Loxodon Smiter


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Loxodon Smiter

Creature — Elephant Soldier

Loxodon Smiter can't be countered. If a spell or ability an opponent controls causes you to discard Loxodon Smiter, put it onto the battlefield instead of putting it into your graveyard.

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Loxodon Smiter Discussion

aschutz on Green & Taxes

1 week ago

Hi! I dig this build. I play a lot of taxes (predominately mono W and BW) and I'd like to offer some advice:

-Noble Hierarch is much better than birds in this deck. The Exalted does a lot more than you'd think.

-If you're running the Eldrazi Displacer package, you're most likely going to want to run 4, as well as 4 Eldrazi Temple.

-I dont think you Have enough multicolored creatures to make Wilt-Leaf Liege worth it. If you go the Eldrazi Displacer/Eldrazi Temple route, I'd slot in some Thought-Knot Seers. Otherwise I'd consider some amount of Loxodon Smiter and/or Restoration Angel. Depends on your meta.

-Since you're playing mana dorks, it's also worth considering slotting out Aether Vial for Collected Company. If you do this, of course, I'd also drop most/if not all of the Flickerwisps. You can also try running some combination of Collected Company and Aether Vial. Spirits runs 4 and 3. again, depends on your meta and what you want to be doing each game.

-Voice of Resurgence is a good card. Might be worth making room for a couple copies. Just a consideration.

Hope that helps! Deck's awesome.

lagotripha on Here's the Best Army I Could Give Yah

3 weeks ago

Dryad Militant in the side? Helps those storm and snapcaster matchups some. Kor Firewalker is nice for burn. Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip is nearly a flat upgrade to Crusader of Odric. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is a modern staple in creature lists, and should need no explanation. With a more midrange list I would run Militia Bugler or Legion Conquistador, as the card advantage is significant in the midrange mirror-match.

I feel like I'd either want to cut a little lower to the ground or build 'purer' midrange.

Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip, Isamaru, Hound of Konda and Bushi Tenderfoot with Mox Amber seems playable, and suitably low to the ground.

My other thought would be to pack in card advantage and token creation while threatening Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit with Kitchen Finks/.

Leonin Warleader might work well in a W(g) 'go wide' Gavony Township strategy, and access to Loxodon Smiter is nice. Hero of Bladehold is similarly cute. Sigil Captain/Hardened Scales tokens might also be interesting as a tokens list.

Speaking of tokens, consistant token generation is great, but there is also Raise the Alarm and Timely Reinforcements out there.

Militia Bugler/Thraben Inspector/Ghostway might be nice. There are some decent soldier etbs out there.

Dragaan on Little Zoo (Modern)

1 month ago

(3 years later - 9/2018)

Deck still works perfectly fine. Great,even. The sideboard still works just as well, strangely enough. The meta has changed drastically, but, just like cookie-cutter burn, this deck seems to still work nearly as well (although terminus obviously is one thing that threatens the deck now).

Cards I'd consider now...... Alpine Moon over Blood Moon in the sideboard? (since this deck is so quick and light on mana sources). Chained to the Rocks over Path to Exile in the sideboard, just cause... well, no mana gain for opponent.. but obvioulsy you lose the instant speed so never sure on this one (Dismember may just be better than both - that is if removal is wanted/needed at all in the board). Voltaic Brawler. I LOVE this card. Never played with it yet, but I love it. I just don't know what it'd replace. Ghor-Clan Rampager is just better for the deck (may be the best card in this list, honestly), and I can't imagine replacing a 1-drop with a 2-drop here. I think the Brawler is just better suited to a SLIGHTLY bigger zoo deck that's big enough for Tarmogoyf and maybe cards like Scavenging Ooze, but not quite a "Big Zoo" deck (with Knight of the Reliquary and Loxodon Smiter, Collected Company, etc (well, I guess it could even work there, too, but I think it best to exclude it from the hyper-aggressive little zoo lists like this one for now).

Basically, yea, I just like the list the way it is. The Alpine moon over the Blood Moon may be the only thing I really like swapping, just cause it's faster and gets the job done long enough for this deck to win. Also, regarding the 1 Silence in the sideboard - I think it's almost a must now with all the UW control decks around. Get them low in the first 2-3 turns, then on their turn 4 you Silence them on upkeep before they get a chance to Wrath/Verdict you. Time walk til next turn, then burn 'em out. Seems great to me. 1 may even be too few. Can also use it in response to an Opt if you feel they're going for a Terminus at any point. Just gotta leave that one white mana open...

