Kor Firewalker


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Kor Firewalker

Creature — Kor Soldier

Protection from red

Whenever a player casts a red spell, you may gain 1 life.

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Kor Firewalker Discussion

goblinguiderevealpls on the soul sisters

19 hours ago

best cards in soul sisters are Serra Ascendant and Martyr of Sands, thats why its an "aggro" deck cuz it can play a 6/6 turn 1, you're missing both and only have the sisters, how do you plan on winning outside of pridemate?

Mentor of the Meek is a good draw card, and Champion of the Parish is a cheaper cmc ajani pridemate

Ranger of Eos tutors most creatures in the deck

Kor Firewalker and Auriok Champion are insanely good sideboard cards, and Lingering Souls and Timely Reinforcements are good ways to overrun with tokens and gain loads of life,

splashing red you can run 1 or 2 Norin the Wary if you want virtually untouchable etb soul sisters life on both end steps, and it combos well with pridemate, cotparish and Impact Tremors

if you need more control and defense vs combo you can run stuff like Thoughtseize, more copies of Inquisition of Kozilek, Surgical Extraction/ExtirpateLightning Bolt/helix, Boros Charm

sideboard you're also gonna want Stony Silence and/or Kataki, War's Wage for affinity and Rest in Peace for graveyard hate

Hyperalgialysis on The Perfect Kill it with Fire

2 days ago

The only thing I can see that might help would be a couple of Geier Reach Sanitarium Sea Gate Wreckage maybe some other of the man lands like Ghitu Encampment Hellion Crucible or Gargoyle Castle. Basically lands that let you draw or turn into creatures if by some miracle they make it to the late game. The other thing is more for sideboard, but things like Ghostfire Touch of the Void to get around protection from red. I run an 8 whack zoo hybrid, and I am very weak to burn. The second it I see burn game 1 I throw in Kor Firewalker since it is hard for burn to interact with. Looks like it wins a lot, really enjoyed the effort you put into the description.

Blue_Flame on Azorious Antiburn

1 week ago

If you're looking to specifically hose burn you could definitely use all 4 Timely Reinforcements, Kor Firewalker, and Circle of Protection: Red. Also, Story Circle and Leyline of Sanctity are cards.

Ghosty on I wanna be WB

1 week ago

Hi! Answering your question about going Boros

IMHO it's better to start with your manabase since it opens access to more spells. IMHO if you're gonna play real Boros Burn you have to start with upgrading to Boros Charm and Lightning Helix. Moreover, it makes you able to play Deflecting Palm, Kor Firewalker and Path to Exile in sideboard.

I've been playing Searing Blaze without fetches – it's really poor. I'd rather add more Lava Spikes. And no, Searing Blood can't really replace it because it CONDITIONALLY deals damage to player. It's better play neither Searing Blaze nor Searing Blood in this case. True burn strategy is to focus on dealing damage to the opponent ignoring his 1/, 2/ and sometimes even 3/* creatures. More focus on opponent = more damage to the opponent = faster win. Burn isn't an archetype that can win long running matches.

Hope it was helpful :) Feel free to reach me in case of other questions

VeggiesaurusRex on Get Schooled

2 weeks ago

hubatish, thank you for the feedback!

The reason I'm behind Simic instead of mono-blue is Merfolk Branchwalker is great and I have faith that Rivals of Ixalan will bring at least a couple more solid green or blue/green merfolk and I want to have a loose shell (weak pun, I know) drafted up for January. Depending on how that list performs, I may or may not be building this deck.

Now to address some of the other things you brought up:

  • I haven't had any problems with the Mutavaults. Four were too many, but three feels just right.

  • Lightning Bolt is at an all-time low. Fatal Push and Path to Exile are currently Modern's most common removal spells. That, coupled with the fact that the Devotion being split between two colors, is why Master of Waves didn't make the cut. Meanwhile, pairing Aether Vial with Collected Company lets me flood the board with my fishmen (and women).

  • I haven't done much playtesting yet, but I agree that burn will probably be a problem. However, I haven't decided what to do about it. I could throw Kitchen Finks in the sideboard, I could run Wanderwine Hub and go Bant Fish for leyline and/or Kor Firewalker, I could play Dragon's Claw, or I could just suck it up and muddle through the burn matches. I have so many options, but I think I'm going to wait until RIX before I try to find my solution.

Mandalorian on Monks of America

2 weeks ago

Its hard to give suggestions on sideboards because every local meta is different but here are some general suggestions

Affinity-Wear, Smash to Smithereens, Shattering Spree, Hurkyl's Recall, Shatterstorm

Storm-Counterflux, Mindbreak Trap

Control-Negate, Dispel, Spell Pierce

Burn-Kor Firewalker, Timely Reinforcements

Eldrazi-Deflecting Palm

Valakut, Tron-Molten Rain

Devoted Druid, Tokens-Izzet Staticaster

Also, Opt may be better in your deck since its an instant and can protect your Exemplars

diateone on Rakdos Goblins

4 weeks ago

Over Terminate because it helps against Kor Firewalker.There is a legit debate regarding Fatal Push. But I decided for Dismember because works without black sources, and kills tasigurs and big buddies. Also E-tron is something worth considering. The push is grat against DS, but if they have a DS a dismember cant kill, then we pretty much win with attack+grenade.

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