear helps you beat other aggro decks and occasionally saves your ass with the activated ability

Mana Stuff:

Sol Ring , Braid of Fire , Runaway Steam-Kin , Sword of Feast and Famine , Chandra, Torch of Defiance

Kari Zev's Expertise , Goatnap , Claim the Firstborn , Wrangle , or any Threaten with an upside really

abby315 on United States Marine Kor | Akiri, Fearless Voyager

1 year ago

I have almost zero suggestions because I never run Equipment decks, just want to point out that Akiri's ability triggers for each player you attack, so ideally you have 4 creatures attacking 4 different opponents. I like that you put in the living weapon Equipments for this reason! Maybe Ancestral Blade would be a good fit as well? Captain's Claws is a little underwhelming but it helps gets tokens on the field for future turns. Alternatively, Kemba, Kha Regent.

Here are a few options that might help you get through any defenses:
Break Through the Line
Key to the City
Signal Pest
Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner
Wings of Hubris

Also, this is a good time to pick up Stoneforge Mystic and play it.

I second the above comment, also: the new auto-equip cards seem really good. I don't think we've seen the red one, but the white one seems like it fits the bill.

SwiftDeath on Ultra Sweaty Angry Woman

1 year ago

If you @ me then I can see your response sooner. I would consider removing Austere Command In my more recent play experience boardwipes have been less impressive. If you need it for your meta then that is different but I have been explaining to my friend being proactive is better then reactive. If you are proactive then you run more cards that allow you to get ahead. It also allows you to recover from boardwipes against you at a faster rate. I notice you are running 35 land. In a deck where you have so many mana rocks and Land Tax you might get mana flooded to often. I would drop to 32 land and run cheap effective cards like Toxic Deluge or Fire Covenant over Austere Command if you mainly use it for creatures, Deadly Rollick over Path to Exile (a free exile with no upside to your opponent is amazing, it also allows you to cast your commander and still hold up removal), Deflecting Swat again a free anti counterspell if you control your commander and allows you to cast your commander without having to worry about tapping out and not being able to respond to targeted removal, Imperial Seal if your group is ok with proxies of that cost, and the third land should give you room for Break Through the Line. It lowers your curve and the extra tutors make the deck more consistent. If you don't want to proxy Imperial Seal then you could use Enlightened Tutor another way to get a Mana Crypt, Cloudstone Curio, Break Through the Line, or other good enchantment/artifact to close out the game or ramp. I would remove one of each Basic Land to fit in the rest. If you feel like mana is tight when testing/playing add in land and remove cards that under perform as needed.

SwiftDeath on Ultra Sweaty Angry Woman

1 year ago

Nice list. I like the idea of Cloudstone Curio in the deck. Didn't think of that when I was helping my friend build his Kaalia deck. I will suggest it to him. A card he found that surprised me was Break Through the Line. He used it one game to make his Kaalia unblockable so I couldn't block with my Aven Mindcensor, off the trigger he cheated in Master of Cruilties, and then made him unblockable before blockers. I didn't have spot removal so I lost. If nothing else it is a nice card for keeping Kaalia able to attack and not worry about chump blockers. The haste is just a really nice bonus when you need it.

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