Copy target instant or sorcery spell, except that the copy is red. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Fork Discussion

Optimator on Torbran Musings

5 days ago

I know it's expensive, but Fork should definitely be in the Maybeboard. Twinning Staff is worth noting as well.

ive-been-degaussed on Kalamax cEDH

1 week ago

Last comment, I promise:

The Fork combo line only works if you initiate it with a sorcery: if you cast an instant and try to Fork it, the first instant will be copied with Kalamax and not the Fork itself.

Doesn't seem as reliable with only 3 sorceries...?

DrKubed on One Day Norin, and the Next, Norout

1 week ago

Benchwarmer247 I never really liked how the goblin theme ran in Norin, so ended up cutting Goblin Settler, Goblin Matron and Krenko, Mob Boss. I've found cards like Fork and Reverberate end up working much better than Gamble since usually at least one of your opponents will play a tutor spell for you to copy. Mox Amber has been awesome and I've kept a lot of opening hands just because it was in it. The trick is to tap it for mana before Norin leaves. I have gotten so much value out of Goblin Welder exchanging myr tokens generated off of Genesis Chamber for artifacts in my graveyard.

triproberts12 on Need Card Suggestions for Kalamax, ...

1 month ago

It really depends on what kind of deck you want to build. If you're trying to infinitely copy Fork or something, Survivors' Encampment, Holdout Settlement, and Springleaf Drum are basically free, repeatable self-tappers. A more aggressive deck that wants to attack with lightning-butt the turn he comes down might prefer the package of Expedite, Crimson Wisps, Samut's Sprint, and Accelerate.

NinjaBunny01 on Need Card Suggestions for Kalamax, ...

1 month ago

One thing I see people haven't mentioned is cards like Twincast can make Kalamax infinitely big by copying the twincast card effect over and over again. So if you can cast it while attacking, it won't matter much ;). So the cards I am thinking about are: Narset's Reversal, Fork, Expansion / Explosion, Reiterate, Reverberate, and Increasing Vengeance

super1up on Steggy Legs

1 month ago

Hi there! Yes, I understand that the copy would have to same value thus doing the same amount of damage and you'd only have to sacrifice Kalamax once. What I was trying to point out is by the time the spell is cast Kalamax would be in the graveyard, therefore, he would not be able to copy the spell with his passive. You could still copy it with a Fork spell though.

Vulnoth on Turbo Aggro Grind Time

2 months ago

Continuing where I left off.

continuing from creatures

Something to consider when addressing what to drop for my suggestions is how it affects your overall strategy and politics. Ashenmoor Gouger looks good because on paper it can deal damage, but consider what happens if you draw it 10 turns in and the table has all dug in for the long game. Hyper aggressive cards of the sort that do little else aren't going to help you after the first few turns. Hackrobat, Rakdos Firewheeler, Thrill-Kill Assassin, and the like are what you should look for when hacking cards out of the deck in the creature department. You might be gearing up to go fast and hit hard, but you still are playing the "long game", if you can even call it that.


Onwards we march, starting with the strict spell category. Here, you should be looking for either utility or pure power. Spot removal cards like Go for the Throat work in regular 60 card formats, but lose a ton of value as the game is slowed enough for that one spell to have a diminished effect because it can only hit a single creature, often to little effect. Now Bedevil, on the other hand, is outstanding because you can hold it for either an artifact or 'walker, thus expanding your range and making it always live and effective.

  • Allure of the Unknown - A huge resource generation spell. Additionally, it plays into politics well by letting an opponent (or friend) have a card. Gotta keep the train moving.

  • Bituminous Blast - Perhaps not the most clutch of cards, but at least worth considering since EDH is slow enough for these types of spells to put in work, mostly because Cascade is nuts. I'd understand if it didn't make the cut, though.

  • Captive Audience - Hilarious and effective. Instant enemy-maker, but if you haven't farted in the general direction of everyone at the table, others might turn a blind eye. In my experience, when Joe Shmoe poops out an army of dargons and you slap him with this, the table would generally point and laugh.

  • Cauldron Dance - A nice little shuffling of creatures, which is nice if you're rich in chunguses.

  • Kolaghan's Command - The best charm from its cycle, for good reasons. It's always live in EDH.

  • Spiteful Visions - Perhaps risky for politics, but it does put damage on board, thus making Rakdos live, and generates card advantage.

  • Fork/Reverberate/Wild Ricochet - copy spells, in my experience, tend to do a lot since they're just whatever everyone else is playing.

  • Beacon of Unrest - There will always be something in the grave, and self-recursion is a godsend in my books.

  • Scheming Symmetry - Helps your consistency and makes a friend.

  • Subversion - Nibbles at your opponents while sustaining yourself, and makes Rakdos live.

  • Generally any spell with X in its cost. As the game drags on, they only get better.

