Treefolk Harbinger


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn Uncommon

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Treefolk Harbinger

Creature — Treefolk Druid

When Treefolk Harbinger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Treefolk or Forest card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.

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Treefolk Harbinger Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Burning Tree Shamanism

5 days ago

That's a pretty cool shaman deck you have there. +1 from me for sure. How about adding Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro? Treefolk Harbinger might be quite fitting as well.

PurePazaak on The Wall Deck

1 week ago

Good work! Now, I can go a couple different ways with my remarks.

Option One: The Joke -> This would basically be me advising you on other cards to put in your current build. Like you said, your general is definitely not a real card, so I would treat this deck like a joke, and thus would suggest cards accordingly.

Option Two: A Real Deck -> With some color modification, Doran, the Siege Tower would be an excellent general for you. Granted, you wouldn't run actual walls, as they still couldn't attack (except for when you have Wakestone Gargoyle, Rolling Stones, or Assault Formation). However, it is of a similar mindset. Creatures with big booties, such as Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, Nyx-Fleece Ram, and Skinshifter, become quite good with Doran around. Also, various other treefolk such as Indomitable Ancients, Leaf-Crowned Elder, Unstoppable Ash, and Treefolk Harbinger. Not to mention the often untapped and always fetchable Murmuring Bosk. That's all I'll say for the moment on that. Lemme know if that's a direction you'd like to go!

sylvannos on First time building a ramp ...

1 month ago

@HarrisonHarry: You need more 4-ofs. I would play something like this:

4x Arbor Elf
4x Dauntless Dourbark
4x Dungrove Elder
2x Kalonian Twingrove
2x Primeval Titan
4x Sakura-Tribe Elder
4x Bosk Banneret
2x Timber Protector
3x Leaf-Crowned Elder
29 Creatures

2x Lignify
2x Harmonize
4x Utopia Sprawl
8 Other Spells

4x Blighted Woodland
2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
17x Forest
23 Lands

You also may not need Arbor Elf if you don't want to use Utopia Sprawl. In that case, I'd play 4 Treefolk Harbingers and 4 Ulvenwald Trackers.

Frimbleglim on (Re)building modern all-spells

1 month ago

You could also run say 1x basic forest? 4x Treefolk Harbinger and 4x Search for Tomorrow?

You could run Devoted Druid and Become Immense/Mutagenic Growth and get to Eldritch Evolution that way?

You can't really play modern without lands.

MrKrabs on EDH 5 Colour Changelings

1 month ago

A number of excellent lords and tribal options that you could consider including:

Blood Speaker
Crystalline Sliver
Drogskol Captain
Flamekin Harbinger
Greatbow Doyen
Knight Exemplar
Lord of the Unreal
Necrotic Sliver
Sea Gate Loremaster
Skyshroud Poacher
Treefolk Harbinger

Also, Descendants' Path could be a really good if you up the creature count.

Naksu on Put on your masks and animal skins!

1 month ago

Treefolk Harbinger would also fit like a glove, even as a 4-of, since it can fetch both cards you need to get the ball rolling Bosk Banneret and Leaf-Crowned Elder + Forest if needed. I dare say it could greatly improve consistensy.

Davidmon99 on Treefolks forest deck

1 month ago

Pethrax I am glad you commented here, I never intented to make this something serious but as you are here I will try my best. I agree on putting appart Autumnal Gloom  Flip,Seedguide Ash and Ghoultree and maxing Timber Protector and Treefolk Harbinger. On the other hand I do not completely agree with dropping Explosive Vegetation maybe turn it in Rampant Growth as some spells that work with number of forests

Pethrax on Treefolks forest deck

1 month ago

If you don't mind suggestions, I would advise nixxing Autumnal Gloom  Flip. Your deck actually would have a hard time getting to delirium due to mainly being creatures, and extremely few other cards. I would also drop the Seedguide Ash and Ghoultree and max Timber Protector. The reason I say this is by the time you have Seedguide Ash out, you already have 4-5 lands, and it's rather hard for your deck to actually get it's ramp trigger, making it a suboptimal card at best. Ghoultree is a card for when you are really behind, and really just not great. However, Timber Protector is just fantastic. How could you not love +4/+4 to ALL your creatures? Your one drop Treefolk Harbinger is now a 4/7. That blocks Tarmagoyfs all day long. On that note, please max your one drop. This will not only help you thin your deck so you can get your other card draws or creatures, but also helps you stabilize against aggro decks by consistently having a blocker early. To do this, I'd suggest dropping Explosive Vegetation. Same problem as Seedguide Ash, by the time you can play it, you are already where your deck needs to be in terms of mana, and if you just want massive star/star's, that's what you have Boundless Realms for.

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