Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Common
Eventide Common
Promo Set Common

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Exile target creature.

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Unmake Discussion

ibstudent2200 on SAME TEAM!

4 days ago

You definitely want some spot removal. However, it needs to be efficient, otherwise you'll end up wasting mana if you need to hold up lands in order to cast your removal during an opponent's turn. If you aggressively tutor for Murasa Pyromancer, then your blink effects can act as removal, but that still requires at least 6 mana to get the creature onboard.

Here's a list of removal spells that I like:

  • Snuff Out: You never need to hardcast this. Being able to tap out and still kill a threat is awesome.
  • Slaughter Pact: Kill a creature now, pay mana later? Sign me up!
  • Swords to Plowshares: one of the best removal spells ever printed.
  • Path to Exile: a worse version of Swords to Plowshares is still insanely good.
  • Vendetta: It's Doom Blade, except you pay 1-7 life instead of an extra .
  • Condemn: It's worse than Swords to Plowshares, but being able to remove a creature without letting it go to your opponent's graveyard (aka, their second hand) can be crucial.
  • Prey Upon: This is pretty conditional, but if you consistently have big creatures onboard, then it's pretty mana-efficient.
  • Pongify/Rapid Hybridization: Giving your opponent a 3/3 isn't really a big deal. Creatures get way too big in this format, and is way less than you should probably be paying for this effect.
  • Go for the Throat: Kills more relevant creatures than Doom Blade, for the same price.
  • Doom Blade: Kills things dead. Not hitting black creatures is a fairly large drawback, but as long as you're careful about how many "nonblack" removal spells you play, having a couple isn't an issue.
  • Victim of Night: Vampires and Werewolves are basically non-entities in this format, so you basically only need to know that this card can't hit zombies. Given that 99.99% of zombies played in EDH are black, that means Victim of Night kills more relevant creatures than Doom Blade.
  • Malicious Affliction: Doom Blade, except it can kill two creatures if you time it properly.
  • Terminate: It's difficult to find a better removal spell than Terminate.
  • Reprisal: I don't like this card, but it is cheap to acquire, so if you're operating more on a budget, Reprisal a reasonable choice.
  • Dromoka's Command: Requires you to have a reasonable creature, but it's incredibly flexible.
  • Reality Shift: Given how useless a single 2/2 is in EDH, Reality Shift basically reads "Exile target creature. Its controller draws a card about 20-50% of the time".
  • Seal of Doom: This card requires some explanation. While it doesn't provide card advantage and it isn't as mana-efficient as Doom Blade, being able to pay for the card in advance is a reasonable tradeoff. However, the main reason I like this card is that it often discourages people from playing good targets for this spell (namely, dangerous creatures that threaten to take over the game).
  • Beast Within: As with Rapid Hybridization and Pongify, a 3/3 isn't worth much in EDH. Being able to destroy any permanent is well worth the 3 mana spent on it.
  • Crosis's Charm: Not the most efficient, but it is incredibly flexible.
  • Sultai Charm: See above.
  • Mortify: 3 mana is more than I want to spend when killing a creature, but being able to hit enchantments makes this card much more appealing.
  • Putrefy: See above, but replace "enchantment" with "artifact".
  • Anguished Unmaking: Nuke a permanent for almost no downside. What's not to love?
  • Reckless Spite: Kills 2 creatures.
  • Unmake: It's a little on the expensive side, but sometimes exiling is important.
  • Silence the Believers: Having the option to Strive to hit multiple targets makes this card much more palatable. Silence the Believers isn't great, but it's useful.

Some of these cards might not be the easiest to acquire, especially if you're on a budget, but even the less expensive options are good cards.

VGAMaddHatter on Shadowborn Teneb

3 weeks ago

Why no removal spells?

I would pick at least 3 from this list: Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Hero's Downfall, Tragic Slip, Anguished Unmaking, Unmake, Vindicate and Mortify.

AnOrdinaryNoob on Orzhov Pauper

4 weeks ago

ToddW Actualy Syndic of Tithes was the card I less liked since its so plain, definetely will add Viscera Seer since I usually dont have creatures in the graveyard to return.