I did a brief skim of cards in Gatherer and from among my own decks, but don't be afraid to look at other decks or EDHRec for things that will help you. Just remember that your goal boils largely down to pinging to make Rakdos live, cards that Rakdos is payoff for, and utility general support that rounds out the deck.


Necessary gears to get the machine moving. Mostly it will boil down to mana rocks to accelerate your state, but there will be others that you want purely because they work well for you.


Here you can start to have some fun. Being 2-color, you do have to be somewhat mindful of what you're running, but you can definitely make use of a lot of offbeat lands since you're not trying to be a fool and mana fix 5 colors. Keep in mind that you may not necessarily need everything listed here, but it's just a matter of helping keep your ability to produce both colors consistent.

  • Temple of Malice - Slow lands may be unappealing, but Scrying usually helps.

  • Arch of Orazca - Yet another personal choice. All you need is to have 10 permanents at any point while controlling/playing a card with City's Blessing and you have it for the game. At which point, Arch becomes something to do with spare mana.

  • Reliquary Tower - Like Thought Vessel, it's worth considering, but is acceptable to pass on if you keep burning your hand up.

  • Command Tower - Staple.

  • Graven Cairns - Filter lands are always nice.

  • Rakdos Carnarium - Slow, yes, but in the long run gives more mana.

  • Shadowblood Ridge - Another pseudo Filter Land

Chopping Block

I encourage you to think these things out on your own or ask friends about this part, because understanding the process of what and why things stay or go is important to understanding your deck. Below are my suggestions for what needs to get yeeted.

  • Ashenmoor Gouger/Hackrobat/Hellhole Flailer/Rakdos Firewheeler/Thrill-Kill Assassin/Rakdos Guildmage - All just don't do that much. Awesome to drop in the first turns, but soon are just fodder. They're nice fodder for Lysolda and Judith, but overall too narrow in use and too low impact.

  • Void Winnower/Blood Moon - As someone who wins almost all his games through player politics, I advise against these types of cards that choke the entire table. Like infinite combos kept as panic buttons in decks, you really only get to pull it once before the group starts remembering what you have up your sleeve. After that, you risk being targeted because they'll know what you have.

  • Phyrexian Obliterator - BBBB in 2-color is a bold move for what's essentially a 5/5 unblockable.

  • Dark Ritual/Doom Blade/Go for the Throat - I personally would cut them, but feel free to play around with at least the removal spells for consistency in board control. Ritual, however, is just not suited for this format.

  • Everlasting Torment - It's the only card of its type in your deck, and actually makes you vulnerable to getting chump blocked.

  • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Urborg serves almost no purpose in this deck.

  • Rakdos Guildgate - Guildgates are just packfiller.

  • Rakdos Signet/Rakdos Keyrune - In the modern day, your mana rocks mostly should be more useful than an overcosted creature, and if it only produces mana, it needs to be efficient like Sol Ring.

  • Lava Axe - Shouting "Catch" while literally throwing this is hilarious, but the card's just horribly overcosted.

  • Anthem of Rakdos - You will lose a lot of games you shouldn't lose because of this.

  • Ogre Battledriver - Giving a dude Haste to swing is nice, but it's a lot easier to just run a pinger like Goblin Fireslinger or Lobber Crew

  • Ob Nixilis, the Fallen - His Landfall is nice, but by nature isn't consistent, which is what you're looking for in ways to ping your opponent. Becoming a chungus is nice, but you're better off just skipping the hoops and playing an actual chungus.

  • Vial Smasher the Fierce - This one I'm not totally sold on cutting, but she seems more complicated than just running a pinger. Play around with her and see how Vial Smasher synergizes.

  • Master of Cruelties - Another I'm not totally sold on chopping, but he can only attack alone, which bottlenecks your options.

I know this all is sort of messy, but when making edits, start with comparable replacements (i.e. swapping a creature for a creature), run a few test turns, and see how things work.

SpammyV on The Silver Showdown: A Silver-Bordered ...

2 months ago

Welcome to The Silver Showdown! This is a box set for 2-5 players to allow for silver-bordered Commander games. If you've ever seen someone's Commander Smash Up set, the same concept has been applied here. If you haven't:

There are ten 50-card decks consisting of a Commander and 49 other cards. They are:

Perfect Silicon Logic

The Great Communicator

Blatant Thievery

Etiquette For Being A Proper Host

Count Down

Roll With the Changes

Big City Knights

Active Voice Only

Water Pistols at Dawn


Assume that every Commander has Partner.

The decks can be randomly dealt out or snake drafted.

If snake drafting, set the decks out and determine who's going first. Following the turn order, every selects a deck until everyone has one, and then you reverse that to choose second decks. The last player to choose their first deck is the first to choose their second, and the player going first is the last to choose their second deck.

After you get your decks I really recommend reviewing them before shuffling up. If your position is "I ain't a coward" and you just go for it then I won't stop you but there's some oddball cards in here.

