Fulminator Mage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Shadowmoor Rare

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Fulminator Mage

Creature — Elemental Shaman

Sacrifice Fulminator Mage: Destroy target nonbasic land.

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Fulminator Mage Discussion

trixster87 on Yahenni's Gifts

5 hours ago

murder and ruinous path should be Hero's Downfall
Bojuka Bog or Nihil Spellbomb should be in the sideboard for graveyard hate.
Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize should be in over transgress and I would cut grasp to up the count to roughly 6.
Fulminator Mage, Ghost Quarter, Rain of Tears some combination of these should be somewhere in the 75.

FineCashew9 on Mono-Black Devotion

22 hours ago

A few bits of advice.

Your curve isn't so hot. Lots of 3 and 5s, but no 4s.

Bump in the Night is not a card you want to play in a deck with 5 drops, and more importantly, you should be playing discard turn 1. Maybe finish out the playset of Inquisition of Kozilek instead.

Fatal Push is likely better than Bile Blight and/or Hero's Downfall. Cheap is better. Dismember or Go for the Throat are both also better options.

Remorseless Punishment is not a good magic card. You should be running something higher impact (and preferably cheaper) in that slot.

Demigod of Revenge is good if you can dump cards into your graveyard for value, but with only 2 card advantage spells, and no discard synergy, it's not powerful enough for the slot. Something like Bloodghast may fit better here.

In general, almost every 5 drop that isn't Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Phyrexian Obliterator is worse than those two, so i don't see why you're running more than those. That's already 8 5 drops, which is a ot for modern.

A sideboard is key for success in modern. Building one will be very beneficial. I would suggest graveyard hate, Rain of Tears or Fulminator Mage, and some more interactive spells, as well as some card advantage. To play a deck in modern that is not broken, you need answers to broken decks.

In your deck, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx isn't even that good. You don't have any creatures you can cast with it, so it doesn't start producing mana unless you have 3 other lands already, and even then it's not very good because it only makes a lot of mana when you don't have many cards in hand.

Otherwise, a solid looking deck.

BloodoftheBloodMoon on The Grixis Dream

2 days ago

Needs more land. Add a steam vents or watery grave. You don't need the Inquisition. Cut it for your last push. Young pyro is actually pretty bad in the meta right now. Cut both for your last snap and a tasigur. Playtest the murderous cut. But with the amount of delve you have, you might want to cut it for another lectrolyse, mana leak or countersquall. Run two Fulminator Mage in the side instead of rain and GQ.

shaistyone on

2 days ago

The two major barriers I see here are the potential for stalls, and a high vulnerability to removal. I mean, even a Pyroclasm kills almost everything you might have out, and an Anger of the Gods hits it all.
As for stalls, it's not hard to envision a couple decent creatures on your opponent's side gumming up the battlefield completely. And without a way to punch through more damage, the game going long is not going to help. Without altering a ton of the deck contents, I'd look at something like Seismic Stomp or Hellrider as possible stall breakers.
Oh, and Fulminator Mage definitely seems like sideboard material. If you want a three-drop, there, how about good old Ball Lightning?

SlappyBob on Glittering Company

3 days ago

Actually, I know I don't need a Fulminator Mage on the side, I have land hate mainboard with Necrotic Sliver and Mangara of Corondor, and those can also hit basics. Trying out Voice of Resurgence.

SlappyBob on Glittering Company

3 days ago

I've actually been able to play around Blood Moon just fine with my current set-up. I'll have either a fetch or a basic in my opening hand, and just keep getting basics. Then I can either be able to cast a hate card like Qasali Pridemage or Necrotic Sliver, use Glittering Wish to grab Abrupt Decay, or, if I only get one forest, wait to cast Collected Company and cheat something in. Now my only dilemma is do I want a Fulminator Mage on the side or not to Wish for, or, if not, what would be better?

TreyV on Rock 2017

4 days ago

Wouldn't 4 Ghost Quarter and then 3 Fulminator Mage in the side be a little overkill?

n0bunga on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

6 days ago

Playing this in my local meta has been a blast. So far it's been a world of problems for

  • Atraxa

  • Prossh/FC

  • Daretti

  • Animar

  • General Tazri/FC

The most accelerated non-combo creaturw lockdown usually makes use of recurring Fulminator Mage or Avalanche Riders and blowing lands to high heaven.

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