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Bizarre Spellslinger Duo!

- Taking the World by Storm

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This deck aims to out-value our opponents:

1) Play Cantrip, Wheel and other draw spells to filter through the deck;

2) Use untap spells and abilities like Cerulean Wisps to untap Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix to generate heaps of mana;

3) Copy spells using Krark, the Thumbless , Bonus Round and the likes;

4) Eventually draw into one of our key cards and storm off to victory!

The deck often threathens to win by turns 5 - 6 given a decent draw, and of course, decent coin flipping luck (no need insane luck here as it is expected to fail the flip a few times along the way).

The deck is intended to be CASUAL, FUN but yet able to WIN GAMES. It is not designed to be competitive and is certainly not your regular "run of the mill" Krark decks.

This EDH deck was inspired by one of my all time favourite deck, the Mind's Desire deck I built back in 2003.

The 60 cards deck was extremely fast and consistent, and aimed to:

1) Resolve a Turn 1 or 2 Tinker with the help of Chrome Mox , Ancient Tomb and other fast mana;

2) Put Gilded Lotus into play;

3) Tap Lotus for mana and untap it several times using spells like Twiddle , Dream's Grip ;

4) Cast Mind's Desire and storm off for the win through Tendrils of Agony or Brain Freeze .

I had great fun with the deck until the key cards Tinker and Mind's Desire got banned/restricted. Since then, I've been dreaming of recreating the fun... until EUREKA - Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix answered my prayers, and she brought a fun-loving friend along in the form of Krark, the Thumbless ! Tinkered with the deck idea awhile and this EDH deck was born.

Not everyone is cut out to ride the storm amidst the chaos...

Play this deck if you:

Dream of becoming a Spellslinger

Love drawing tons of cards in one turn;

Enjoy the chaos and randomness of coin flipping

Excel at keeping track of floating mana, storm counters and number of cards drawn thus far while trying to combo off

You may not enjoy this deck as much if you:

Prefer summoning tons of creatures and overrun your opponents with them (this deck is extremely creature-lite)

Hate math and keeping track of various numbers/counters give you a headache

Are in a playgroup who don't exactly welcome combo decks and dislike players who take long turns (this can improve as you familiarize yourself with the deck and the victory lines to shorten your decision making time)

Winning the Game

1) Draw at least 5 cards in 1 turn + Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix + Staff of Domination = Infinite Mana + Draw your entire deck and you can pretty much win from there

2) Generate heaps of mana by repeatedly tapping Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for mana and untapping her. Then we can channel the mana into a Big Burn Spell like Expansion / Explosion or Comet Storm for the win

3) Ramp up our Storm Count and win through one of our storm spells like Ignite Memories or bounce opponents' entire board through Temporal Fissure

Here's the deck's main game plan:

1) Summon Krark, the Thumbless and Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix . Their relatively low CMC makes it easier and being the underdogs make them less susceptible to removals/counterspells. For the value engine to kickstart, we only need Kydele on board but Krark just makes it more chaotic and fun!

2) Cast Draw/Wheel spells like Brainstorm , Windfall and Memory Jar to build up the number of cards drawn in a turn.

3) Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for Loads of Generic Mana. The deck offers many ways to Convert to colored mana via Cascading Cataracts , Chromatic Orrery , Prismite , etc.

4) Continue drawing and wheeling using the additional mana from #3.

5) Untap Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix using cheap Untap spells like Cerulean Wisps , Emerald Charm and Tidal Bore .

6) Copy the draw/wheel/untap spells using Krark, the Thumbless , Geistblast , etc for extra value

7) Go to #2 and Repeat till we assemble our combos and wincons.


1) Hullbreacher is an absolute MVP in the deck as it synergizes well with all the Wheel effects. The treasure counts goes insane as we chained our wheels together. It also act as a Kydele substitute in case our commander gets hated out repeatedly.

2) Mycosynth Lattice + Vandalblast = Wipe out all your opponents' permanents! (Not recommended if you value your friendship! LOL)

3) Krark, the Thumbless + Fabricate = Winning the coin flip allows us to fetch Staff of Domination and Memory Jar . Both combine with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix = instant win!

Opening Hand

A good opening hand should include the following elements:

1) ~3 lands that can provide all, if not majority, of our Temur colors;

2) A cheap wheel spell (e.g. Wheel of Fortune , Wind of Change, Whirlpool Warrior );

3) At least 1 cheap untap spell (e.g. Twiddle , Emerald Charm );

4) The remaining cards are more flexible, depending on the situation and cards we've drawn. Any of the following would be ideal, but not always necessary as we'll wheel/draw into them later:

A mana filter card or means to tutor for the card (e.g. Manamorphose , Fabricate , Prismite

Cheap ramp spells (e.g. Three Visits ) to ramp us early before we cast Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix .

