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Modern Abzan (Junk) Card Library [Primer Below]

Modern BGW (Abzan, Junk) Combo Competitive Primer



Why I made this

Whenever I decide to make a new deck I always find myself sitting there and wondering, "What cards should I use for this deck?" and then I spend the next hour or so just looking around for cards, which is usually a pretty time consuming process. I'm here to fix that problem for you all! I know some of you, such as myself, enjoy searching for cards. But for those of you who want to make an awesome deck but just don't have the time to find all the cards then my list(s) should significantly help you! Enjoy!

This is a library of all of the best cards from various modern Abzan deck lists around the web. This includes cards from Abzan aggro all the way to Abzan reanimator.

Abzan (Junk) Modern

Why choose Abzan?

  1. Has a ton of removal options and can be tailored for almost any meta.

  2. Interacts with your opponent.

  3. Lots of options during deck making.

  4. Can be played in a ton of different ways, from aggro, to more control based. Even reanimator can be a viable strategy.

  5. Has a ton of hand disruption.

  6. Bonus) Has a really interesting overall Flavor of cards. Tasigur, Tarmogoyf, and Lingering Souls, Oh My!

Why you shouldn't choose Abzan.

  1. Budget brews can be created, but if your looking to be competitive usually you'll be spending anywhere from $350 to $900 so it is fairly expensive.

  2. Normal BG/x (Midrange) Shell Doesn't really have a set game plan, it changes from game to game.

  3. The normal BG/x (Midrange) Shell plays more of a reactive game rather than an active game, which means you won't be creating problems as much as your solving them.


Suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

This list is intended to help all of you out there who are interested in making a casual, or competitive modern Abzan deck. Feel free to +1 if you like this library, or if it helped you in your deck creation.

Here is a link to a very helpful forum post on Mtg salvation that can assist you in your deck creation; Abzan Primer **Note, this is mainly for Aggro and Midrange builds, it does not cover other strategies such as a more control style, collected company, podless pod and reanimator.

Here is a Collected Company/ Podless Pod Primer; Collected Company Abzan Primer

Though not exactly Abzan, here is a dredgevine Primer for those who want to get started with possibly using Abzan as a graveyard based deck (Usually splashing white); Dredge Vine Primer

If you still want to try and be competitive but don't have a ton of money this page may be very helpful; Budget Replacments for Modern Staples

**Note all of these cards are copied from various deck lists on this website and around the web. Due to the fact that there were so many deck lists I used I cannot site all the sources, however if you are the creator of a deck that you think was used here, or you feel you have a cool deck that could be showcased, please pm me and I'll add your deck to the bottom of the description.


Housekeeping (To Do)

-Organize cards into more specific categories

-Write about notable combos in the description

-add more cards

-find more helpful sights and articles for making Abzan (Junk) in modern.

If you have suggestions, comments or concerns about anything involving this page (Or you want me to make another library for a specific deck or archetype) please feel free to pm me or comment below.

Thanks, and have a great day!

All pictures and deck lists used belong to their creators. I did not create any of the content on the websites linked.

Lingering Souls


Page Background


  • Began sorting cards into more useful categories

  • Added a few cards

  • Added a couple more links to different primers in the description

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albino_ninja says... #1

Hey how do you change your background like that, and that picture is legit, great artwork!

September 5, 2015 3:16 p.m.

zebotc says... #2

Thanks for checking the library out! Yeah it is a pretty awesome picture, all credit goes to the artist.

Changing the background isn't to hard but if you do it wrong you could mess up the whole website. So I'm not sure I should post how to do it on here because the admins seem to not like people knowing sorry (It also requires some HTML and or CSS knowledge.) Here are some forum posts that further explain;

Post about the page's background becoming Myr Reservior

Post about the site homepage becoming a dragon

Another forum post about the homepage background changing

September 15, 2015 9:32 p.m.

Dankey says... #3

Hey, I was thinking of putting a Renegade Rallier over an Eternal Witness in my main, but I don't even see it on this list. Is the card that bad?

June 13, 2017 2:16 p.m.

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