Cartel Aristocrat


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Cartel Aristocrat

Creature — Human Advisor

Sacrifice another creature: Cartel Aristocrat gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Cartel Aristocrat Discussion

Lord.of.Innistrad on Athreos, wololoing with B/W

2 weeks ago

Respeck >:D amazing game.

Also, you could think about putting some Ornithopters or some free creatures in here. If you have Athreos out already, and either Cartel Aristocrat or Nantuko Husk, you could sac an Ornithopter, return to hand, play, sac, repeat. Your opponents would eventually have to pay the 3 life. Just a thought.

Turn8ScornfulEgotist on Infinite Combo Emeria

1 month ago

For Company, I would cut the Supreme Verdicts to the side, 1 Sakura-Tribe Elder and 1 Lone Missionary. They seem like the weakest creatures to hit with Company and you can also dig for them if you need them with a Company; also, Supreme Verdict really seems like a card you don't want mainboard as the amount of time it hurts an opponent more than you when you're playing a creature-based deck is going to be low.

With the addition of Company, I would cut the Mortarpods (Why, exactly is it in here?) for Cartel Aristocrat which you can grab with Company. I would cut at least 1 Detention Sphere for at least 1 Fairgrounds Warden or Fiend Hunter; Detention Sphere is the better card, being basically immune to removal compared to creatures, but the creatures can be grabbed off of a Company.

Otherwise, great deck!

Firebones675 on MizzMizz

1 month ago

Forgot about that intro deck. Reminds me A LOT of the aristocrats deck (both the version from earlier this year and the original from the original inistrad/return to ravnica standard. The deck got its name from Cartel Aristocrat and Falkenrath Aristocrat). I'd suggest looking at some of those decks if you're curious where the inspiration came from.

I found - Modern Aristocrats - (not my deck) which looks like a port of the original to a modern setting and has a lot of the things you would want in your deck.

Do I think that cutting the manabarbs will make the deck stronger? Yes. Do I think it will be as fun to play without them? That's something you'll have to answer yourself.

Westvale abby seems fine provided you can reliably get a bunch of creatures.

If you like the zula ports i'd check out Blood Artist, the two cards are extremely similar in what they can do.

abomination is an interesting one. It provides you a steady stream of cards which I think your deck wants unless you want to go super all in on aggression (which i would recomend against). If you decided to cut it, i'd make sure you have some form of card advantage to replace it.

As for Wescoe's deck (the black white one?), keep in mind its for a standard that is not the current one. Any cards legal in his deck are available in modern but by being in modern you have a much larger pool of cards to work with than he does. Seems decent though.

kobold_koenig on Prisoner of Fate - Budget Triad EDH

1 month ago

This deck looks great. The fact that it can be assembled for around $50 is particularly impressive.

I noticed that you seem to have a little bit of reanimate in there (Sun Titan, Obzedat's Aid, Unburial Rites, and it might add a bit of utility to the deck if you had at least one sac-outlet other than Abhorrent Overlord around to take advantage of: 1. The reanimate 2. Anytime you are liable to lose your guys to wipes or targeted removal 3. Just to take advantage of little rule loop-holes like with Fiend Hunter and his triggers (play him, sac him at instant speed so that his "return the exiled card" effect goes on the stack first, and then permanently exile something as his "exile another target creature" ability goes on the stack next.

I just did a quick search on Gatherer and a couple cards came to mind.

Creature-wise: Cartel Aristocrat, Maw of the Obzedat

Enchantment-wise: Hidden Stockpile, Circle of Despair

Artifact-wise: Trading Post, Blasting Station, Ashnod's Altar

Obviously none of this is 100% necessary for the deck, but having an extra sac-outlet for shenanigans could be handy here. Of course, the best choice would be something like a creature that has an ETB effect itself as well as a "tap" ability, but I'll leave that research to you if you are so inclined to utilize this suggestion.

Again, great deck using an under-utilized commander. +1

Shaderik on Orzhov's B/W Multiplayer

2 months ago

Hi veeonix,the main idea behind Athreos, God of Passage is his 3dmg effeckt. Yeah its not as easy to get 7 devotion but i think with permanents like the planeswalker, enchantment and creatures its possible. maybe i would reduce it to 1.

what would u drop for Cartel Aristocrat and Brimaz, King of Oreskos ? I think that Brimaz would be very slow.For multiplayer Kamal? cant find any card with this name!?

Im not sure about Sorin, Lord if Innistrad. yeah the +1 is a token and the +1/+0 Emblem can also help but i think the Lifegain is to important (until my next turn=> works also on the opponents turn). Combined with vigilance its awesome. Because i run with Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim the lifegain is very important to be flexible (exil each threat).

Do you think that if I run with Cartel Aristocrat i should replace Soul Warden with Zulaport Cutthroat. To profit more from death and sacrifice.

Emzed on Null-red Persist Combo

3 months ago

I think Anguished Unmaking is almost always better than Utter End.
Anafenza, the Foremost is a much more useful creature than Melira, Sylvok Outcast and it's even able to generate infinite +1/+1 counters if you have redundant effects cancelling persist. Obviously its tougher to cast though. Bloodspore Thrinax and Master Biomancer are even more alternative combo pieces.
I noticed you run lots of persist creatures, but only a small number of sacrifice outlets. You should probably balance the different combo elements more evenly by adding Carrion Feeder, Cartel Aristocrat and/or Bloodthrone Vampire.
If you are interested in more tutor effects for your combo, Vampiric Tutor, Green Sun's Zenith, Eldritch Evolution, Pattern of Rebirth and Bring to Light all seem like great fits for your deck.
Looking at your mana, i think you should consider adding Exotic Orchard, Phyrexian Tower, City of Brass and Carpet of Flowers. Birds of Paradise, Noble Hierarch and Deathrite Shaman also appear helpful.

ehawkins11 on Aristocrats Act 3

3 months ago

I would run 4 of each Butcher of the Horde and Falkenrath Aristocrat, but there is quite a bit of land hate in my meta. Sometimes getting 4 mana is really difficult.

I used to run more aggro creatures (such as Goblin Guide) in an earlier build, but I found it difficult to keep enough creatures on the battlefield to utilize my aristocrats. People would still cast removal spells knowing I would have to choose between sacrificing Goblin Guide or letting Cartel Aristocrat die after turn 2. By using Doomed Traveler, Bloodsoaked Champion, and Mogg War Marshal, it's an easy way to keep creatures on the battlefield to sac whenever I need to.

Aggro is actually a good matchup for this deck. A turn 3 Blasphemous Act crushes a lot of these heavy creature based aggro decks.

Thank you for your comment.

calvinwarning on Blood Warden

3 months ago

Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions. It really helps me with figuring out what kind of direction I want to take this in.

BrandonJamesCAC: Killing Wave would be ridiculous since I could sacrifice all of my tokens as well as my Bloodsoaked Champions and Doomed Travelers while also giving my opponent an ultimatum.

Wel5: Westvale Abbey  Flip works very well in here. I've considered adding more copies because it's an additional sac outlet and I could even apply the legendary rule to Ormendahl, Profane Prince by flipping it and killing him off but the five mana it costs seems like too much on the curve to be able to maximize its utility and value.

Dredgar: I added your suggestions in my maybeboard for now. I agree that I need more sac outlets, so cheap card draw and removal would be very useful. I even thought of adding cards like Viscera Seer with a static sacrifice ability such as Bloodthrone Vampire or Cartel Aristocrat but I can't decide what I want to part with to make room for them haha.

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