Voice of Resurgence


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Mythic Rare
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Mythic Rare

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Voice of Resurgence

Creature — Elemental

Whenever an opponent casts a spell during your turn or when Voice of Resurgence dies, create a green and white Elemental creature token with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control."

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Voice of Resurgence Discussion

mahanhen on My Sister's Sneaky Deck

1 week ago

If the goal of the deck is to play resilient threats that are hard to get rid of for the opponent try Mirran Crusader, it hoses a lot of decks and will end the game quick if unchecked in a similar vein of resiliency is Kitchen Finks and Voice of Resurgence

abby315 on Does this Abzan Nic-Fit look ...

1 week ago

Fun depends on what you like to play! I think it certainly seems competitive--not t1 or someone would be playing it already, but I can see tier two. I do think you might be better served adding the Archangel of Thune / Spike Feeder combo in there, mostly because you want to be able to threaten a t3-4 win in modern with good draws even if you have interaction and value. You only lose one slot, really, since Archangel is a fine value drop.

I also feel like you could use more Eldritch Evolution targets; why not a playset of Voice of Resurgence? Great to sac, even better to just sit on the board and annoy all the Jeskai control players! I think it's a strict upgrade to Strangleroot Geist at least. I can't imagine many matchups where you're playing the aggressive angle.

Here's a theoretical Angel Pod deck I'd been working on, but haven't built yet, in case you're interested in slotting in the combo: Angel Pod, Evolved

You can obviously change it to have more of the value/fit angle you were going for, but I think it's a cool shell. :)

zephyr_chang on 8 Rack

1 week ago

Most lists run 4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and they have fewer lands that produce colorless mana than you do (you have 6 from the 2 additional Ghost Quarter). So, no, I don't think 3 is too many; in fact, I think it may be too few. Plus you can always pitch excess Urborgs to Liliana of the Veil or Raven's Crime.

As for the sideboard, I'm not sure if you need even more spot removal. 5(+2) mainboard removal, another 4 from Liliana and 4 from Smallpox is plenty. I'm not sure which matchups the additional removal come in. Elves? Zoo? Affinity? I think you might be better served with 1 or 2 more boardwipes (maybe Flaying Tendrils is a good option, against green decks that run Kitchen Finks, Voice of Resurgence, Scavenging Ooze, or Dredge decks). You can also try Delirium Skeins against Control matchups, Tom Ross recently included it in his most recent list. This deck gets itself down to an empty hand quite easily so it's usually a one sided discard 3 effect.

hullos on Trostani Big Tokens

2 weeks ago

It is an expensive card but it is amazing in this deck Voice of Resurgence it just is everything your deck wants. Also Intangible Virtue it is a small buff but more importantly gives tokens vigilance and with the buff they gibe you one more life gain.

hullos on Green White Centaur Hoard

3 weeks ago

its a bit expensive but Voice of Resurgence is an amazing card overall and will get you some huge guys.

JoshFox on Selesnia Aggro

3 weeks ago

A less expensive solution is to main board a play set of Kitchen Finks and Siege Rhino. Between their life gain and Voice of Resurgence's annoyingness Burn will not be a problem and you can save yourself $75. Oh, and Dromoka's Command is awesome against Burn. Bring in all 4 when you play them if you don't already. Not only does it deflect a spell but it also targets Eidolon of the Great Revel, Shrine of Burning Rage, and Blood Moon.

JoshFox on Safari Company

3 weeks ago

Memphismaymagic5 I'd be curious to hear how you like Rest in Peace. I used it before, it was hell on the bad guy, but it also was rough on my Kitchen Finks, Voice of Resurgence, and Lingering Souls. I ended up going to Relic of Progenitus and now am trying Scavenging Ooze.

phDaemon on Abzan Beatdown

3 weeks ago

You're playing aggro, not midrange or control. Discard in aggro is a term of either removing something your deck can't handle or delaying something long enough for you to deal lethal. Midrange and control use discard to disrupt until it can achieve board state, with aggro, you want board state from turn 1.

So basically, lower the amount of discard spells and up the creatures so it plays like this:

  1. Dryad Militant / etc
  2. Voice of Resurgence / Tidehollow Sculler (this is your disruption). Swing for 2 (18)
  3. Loxodon Smiter / etc. Swing for 4 (14)
  4. Wilt-Leaf Liege / etc. Swing for minimum of 13.
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