Fulminator Mage


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Rare
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Fulminator Mage

Creature — Elemental Shaman

Sacrifice Fulminator Mage: Destroy target nonbasic land.

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Fulminator Mage Discussion

APPLE01DOJ on Obby Rock

6 days ago

Ghost Quarter, Damnation, and Fulminator Mage can all help in the EldraziTron match up.

Pieguy396 on B/W Tokens

2 weeks ago

Hello there! Potential sideboard choices:

GeminiSpartanX on Bulldawg1310

2 weeks ago

I understand your reasoning, although I think you'll have a tough time finding someone who happens to both have and want to trade a whole deck. If you're interested, I have a Fulminator Mage and a few of the smaller-costed things you're looking for in your mono-black deck to trade for your 3 Mesmeric Orbs. Have you ever traded on this site before?

Emzed on W/B Token Vehicles [Modern]

3 weeks ago

While I like the concept a lot, I think 10 vehicles is slightly too many. They are great if you draw 1 or 2, but you can win a game in which you draw just tokens and no vehicles. Getting flooded with 3+ vehicles seems suboptimal though, and with so many in the deck that will happen occasionally. Personally, I would run 7-8 vehicles, and make room for a couple of planeswalkers or Bitterblossom.
Too many vehicles also makes you predictable and gives your opponent a clear angle of attack, like boarding in Stony Silence against you. Which, btw, should definitely not be in your sideboard since it hurts your own deck a lot. You can use Fragmentize, Sundering Growth or Zealous Persecution against Affinity instead, but that matchup should be favorable anyway with so many flying creatures and removal spells in your deck. You even have colorless creatures to block Etched Champion.
While Soul Warden is an okay sideboard card, I think Auriok Champion has a lot more impact when you really need that kind of effect. Decks like Burn or Deaths Shadow have huge trouble beating a protection creature, and in contrast to the Warden it can't just be killed.
Chalice of the Void on 1 seems like a nightmare for this deck, but there isn't much you can do about that. Maybe at least go from 16 cmc1 spells down to 12-14? Anguished Unmaking or Sundering Growth are the best ways I can think of to remove Chalice, but those aren't great cards otherwise, so you will probably just have to live with Chalice being a problem.
There are 8 removal spells in your maindeck, so you need a plan for decks without creatures. When facing UW Control, Lantern Control, Ad Nauseam or TitanShift, those cards are more or less useless, and you should have enough cards to replace them for games 2 and 3. While some of your sideboard cards qualify, I would add at least 2-3 more cards. Collective Brutality, Fulminator Mage or Lost Legacy all could help you there.

xyr0s on Black Merchant of Devotion (suggestions wanted)

4 weeks ago

The white SB cards are powerful, undoubtedly. But playing Path to Exile against fast aggro can be a bit suicidal - it can easily turn out to be card advantage for your opponent (trade a creature for a land - it's good for some decks). Besides, if you had all 4 possible Fatal Push, you'd have 11 interactive cards at 1 cmc, enough that you can rely on drawing them.

Collective Brutality is good, because it's a good 2 cmc card, so you get to play it fairly early - against most fast aggro, you get to trade for a creature and a spell (killing a Goblin Guide and discarding a Lava Spike really violates the game plan of a burn deck), slowing their clock considerably. It also corrects your deck a bit, as you can turn an unwanted land or extra copy of Thoughtseize into something more beneficial. works better with some recurrence, but it's not a necessity. It is also good, because it's not tied to one function, so it actually has lategame applications (your 1-cmc discard is often really poor topdecks from turn 4 or 5).

I'd worry a bit about reaching enough devotion for Gary to do something with. If you feel like spending a bit, consider Fulminator Mage - you currently have exactly 0 ways of dealing with lands, and this would add 2 devotion (good for any game) and a way to deal with lands (good for wrecking tron of all brands). In turn, I'd remove the 2 Prism Rings, as lifegain is only situationally good.

sylvannos on Bloogdhast, Hold or Sell/Trade

1 month ago

You should sell the yesterday.

As soon as a reprint get spoiled, expect the price of a card to drop significantly. The value can go back up in the months following the reprint (such as Noble Hierarch and Fulminator Mage dropping to $15 and $10, respectively, after Modern Masters 2, before going back up), but that can take a while.

If you can't dump your Bloodghasts for $15+, you're probably better off just holding onto them, rather than dumping for $10 and re-buying for $10.

infinitelennies on Icy Rock

1 month ago

Hi, thanks for the comment. I definitely do struggle with big mana decks. I was at one time sideboarding Bribery, but I took it out for other stuff. I may put it back in if I think it's necessary. I actually haven't thought of Fulminator Mage since putting the last hope in the main. It's very recent. As for Ancestral Vision, I know it's super awkward with my turn 1 discard. But it eliminates the risk factor in running Thragtusk, Damnation, and Yahenni's Expertise making me lose too much life, plus I can cast it off of Yahenni's Expertise. My opponent also can't usually stop Ancestral Vision from happening, and Dark Confidant can be and usually is immediately killed against decks with removal. A lot of the time, in a given matchup, either waiting until the second turn to use the discard or the sixth turn to draw the cards is going to be okay. I just have to read the game correctly. If I'm going first it shouldn't even really matter which comes first.

Mandalorian on Icy Rock

1 month ago

The only reason I would say Bob is better than AV is your curve. It's the same issue when folks tried Nobles in Abzan, what do you play first? Discard or dork? Or in this case, discard or card draw? You always want discard on turn 1 so you can play a threat or removal turn 2. It becomes awkward otherwise. For this reason I do really like your version with no counterspells. Counterspells are so awkward in decks like these because its hard to know what to do on turn 2, leave up Mana Leak or play Goyf? I played Temur for a little bit and it was a problem, I play Abzan now. I like that you aren't trying to do that. I think a simple G/B rock deck taking advantage of Snappy is sweet. Its no trying to do too much other than that.

1 more criticism, Rock decks always struggle against Big mana decks. You do have a bit of countermagic in the SB that will help but what about Fulminator Mage? Goes well with the Extractions and LtLH in the main.

Tried Grim Flayer as all?

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