Woodland Wanderer

Creature — Elemental

Vigilance, trample

Converge — Woodland Wanderer enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each color of mana spent to cast it.

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Woodland Wanderer Discussion

Spinifex on Temur Monsters

9 months ago

It depends on the local meta: mine is generally filled with control and midrange decks (I'm including Zombies here), Ramunap Red is not very popular. Woodland Wanderer has been a beast in my games, often coming down as a 6/6 Vigilance Trampler on turn 3 or 4. Thanks to it, I'm currently 7-1 (I haven't been very active in summer). I decided to cut the other mana dork (Channeler Initiate) and move the Tireless Tracker and the 3 Chandras to the sideboard to include Longtusk Cub, Bristling Hydra and Whirler Virtuoso since I often lacked the threats to close games.

There is no guarantee I will still be on the Temur Energy plan come rotation, though if I do, I will certainly have to work on the mana base.

notorioez on Temur Monsters

9 months ago

Replace Woodland Wanderer with Lightning Runner. Can hit for 8 damage and that's without counting other creatures. I run it, and it's a very powerfull card

NobleGhost117 on Ramos' Rainbow

9 months ago

You already have a couple converge cards in here, so you may have already considered these cards, but Painful Truths, Exert Influence, Radiant Flames,and Woodland Wanderer are all good cards to throw into your deck. Painful Truths gives you card draw (3 cards for 3 mana!), Radiant Flames wipes out mana dorks and tokens, Exert Influence can steal your opponents cards (imagine taking a platinum angel or something of that likeness), and Woodland Wanderer is a strong 6/6 Vigilence Trample for 4 mana.

Atavistic on

10 months ago


Some interesting suggestions there that I certainly had not thought of. I will absolutely agree on board wipes being lacking and definitely plan to get a Wrath of God or something similar to give me an additional option in that area. I like your suggestion of Child of Alara - it's undoubtedly a solid card for a five-colour deck - but I hadn't included it as it isn't an Elemental, and for this deck I didn't want to deviate away from that unless absolutely necessary (see Burnished Hart and Sylvan Caryatid as the main examples in the current list).

The same applies for Sunburst creatures, but that is also influenced by the fact that they are pretty random and, barring your favourite, I've not seen many that particularly excite me. It's part of the reason that I demoted Woodland Wanderer to the Maybeboard as, while Converge could cause it to be a 6/6 with Vigilance and Trample, it just isn't very exciting and doesn't exactly do an awful lot.

When it comes to Rhystic Study, I've only seen one player in my LGS's playgroup use it, and it doesn't seem to draw hate so much as it just causes everyone to roll their eyes and accept it. That being said, that player's Study is usually the least of our concerns, so maybe it would draw hate in my deck. I'll have to playtest the deck to see how that ends up going, and then decide what to do with it.

I was considering getting Joiner Adept at one point as a budget replacement for Prismatic Omen, but at the time I felt that the Adept was too vulnerable because it's such a small body. That being said, its ability is definitely better than that of the Caryatid, so I will definitely have to consider it. Pulse of Llanowar is an interesting card that I've never seen before, but it seems a bit random for my liking and, in the early game at least, seems like it could be as irritating as it could be helpful. Also, how would it interact with Prismatic Omen? I ask this because it seems to me as if this would pretty much cancel out the Omen due to every land I control having every basic land type. Granted, this would only affect my basic lands, but it still seems somewhat problematic.

As for whether I need the Walls or not, that will have to be something else I investigate after some playtesting, as it doesn't seem strictly necessary to me just from the decklist, but maybe actually playing the test will flag that as an issue.

Municorn on Majestic Keyword soup hou

11 months ago

I love this set-up but I think it needs a few more white sources to make sure you can play your cats on curve, and I'd switch out the Woodland Wanderer for Ramunap Hydra alongside some desserts or Rhonas the Indomitable. I'm also trying to think of some interesting flash creatures with relevant keywords that might be good :O.

Naj187 on Jund Energy My Way - Ixalan Edition

11 months ago

@Grunyarth I definitely like Hydra more than Woodland Wanderer right now. There is a LOT of removal out there and hydra protects itself as soon as it resolves. I can save my blossoming defense for my glorybringer or a glintsleeve if i need cards. I don't think it's a bad card, though and is definitely a consideration

I dropped Voltaic Brawler down one because, yeah it's great and probably is the best 2 drop in the deck, its not always the easiest card to cast on turn 2.

As far as Lathnu Hellion and Reckless Bushwhacker I don't see what i'd take out and other than making my deck into an aggro deck, they really don't fit the midrange theme i'm going with. Insult to Injury is definitely a win card if you have a decent board state. A few of my flex slots are my Rhonas the Indomitables and Khenra Charioteer so thats where i'd look to make subs.

Grunyarth on Jund Energy My Way - Ixalan Edition

11 months ago

I personally prefer Woodland Wanderer over Bristling Hydra, so long as you are running some Blossoming Defense (I think I'm running 2 right now). You should also run the full playset of Voltaic Brawler, as he is by far the best 2 drop in the deck. I would also recommend Lathnu Hellion, as he is the all star in my more aggressive build. I also like Insult / Injury a lot, as it can easily close out the game when you have big trampling creatures (it also gives some reach which is nice). I will recommend not following all of my recommendations, as I have a much more aggressive Reckless Bushwhacker zoo deck, so it is undoubtedly different.

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