Voice of Resurgence


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Mythic Rare
Dragon's Maze Mythic Rare

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Voice of Resurgence

Creature — Elemental

Whenever an opponent casts a spell during your turn or when Voice of Resurgence dies, create a green and white Elemental creature token with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control."

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Voice of Resurgence Discussion

Restinpeacedurdleturtle on Trostani's Token Army

5 hours ago

With no budget I would first shore up the mana base which I really skimped out on.Then I would add all the more expensive doubling season effects,premium spot removal/wraths and the more expensive modern cards like Voice of Resurgence,Craterhoof Behemoth and Wurmcoil Engine.In addition to that I would add token making planeswalkers like Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or Garruk, Primal Hunter.

TheAnnihilator on What's the time in round? [Esper Control Primer]

3 days ago

@AtomicEmpire Yo, welcome to Esper! I can certainly talk about those points:

Playing 3 Verdict is totally fine, but I prefer 4 because it hedges way better against Lingering Souls decks (like Abzan midrange/Death's Shadow, Esper Shadow/mirror), Eldrazi, Merfolk, and GW Creature decks. Against all of the creature/synergy decks, you need some kind of boardwipe to stabilize (and oftentimes multiple, hence why I'm playing the set), and against Edlrazi you can typically afford to tap out for Verdict since they're likely on a one-threat-at-a-time type of gameplan (or they're on Bant and commit multiple Heirarchs, Skyspawners, Reshapers, Drowner+tokens etc.). It's also worth noting that Verdict is the only uncounterable removal spell in the decks against the opponents with blue, and thus dodges Negate and more fringy-but-relevant options like Unified Will/Stubborn Denial.

Again, playing 2x Secure the Wastes over Zenith is also totally servicable (it's actually still being debated over on the MTGS forum literally right now), but Zenith has a few advantages over Secure that break the argument for me:

  • Zenith isn't at all graveyard reliant. Part of the utility of Secure is playing it early and Snapping it back later, but it's a much weaker wincon if your opponent plays Rest in Peace or Grafdigger's Cage -- cards which Esper with Zenith can literally just ignore. I've won so many games without my graveyard I can't keep count.
  • Zenith takes up 1 less mainboard slot than playing 2x Secure would, and Esper doesn't actually have a lot of free slots. By the way, if you play Secure I highly recommend you play 2.
  • Zenith shuffles back in, meaning you literally have infinite shots at winning with it, within reasonable time. (For the same reason, you also can't deck, by the way. I've won multiple games against Abzan CoCo opponents at infinite life by simply casting Zenith every turn to make a physical roadblock while decking them.)
  • Zenith is more resilient to hate such as Night of Souls' Betrayal and Jace, Architect of Thought, cards that do crop up from time to time.
  • Zenith produces more power in the late game than Secure does, so a topdecked Zenith is usually far better.

The first 3 are my main reasons for playing Zenith, mainly the recasting part and dodging grave-hate part.

As for Path-v-Push split, I am solidly in favor of 4x Path/2x Push because Push can't effectively answer Kitchen Finks, Wurmcoil Engine, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, World Breaker, Voice of Resurgence, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Gurmag Angler, Bloodghast, Prized Amalgam, Reality Smasher, Matter Reshaper etc. These types of cards pop up so often that there's no doubt in my mind that 4x Path is correct. Also, Kolaghan's Command is much less of a problem when you're exiling their creatures.

As for why I play Blessed Alliance instead of the 3rd Push, it's mainly for diversity -- BA can answer a few of the above-listed cards that Push can't (mainly the Eldrazi and delve threats), but it also serves as lifegain/creature removal against Burn to mitigate drawing the "wrong side" of the deck. If I could make room for a 2nd, I would. (In fact, I actually usually play 2x Snapcasters and 2x Blessed Alliance.)

billium813 on Order of the Renegade Copter

3 days ago

Even if you had 6 mana open (4, all in the same turn, Order of Whiteclay cannot untap unless it has haste :( However, doing it all in one turn isnt really what you are meant to do with that interaction anyway. Maybe something like this:

  • T1: Noble Hierarch
  • T2: Smuggler's Copter
  • T3: Order of Whiteclay, then either leave up Smuggler's Copter to block or crew and attack for 4 (exalted) in the air. When you do the loot trigger, discard a 3 drop to resurrect later or discard a 2 drop if you have the Renegade Rallier in hand for your next turn! There are a couple different lines you can take this and make combat tricky for your opponent. Even if you just have some Voice of Resurgence in your graveyard, you opponent will think twice about attacking on the ground if you present a tapped Order and enough mana to activate.
  • T4: Crew with Order of Whiteclay, leave up mana to instant speed resurrect your valuable discards. Either during your opponents next attack (if he doesnt see it) or at their next endstep. Using fetchlands at just the right moment to get revolt ends up generating tons of value with rallier.

Having played this deck a bit, I think Eldritch Evolution is actually quite strong here. It basically equates to a sorcery speed Restoration Angel, or just more copies of Renegade Rallier, for . I have had this particular interaction happen more than twice:

With this play, I was able to tutor up one of my best creatures, Renegade Rallier, and add a 3/3 voice token into play for only .

Speaking of Voice of Resurgence, he is an absolute BEAST with Renegade Rallier and I think I may up to the full playset. I have made many "terrible" attacks with Voice of Resurgence in which my opponent just eats him with their creature (or trades with 2 Lingering Souls tokens, haha). But then I just resurrect him with a couple Renegade Rallier triggers and suddenly I have a bunch of huge tokens beating face...

RJGiel on Sigarda humans/tokens

5 days ago

This advice is for going full Human Tribal, so no soldiers and spirits.

Firebones675 on Nostalgia in a deck

5 days ago

Voice of Resurgence is a decent one to consider

I'm not a fan of Hold at Bay, Ephara's Radiance, or Pin to the Earth and honestly i'd just cut them.

This is the only comment that suggests changing the overall deck so feel free to ignore this one. When I think green/blue/white, i think of Collected Company decks. I'll throw a link to a decklist below but the card allows you to hit a lot of goodies (Tireless Tracker, Reflector Mage, Spell Queller, Selfless Spirit etc.) If you lowered the cost of your creatures you could move in that direction.


Sorry, I know this was a lot at once but I hope it helps

simondboulter365 on Naya Zoo aggro

1 week ago

Have you thought of using Voice of Resurgence? can be a powerful sideboard card if you don't want to swap your mainboard.

Mandalorian on Abzan Life in the Kitchen

1 week ago

I know you think Spike Feeder combo is slow or inconsistent but trust me you want it in the deck. I play Abzan Evolution as well and it plays pretty much like a creature heavy midrange deck but with a backdoor combo. You play all your games normally and every now and again you get to go infinite and win some matches you may have been way behind in or had no business winning to begin with. The other bonus of running it is it can reset your Kitchen Finks as well.

Personally Im also more in favor of disruption in the form of creatures instead of spells since you are a toolbox deck. 1 ofs of Scavenging Ooze, Reclamation Sage, Orzhov Pontiff, or Fiend Hunter can make your Eldritch Evolutions better mainboard. In the sideboard you can run a good amount of silver bullets like Eidolon of Rhetoric, Aven Mindcensor, Sin Collector, Spellskite, Melira, Sylvok Outcast, and Fulminator Mage.

Some other cards I highly suggest would be Eternal Witness, Thragtusk, and Reveillark. With Witness in your deck you can get huge value out of your Reveillark by returning Eternal Witness, Voice of Resurgence, Fiend Hunter, Scavenging Ooze, and all of the sideboard cards I suggested.

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