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Sideboard hate against Zoo while ...

2 months ago

After looking up a few decklists, it doesn't seem like Big Zoo is running Tarmogoyf. This is good for Grixis. Because then they only have Loxodon Smiter and Knight of the Reliquary to be bigger than Anger of the Gods, and maybe some fringe like 1 Baneslayer Angel. I think I'd approach the matchup like 5 color humans, except that counterspells are still useful. Spell Snare especially.

It also looks like Bloodbraid is taking the spot of Collected Company. This is even better because I used to board in Dispel against Zoo because of Path to Exile and Collected Company. Now I will no longer look silly for drawing Dispel against their hand of all creatures.

With your deck, I'd venture to say it's less a problem of sideboarding and more a problem with mainboard tuning. Electrolyze and Forked Bolt line up very poorly against Zoo. Remand doesn't really do anything against them. They're all great cards vs Mardu Pyromancer, but I don't think I like them against most of modern right now.

I really like the Spellskites in your sideboard vs Zoo. Definitely board those in. They can sit in front of Wild Nacatl all game long until they redirect a Path to Exile from Gurmag Angler to themselves. I admit I don't like Spellskite vs the meta, but vs Zoo it's amazing.

VaultSkirge on Sideboard hate against Zoo while ...

2 months ago

I am a Zoo player and lately more people have been playing Big Zoo with KotR, Loxodon Smiter, and even Bloodbraid Elf. I haven’t played against Anger, but I’m sure it would work wonders against Zoo.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Lightsaber Zoo

2 months ago

It's important to understand that there are several versions of Zoo. What you have here is 8-whack. Except not playing the other 4 whackers. It's one notch bigger than burn, but much smaller than big zoo, which isn't a thing in modern anymore, but used to play only 8 or 9 turn 1 plays and sometimes topped the curve with Elspeth, Knight-Errant - clearly not what this deck does.

Personally I don't think Loxodon Smiter is what this deck wants to do. It's a very good card, but it's a 3-drop that doesn't deal damage to the opponent until turn 4. In a deck playing Goblin Guide that's too slow. I'd replace it with Goblin Bushwhacker because twice the whackers is twice the fun! Seriously, whacking people is really good.

Similarly Qasali Pridemage isn't super aggressive. It's amazing utility vs Affinity, but Destructive Revelry or Tin Street Hooligan out of the sideboard is better vs Affinity, Tron, and KCI.

Lightning Helix is great against burn and humans. But everywhere else you'd rather have Boros Charm or Atarka's Command. And you don't want too many burn spells - too many and you don't have enough creatures to whack.

Ghor-Clan Rampager is how you beat Gurmag Angler (or similar idiots like Hollow One or Tarmogoyf). Fact is that those creatures eat your creatures and burp out the bones. Making a bigger creature is among the most effective ways to fight zoo. But if your Wild Nacatl is suddenly a 7/7 trampler then that Gurmag Angler isn't a problem anymore. Ghor-Clan Rampager is what you play instead of Path to Exile because Path doesn't do anything against a deck that doesn't play good creatures. Just watch out for removal in the middle of combat. Hopefully you're applying enough pressure that your opponent will have to tap out and block at some point, but a Fatal Push when you try to Bloodrush is a brutal 2-for-1 and can swing games.

Oh yeah, and your deck is probably fine on 18 lands. Probably.

RedmundR2 on WIP G/W Aggro

3 months ago

No prob man. Most of those cards are in an established g/w aggro deck in modern already, they all are solid stats that have good functionality.

I forgot a few more you could use: Voice of Resurgence, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Authority of the Consuls, Legion's Landing  Flip, Loxodon Smiter, Gaddock Teeg

BrandonJamesCAC on Gain Life and Stall For Fun(Martyr Proc)

3 months ago

Black gives you


Orzhov Charm

Lingering Souls

The looks good on paper:

Athreos, God of Passage

Blue gives you some upgrades and I guess counterspells if you want those.

Don't need Supreme Verdict

Or Detention Sphere

I'm fine with

Oblivion Ring

Wrath of God

Although Remand is always nice.

Green was really interesting:

Renegade Rallier

Glittering Wish

But it was tough to exclude a lot of good hatebears. But they don't work for this deck.

Qasali Pridemage

Loxodon Smiter

Red has

Lightning Helix

Boros Charm on a 6/6 Ascendant


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