And about Pillory of the Sleepless I was actually thinking on adding Unmake but that might be too rude for the beginners, at least they got more chances to get ride of Pillory of the Sleepless

Thanks for the comments.

droslag on BW Lifegain Goodstuffs?

1 month ago

You don't have a lot of consistency to be honest. You might want more duplicates of the same card and not so many one-ofs. I wouldn't play a card really unless I had at least two or three of them. Mana curve is another thing to consider all though yours isn't that bad. And I would assume you wouldn't want to make the deck too strong and over priced :P Maybe 4 Vampire Nighthawk. More Anguished Unmaking, more Dark Ritual, more Blood Baron of Vizkopa. could focus on devotion with 4x Gray Merchant of Asphodel Gift of Orzhova. I dont think you need life link enchantments, should just use life link creatures. Anyway some cool and cheap cards to also consider maybe Obzedat, Ghost Council Unmake Oblivion Ring Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Debt to the Deathless Crypt Ghast Victim of Night Murder Tribute to Hunger Mortify

NV_1980 on Kaalia, Draconic Angels

1 month ago

If you don't mind, I'd also like to comment on some other things. I'm not sure whether you're on a budget, so I've recommended both cheap and more expensive cards. So, first your creature choices.

I think you should remove Angelic Overseer. Her hexproof/indestructible bonus only works when you have Bastion Protector in play, because he's the only human you've got.

I'm not sure whether I'd keep Corrosive Mentor either. Sure, wither works well against creatures that have indestructible, but there are easier ways to deal with those; especially when you're playing white and black. Merciless Eviction, Unmake, Descend upon the Sinful and some of the cards I mentioned earlier are great in this regard.

I think Deathpact Angel and Oros, the Avenger are way too expensive for what they can do; I'd consider other creatures in their stead.

I get that Reassembling Skeleton and Typhoid Rats are in here because you wanted some cheap creatures, but I think there are better choices that will fit the theme of your deck a lot better.

Having said all of this, here are some suggestions I have for other creatures:

I'd also recommend some demons but as you said in your description, you don't want any. So I'll refrain from doing that.

I'm not sure why you've chosen some of the enchantments in this deck. Grave Pact for instance. You're not (really) using a token deck that sacrifices its own creatures left and right, so other players (especially those who ARE playing token decks (check out Meren's Returning Army)) will laugh this off. For a similar reason I question Sigil of the Empty Throne. Sure there are some enchantments in this deck that allow you to generate Angels, but enchantments aren't really the main theme of your deck.

Instead, I'd build some more on your recursion theme and add cards like Sigil of the New Dawn or Debtors' Knell. Also, it wouldn't hurt to add some card draw to your deck. This is the reason why I would add some demons because they have inherrent card-draw abilities. But if you don't want these, you could keep cards like Phyrexian Arena, Underworld Connections or Greed in mind.

In terms of artifacts, I'd consider some more mana artifacts. Otherwise you're too dependent on Kaalia; especially in the early stages of a game. Also, if you can add Strionic Resonator which can makes Kaalia use her ability twice in one attack. I think Quicksilver Amulet would do very well too, as this is basically a second Kaalia.

HaazdaGerfson on Orzhov Value City

1 month ago

Going up in the number of Unmake's may be a good thing, as Beckon Apparition can be kind of underwhelming at times. Three considerations are this though: 1) Beckon Apparition is capable of some cheeky combat plays where I can effectively "flash in" a 1/1 blocker and make Nightsky Mimic a 4/4 blocker, 2) Beckon Apparition is great against sacrifice effects where I can make another creature to sacrifice to something like Diabolic Edict, and 3) Beckon Apparition is just lower on the curve, which is just a huge advantage to this deck in general. Look how low the curve lies in this deck even compared to your extort list. That makes it really aggressive in game 1. All things considered, maybe I could shift around the number of Castigate and put some of those in the side. Thanks for the input, and remember to +1 if you like it!

nimrod1111 on Orzhov Value City

1 month ago

Amazing deck, this is my pauper extort deck


also I would probably remove 2 Beckon Apparition and add 2 more Unmake because of the amazing value you get off of it.

JKRice on UW Jank

2 months ago

Great deck! I might build something like it. You might want to consider making this deck into an esper deck (Blue/White/Black) and add more reloval, like one of my favorites, Unmake. +1

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