Route to Victory

Turn ONE

Our turn 1 is pretty uneventful usually. Lay land and pass. Try to play our tapped lands or shock lands here so that they are available later. Good to also use fetchlands early to thin the deck.

Turn TWO

We need to make sure we've a source by Turn 2 to allow us to summon Krark, the Thumbless early.

Whether we do Three Visits , Rampant Growth , Farseek this turn or wait for Krark to be online, is really a personal preference. I'm a risk taker and love the chaos element so I usually save these ramp spells for later when Krark is online for some coin flipping action!


Cast our ramp spells and hope Lady Luck is shining on us!

If I've a Mystical Tutor or Personal Tutor and I need to tutor for an important card (e.g. Wheel of Fortune ) to set up my later turns, I'd cast the tutor 1st then cast Krark, the Thumbless on Turn 3 just in case the coin flipping fails on us.


Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix makes her grant entrance on this turn!


This is the turn we typically try to combo off by chaining our draws/wheels together and tapping Kydele for heaps of mana and charge towards victory!

Cards Breakdown

New Updates Available!

Detailed explanation of the card choices in the deck, the categories and cards are listed in alphabetical order.

Bonus Round - One of the best copy spells in the deck. Resolving Bonus Round means any instant or sorcery you cast thereafter, you'll get a copy even if Krark, the Thumbless decides to return the spell to your hand (i.e. fail the coin flip).

Expansion / Explosion - Extremely versatile card. Double up as a finisher when we manage to float heaps of mana.

Geistblast / Refuse / Cooperate - Ability to use both from the graveyard is awesome, as we'll discard a lot of cards from wheeling. Geistblast 's activated ability also gets around Krark's randomness, allowing us to copy an important spell with certainly.

Narset's Reversal - Copies our own spell and return it to our hand for more recurring madness... Pure value!

Twinning Staff - A staple in many Krark, the Thumbless decks.

Notable exclusions

Fork , Twincast and the likes - I use "Copy Spell" as an enabler in the deck so the cards above would suffice, especially since our Commander comes with the copy ability. The double colored mana ( or ) is a restriction too as Kydele only generates generic mana .

Primal Amulet   - Occupies the 4 drop slot alongside Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix . If drawn early, summoning Kydele takes priority over the amulet. If drawn late game, the cost reduction doesn't usually matter when Kydele is churning out lots of mana. The need to flip the card before we can use it to copy spells is kind of restrictive too.

Thousand-Year Storm - 6 CMC is kind of hefty and IMHO, it is a "win more" rather than a necessity for the deck.

We are creature-lite as this is a spellslinger deck.

Birgi, God of Storytelling   - Mainly for the ability to generate everytime we cast a spell.

Hullbreacher - Superb synergy with the wheels we are playing in the deck!

Prismite / Stonework Packbeast - Included for their mana-filtering ability. Creatures are more vulnerable than their inanimate counterparts like Gemstone Array but we really need the redundancy.

Whirlpool Warrior - to wheel twice... pure value!

One of the two main pillars of the deck, to fuel Kydele's ability, allowing her to churn out loads of mana.

Brainstorm - Great synergy with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix as gives us 3, or better still 6, if we manage to copy it with Krark, the Thumbless . It also allows us to put key cards we want to the top of the library before we discard our hand to wheel effects like Wheel of Fortune .

Cerulean Wisps / Refocus - Low cost cantrips that allow us to untap Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix ... Loving it!

Chromatic Orrery - The ability to spend mana as though it were mana of any color is extremely critical in this deck as Kydele only generates generic mana . The card draw ability is an added bonus that helps fuel Kydele's ability. Can act as a substitute for mana generation, in the event Kydele is repeatedly hated out, by using our untap spells (e.g. Dream's Grip , Psychic Puppetry , Twiddle , etc) on it.

Expansion / Explosion - We can target ourselves to draw cards. When we've generated heaps of mana, we can target an opponent to deck him/her out as long as is greater than the number of cards in his library. This is usually enough to take our another opponent by dealing damage to him/her!

Manamorphose - Cantrip that allow us to filter our mana to other colors!

Staff of Domination - Staff wins us the game when we're able to draw 5 or more cards in 1 turn with Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix in play. Here's how:

1) Tap Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for

2) Pay and Staff of Domination to untap Kydele

3) Pay to untap Staff of Domination

4) This will net us

5) Repeat steps 1 - 3 to generate infinite generic mana

6) Then we pay and Staff of Domination to draw a card and pay to untap it

7) We repeat step 6 until we draw into our key cards that can win us the game (e.g. Comet Storm )

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed explanation on card choices! Show some love for this original deck by giving me an upvote / +1!

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