Vinelasher Kudzu


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Vinelasher Kudzu

Creature — Plant

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Vinelasher Kudzu.

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Vinelasher Kudzu Discussion

xyr0s on My First Deck

1 week ago

The basics

  • 60 cards mainboard. You play the best 60 cards for the strategy you have chosen, anything more means that you are bringing less than the best cards, and you are less likely to draw your very best cards. Reduce deck size to 60, it is always better.

  • Variance is not-so-great. If you bring a lot of 1- or 2-ofs, you have a hard time relying on drawing the same cards often, and thereby also winning through the better synergies of cards. Pick what you consider your best cards, and make sure you play 4 of them.

  • modern has certain stables, and you have to build your deck with respect for that. Lightning Bolt is a very real thing. So is Path to Exile and Fatal Push. On the other hand, counterspells isn't a common problem. Discard spells like Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are to be expected. Fetchlands are common, and enables 3-colored decks. Considering this: you can more or less form an idea of what you are going to run into.

  • Fast modern decks have you dead by turn 4. You need to have a plan for how to avoid this. You also need to plan for combo decks, that win out of the blue also in turn 4. And for decks that makes games go long, and win by 2-for-1'ing you over and over.

sorry about this, but there are very few cards in your deck that would be worth anything in any actual modern meta. Why bother with Cast into Darkness, when you could have Doom Blade (for budget), Fatal Push or Abrupt Decay? Why so many Netcaster Spider - is that the creature you want to draw in every game?

Perhaps there is a deck, that could be built around landfall, and include Scute Mob and Vinelasher Kudzu. If you hope to make anything like that, you need ramp (to play more than none land each turn) and multiple copies of the cards you want to play with this concept.

You have quite a few creatures that cost 4 or more mana. 4 is a turning point in modern - cards that cost 4 should be able to turn the game around on the spot (like Supreme Verdict or Cryptic Command). How many of your 4+ cmc cards can you say that about?

lagotripha on The way to justify playing on paper

3 weeks ago

Hi, Vine Trellis is probably my suggestion, as its an almost flat improvement. If you have the multicolour fixing mainboard, Flamekin Harbinger could help fetch avenger, alongside a single mountain to cast it from terramorphic. It could also fetch Bloodbriar, should you chose to use it. Draw in green is tricky- if you were running more Vinelasher Kudzu I'd suggest Inspiring Call, but with pure ramp cards like Edge of Autumn, Explore, Elvish Visionary, Manamorphose, Rites of Flourishing, Snakeform or Harmonize are likely to perform better. Genesis Wave is an archetype unto itself, Howling Mine/Temple Bell have obvoius drawbacks. Tower of Fortunes might work if you can power it, but will be tricky to do so.

All that said Traverse the Ulvenwald with Flamekin Harbinger and a mountain is probs the best choice- you'll have lands in the graveyard to trigger the two of them and they're lower converted cost than anything else, while Traverse the Ulvenwald is really cheap right now as standard is rotating.

Shentait on GB Counters Deck

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the Advice!

I usually play casual with my friends and family, so i do not have a lot of competitive experience.

But, as you mentioned, i have noticed that i have a pretty slow deck and its sometimes hard to overcome this difference in Tempo, as you call it.

The reason i have Sylvan Scrying in my deck is to get a Evolving Wilds in my hand for sweet 2 landfall triggers in 1 turn type of tricks, because i think it is a non-basic land card, therefore i am unable to tutor for one with Rampant Growth.

Also Vinelasher Kudzu looks really fun to play in this kind of deck.

I will try to get ahold of some cards you recommended to speed up my deck and hopefully keep winning while having fun! :)

muffinman37 on GR Ramp

3 weeks ago

I like this deck, but i feel like the card's you mana ramp to don't make the most of the land you have there are a lot of card's i would recommend to do this Khalni Heart Expedition is a great card for mana ramping 2 lands for 2 mana sign me up, Ulvenwald Hydra a creature with power and toughness equal to your land's with reach and let's you fetch another land, Akoum Hellkite let's you burn your opponents by simply bringing in land's, Avenger of Zendikar give's you creature's equal to the number of lands you control and pump them by bringing in land's, Bear Umbra pump's a creature and let's you untap all your land's, Dragonmaster Outcast Once you have 6 or more land's you get a 5/5 with flying each turn, Jolrael, Empress of Beasts once you get a lot of lands, animate them and finish your opponents off, Keeper of Progenitus let's your lands tap for double mana only problem is if your opponent is running red, green or white they could also get the benefit, Liege of the Tangle 1 card to animate all your land's as 8/8's this card is amazing, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip let's you fetch a forest and then when it flip's can give you more card draw's, make a creature, or animate a bunch of land's, Nissa, Vital Force her +1 is to animate a land and her ultimate let's you draw card every time you bring in a land, Nissa, Worldwaker one of her +1's is to animate a land permanently, the other one is to untap 4 forest's and her ultimate let's you get EVERY land in your deck and animate all of them, Primeval Titan a 6/6 trampler that let's you fetch land's and not just basic land's either, Rampaging Baloths A landfall ability to get 4/4's, Scute Mob a one drop that once you get five lands get's 4 +1+1 counter's every turn, Sylvan Advocate a two drop with vigilance that once you get 6 lands get's +2+2 and does the same for all animated land's, Undergrowth Champion a landfall ability that give's this guy +1+1 and if he would take damage he just loses one of those counters, Vinelasher Kudzu if you get this guy out early he will be huge by the end of the game, Zendikar's Roil Every time you get a land you get a 2/2 good, for overflowing your opponent

Pieguy396 on Pumpin' Jack Attack!

3 weeks ago

Hey, there! To add more consistency to your deck, I'd recommend running fewer 1- and 2-ofs, and more 3- and 4-ofs. Stronger mana fixing is also recommended. I'd make the following changes:

Hope I helped! There are also more ramp options beside Explore, such as Rampant Growth and Elvish Mystic, if you're looking for that.

hoardofnotions on Hahaha...A Frosch!

1 month ago

Putrid Imp can combo with Dakmor Salvage which is just a great card with gitrog anyway

maybe swap Gruul Signet for Golgari Signet lol

Vinelasher Kudzu could be cut? just a big beater with no evasion

City of Solitude is another dosan

if you add putrid imp, maybe add a eldrazi titan so you can't mill out, maybe swap with the feldon's cane

Skirge Familiar is great! back up bloom and draws you card with the frog

SecondHorizon on "My Name is Saskia, daughter of William Wallace."

1 month ago

I have to main things I think this list could improve on.

The first thing is the lack of ramp and the second thing is the lack of a seriously good early game. And i think there are some cards that can solve one of these problems and some cards that can even solve both. Gyre Sage ramps a lot in a deck relying on heavy-hitters and can sometimes even get in itself and Shaman of Forgotten Ways pushes out your 7-drops on turn 4 while providing a one-card-lategame-kill.

Cards like Managorger Hydra and Primordial Hydra can come out on turn 3 and are serious threats just a short time later. Anafenza, the Foremost hates on some of your opponents while also riding in along the assault. Vinelasher Kudzu can even hit the battlefield on turn 2. In addition to these cards I would just throw in Tainted Strike, Rubblehulk, Temur Battle Rage and Grafted Exoskeleton to end games quicker.

These would be my suggestions to start to make the deck more of a real threat to the other players before they really can start to deploy their gameplan. :) I hope they are of some use to you. :)

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