Vinelasher Kudzu

Vinelasher Kudzu

Creature — Plant

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Vinelasher Kudzu.

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Vinelasher Kudzu Discussion

CaptSillva on Fleshless Forest

2 weeks ago

Vinelasher Kudzu would be great in this. And you should try splashing black for Vulturous Zombie, Dreg Mangler, Slitherhead. You can use Sylvan Caryatid or Utopia Tree to fix your mana. And you could throw in some cheep fetch lands to trigger landfall more than once.

Flagellum on Karametra, Goddess of Terra

3 weeks ago



Mostly cut some pretty uninspiring and underwhelming cards.

Kor Skyfisher/ Emancipation Angel: Having 5 of the same effects was too much. Dead draw with any of the others. Whitemane Lion, Stonecloaker, Fleetfoot Panther also do the same but they have Flash and I may end up cutting another one (the others couldn't bounce potential removal targets).

Carven Caryatid/ Wall of Blossoms/ Elvish Visionary: Mediocre card draw at best. One time use.

Retreat to Emeria/ Sigil Captain/ Parallel Lives: Took out some token producers and as a result, Parallel Lives wasn't as needed.

Undergrowth Champion/ Vinelasher Kudzu: Grow too slow and weren't immediate threats.

Grazing Gladehart/ Lifetap: Lifegain really not supported nor utilized with this deck.


Added some big beats and little dorks and a little non-creature ramp.

Armada Wurm: 2 5/5 tramples for 6 is value.

Avacyn's Pilgrim/ Llanowar Elves/ Elvish Mystic: Mana dork package. Actually not sad to see them early or late game.

Fierce Empath: Can tutor for bombs. Great for fetching Avenger of Zendikar.

Novablast Wurm: Clears the board but allows for Karametra to stick around. Will have to see how it plays with others.

Panglacial Wurm: A surprise 9/5 trample for casting say Llanowar Elves will probably make someone cry.

Silvos, Rogue Elemental: A regenerating fatty with trample. Sort of a theme going on here.

Weatherseed Treefolk: There's something nice about a creature that has a decent body, 5/3 with trample that I could care less if it dies since I get it back. Means more land drops via Karametra and is a decent attacker.

Gaea's Herald: A little bit of creature protection never hurt.

Kodama's Reach/ Cultivate: Allows for a faster Karametra drop, or landfall trigger. Great with Gaea's Touch.

Possible Chopping Block

These are cards that work well with the theme but maybe aren't the greatest.

Sporemound: A Landfall fungus that makes 1/1 tokens for 5 CMC. Not bad, not the greatest. Sort of a pet card that I always wanted to work (Totally want to make a Thallid deck for giggles).

Fleetfoot Panther: Currently have 2 other cards that do the same but the other two are cheaper, or also have another added effect.

Oran-Rief Hydra: Pretty decent, 5/5 trample for 6 CMC. However it has to grow a bit before it really dominates. I still have high hopes for this one though.

Flagellum on Karametra, Goddess of Terra

3 weeks ago

That sounds good. Suppose late game the dorks can fill 2 roles. What fatties would you recommend? Worldspine Wurm, Armada Wurm, Novablast Wurm, Panglacial Wurm since Kara fetches lands? Cut out Lifetap, Grazing Gladehart, Vinelasher Kudzu, Undergrowth Champion the latter two are not immediate threats and have grow aka easily removable.

For more card draw options that don't include Sylvan Library as that is no budget bueno. There's Primordial Sage, Skullclamp, Momentous Fall and Greater Good.

TheRedGoat on Reforestation

1 month ago

I'll bet you do mainly want this to be focused around your commander and having all that mana floating around, but Howl of the Night Pack is perfectly suited to your deck.

See also these other handy land-centric cards that (I think) will not break your budget:

Vinelasher Kudzu

Rampaging Baloths

Staff of the Wild Magus

Jaddi Offshoot

Zuran Orb (warning, don't use this without also getting Crucible of Worlds unless you really need the life gain)

Seer's Sundial (note that this is not that great unless you already have a lot of mana)

And lastly the set of combos between Adventuring Gear + Explorer's Scope + Strata Scythe + Sword of the Animist

Abubroki on Extreme Budget Modern Evolve

2 months ago

Hi, firstly, sorry for your friend's loss.

I have been brewing a Tiny Leader deck with Vorel, built around the theme of +1/+1 counters, so I have some suggestions in CMC < 4.

I understand some of them might be off-budget or even not modern-legal, I apologize if some of those slip in here, but just in case it helps, here are my suggestions, on top of past readers', which I endorse, especially Renegade Krasis, Cloudfin Raptor, Bioshift, and the blue-color pie enhancing suggestions (Pongify et al, and countermagic and tempo):

Green spells:

Predator Ooze, Protean Hydra, Scute Mob, Phantom Nantuko, Vinelasher Kudzu, Mul Daya Channelers

Simic spells: Plaxcaster Frogling, Gilder Bairn, Favor of the Overbeing

Blue spells: Clutch of Currents, Stratus Dancer, Steady Progress, Tezzeret's Gambit

Others: Novijen, Heart of Progress, Endless One, Epochrasite

skoobysnackz on Protean Shake

2 months ago

Thanks for all the advice guys! I agree that the Vinelasher Kudzu and Ordeal of Nylea aren't great, moreover Mistcutter Hydra doesn't work with Bioshift. I think Servant of the Scale would be a better replacement for Mistcutter Hydra than Avatar of the Resolute. I will try to fit in a couple Harmonize in stead of the ordeal, and Tuskguard Captain for vinelasher. Naturalize, Despise and Savage Summoning will be good for sideboard. I'll test Doom Blade and Rancor out as well, but for now I'll leave them out.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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