Kor Firewalker


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Kor Firewalker

Creature — Kor Soldier

Protection from red

Whenever a player casts a red spell, you may gain 1 life.

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Kor Firewalker Discussion

vexingozar on Let it Burn

2 days ago

Piglord98 Guttersnipe is too expensive. burn ussually has 2-3 mana most games so spendig entire turn to cast something that dies to bols/Fatal Push/Path to Exile and other 1 mana removal is a huge tempo loss.

godzilla080 - nice to see another experiance burn player :) I can only argue that the Dragon's Claw is better than Kor Firewalker. Path to Exile and Skullcrack can kill the kor while you have to sideboard otherwise useless and red artifact removal to deal with the claw

mrfab13 on Trash Boros

3 days ago

Smash to Smithereens isn't good against artefacts, its too slow when facing arcbound, plating and Vault Skirge. Shattering Spree is the card that would want to be in that place.

Grim Lavamancer id reccomend between 1 and 3Goblin Guide should also be there if you have a budget

id say run Blood Moon or Molten Rain for against a land based deck

Torpor Orb posibly 1 in side board

Kor Firewalker or Dragon's Claw if you want to help burn match up

there is no point running both Wrath of God and Anger of the Gods as they both kill your creatures, Blasphemous Act seems very strong if paired with Soulfire Grand Master (lots of life)

look into Abbot of Keral Keep if you want card advantage, i think he would be more powerful than Magma Jet if your looking for card advantage

Young Pyromancer or Monastery Mentor can be pretty nuts.

godzilla080 on Let it Burn

2 weeks ago

The best Advice I can give is since Goblin Guide has gone down in price now is the time to try to pick them up. Also Inspiring Vantage is a GREAT budget alternative to fetches along with the Clifftop Retreats you already have. Another card I've been playing around with is Bedlam Reveler as a 1 or 2 of. I'm thinking the correct number is 1 but if it resolves late game it gives you some reach in your more grindy matchups.

I'm also seeing alot of hate for Eidolon of the Great Revel here. It is possibly your BEST card. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. Burn is a race, plain and simple. You use Eidolon of the Great Revel for the same reason you use Flame Rift in legacy. While it is a symmetrical effect you come out on top because your doing WAAAY to much damage WAAAY to quickly. Then if they want to deal with your threats or counter your spells they have to take 2 damage to do it. Most of the time in modern you cast this on turn 3 after you've done 3 damage to them with a burn spell and 1 or 2 damage with a creature and they've already fetched for 1. They're down to 15 on turn 3, you cast another burn spell and they're down to 12 then Eidolon of the Great Revel hits the table.

If you want to do any tournaments or FNM you need a sideboard for 1 card alone... Leyline of Sanctity. In Boros Wear / Tear is your best/most versatile card to deal with that. Chalice of the Void on 1 sucks as well and Wear / Tear deals with that too. Other options for artifacts are Smash to Smithereens and Destructive Revelry if you add green but that's a whole other conversation. Some good cards for the mirror are Dragon's Claw on a budget and Kor Firewalker without a budget (because you need fetchlands to guarantee your able to cast him). Deflecting Palm is one of my favorite cards in the game altogether. The looks on peoples faces are great when it resolves against Infect their Wurmcoil Engine. Also i'd suggest some Path to Exile's for anything else.

Hope this helps and I'm always happy to see another person playing Modern (even if it is at kitchen tables ;p)

Just for some background I play Modern with a splash of Legacy Burn. The modern paper decks I own are Affinty, Burn, Soul Sisters, and Abzan. Soul Sister's is one of my favorite decks it just can't win most of the time :.(... With that being said the card I am most scared to see across the table whenever I play ANY of those decks is Eidolon of the Great Revel.

KsP_FtW on Turn 4 Win EVERY GAME

3 weeks ago

I like the Blighted Steppe and Kor Firewalker but why Silence? Like what would it come in against?

Duchys on Mono White Death & Taxes

3 weeks ago


I don't know what you play against so these advice might be of the point if you play against lots of one kind of deck, but in general i would probably cut these:

  1. Burrenton Forge-Tender - this card is only useful if you play against red aggro/burn decks

  2. Kor Firewalker - If you play against lots of red I would keep it, its better against red aggro than Burrenton Forge-Tender

  3. Sunlance - Not sure about this card, maybe limit it to 2 copies

That is all I can currently think of.

And one card that I would suggest is Leyline of Sanctity, if burn is a problem

Mermaidsheep on Turn 4 Win EVERY GAME

3 weeks ago

yeah looks bether now. what do u think of Blighted Steppe as a one off. And i know ur mono agrro but how about Silence, and Kor Firewalker for the sideboard

sylvannos on What to build next?

1 month ago

Have you thought about splashing white for even more free wins? People get really salty when you cast turn 1 Rest in Peace against their Dredge deck. Or drop Kor Firewalker game 1 against Burn.

sylvannos on Is there any possibility this ...

1 month ago

I think you would benefit from playing Delver of Secrets  Flip in the deck. Or, in other words, play more like a Delver deck with Death's Shadow rather than a Zoocide deck with control elements. Trying to win on turn 2 consistently in a large tournament is going to be a problem. You're going up against a variety of different decks. If you're going all-in on a combo, you're gonna eventually lose to a deck like Jund Midrange or Grixis Control when you inevitably run into them at a large event.

One of the guys at my shop has done really well playing such a list. You can play a turn 1 Delver of Secrets  Flip or Thoughtseize, then lock your opponent out of the game with Remands, Mana Leak, and Stubborn Denial. The best part is you have Death's Shadow to inevitably wreck your opponent's day.

Here is what (I think) his decklist looks like:

That's one of the reasons I would play Esper Death's Shadow over the regular all-in version of the deck. Right now, you're not taking full advantage of the colors you're in except for Snapcaster Mage, Path to Exile, and Lingering Souls.

My suggestions may be too much to test in a short time frame if you're planning on going to a large event soon. I agree with APPLE01DOJ that your sideboard needs work. It's the best way to prepare for a large event without changing much.

I'd suggest something like:

2x Stony Silence
2x Kor Firewalker
1x Spellskite
1x Lost Legacy
1x Hibernation
2x Inquisition of Kozilek
1x Anguished Unmaking
1x Timely Reinforcements
2x Countersquall
1x Murderous Cut
1x Nihil Spellbomb

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