Additionally, there's another houserule in place. I have two complete sets of Contraptions, and before we get started the Contraption deck gets shuffled up and put in the middle of the table. At Sorcery speed (your turn, stack is empty) you can pay 1+1 for each Contraption you have to Assemble a Contraption.

If you've never had the chance to play with Contraptions:

-Contraptions live in the Contraption Deck until they're played.

-If they leave the battlefield, they go to the Scrapyard instead of anywhere else.

-When you Assemble a Contraption you attach it to Sprocket 1, 2, or 3.

-On your upkeep, move the Contraption to the next Sprocket (starting on 1) and then you may Crank any number of Contraptions attached to that Sprocket.

You may ask, "Why not just make a silver-bordered Commander deck?"

And I might answer, "I've been lucky enough to play with relaxed groups that have been accepting of me playing with silver-bordered cards. While they've been a lot of fun, there's still cards that I have not used because I am concerned they would be too disruptive. And usually, I am the only one with the funny cards. I wanted to be able to let everyone have fun with these and get into the crazier stuff since the baseline assumption of the game is 'We are playing with silver-bordered cards' rather than 'I am bringing some silver-bordered cards into our black-bordered experience.'

"There's also a consideration of power level. Many silver-bordered cards, even if they are quite fun, are not up to the same power level as even casual groups. It can be difficult to feel like you're making an impact on the game. While bringing preconstructed decks does take away the self-expression aspect of Commander, I'm hoping to balance the decks to each other."

The intent is to create games of full of silver-bordered interactions, but fairly matched up. Big turns and attacking opponents are encouraged. Infinite combos have been intentionally avoided. Assist spells from Battlebond and the "friend or foe" cycle are included to encourage helping other players out and cutting deals. Also in favor of the game experience, there's three lists: The Notably Absent, The Notably Observed, and The Notably Considered:

The Notably Absent:

Rules Lawyer and Staying Power: They're together because they're on this list for the same reason. I appreciate both of these cards but here's the thing: Even when everyone is playing serious Magic and trying to enforce all the rules as normal, stuff gets missed all the time in Commander. Replacement effects that don't do anything for four turns get ignored. People forget that extra buff that meant their creature would've lived through that combat. It's never a feeling I've enjoyed having and so I don't see trying to have everyone selectively ignoring rules adding fun. Now, Really Epic Punch is in the decklists, but that is an issue of scale. +2/+2 can be represented easily. Staying Power is even fine in two-player Unsanctioned. But I don't see it scaling up better.

Clocknapper: I was fortunate enough to never play with or against this in Unstable draft, but it frequently appeared in the games next to me, and it was always a downer when it resolved. I'll just as soon avoid Clocknapper than worry about every effect that involves bouncing or flickering leading to an infinite turns win.

The Notably Observed:

Half-Squirrel, Half-: The trigger here is on everyone's nontoken creatures entering the battlefield. That is something that can scale out of control quickly in a four-player game.

Ordinary Pony: I very nearly cut Ordinary Pony to break up the Half-Squirrel, Half-Pony combination, but decided to give them a chance. Depending on the trigger, repeatable flickering can get out of hand real fast.

The Notably Considered:

Nothing right now.

Q & As!

Q: What are these black-bordered cards doing here?

A: Okay first off, the White Knight and Black Knight are the white-bordered 5th Edition printing so they trigger Border Guardian.

The real answer is playability. But the overriding principle, the guide line of the set, the "What Would Richard Garfield Do?" (cast Fork on Shahrazad) line of the set is: Black-bordered inclusions exist to support the silver-bordered cards, not to supplant them.

Q: Where's Cheatyface? No Entirely Normal Armchair?

A: Cheatyface can be in any Blue deck. Entirely Normal Armchair can be anywhere. Before I put the decks away I'll flip them face down and randomly choose a deck to shuffle them into and then not really think about where I put them at all. You're highly encouraged to look through your deck before playing. Besides, Cheatyface making himself the 51st card seems more fitting.

Q: Why only in the Blue decks?

A: Why indeed.

Q: Don't you know The Grand Calcutron isn't a creature?

A: Check the Gatherer! It has been officially declared that The Grand Calcutron can be your Commander.

Q: How do and The Grand Calcutron work?

A: Not like you think. Since you can only play the first card of your Program, you can't cast cards out of your opponent's Program. Now, if X was the first card in the opponent's Program they wouldn't be able to do anything because they can't cast X. But since everyone orders their own Program... just don't do that.

Q: What happens if Look at Me, I'm R&D or More or Less makes you roll a d5 or d7?

A: I have odd-number dice. Make my day.

Q: Why no Enter the Dungeon?

A: I like The Countdown Is at One more.

Q: How do you separate the decks out?

A: Multicolored Sharpies. Put two dots on the front of the sleeve to show which color pair the card belongs in.

Q: Where do you go from here?

A: I'd really like to look at getting more Playtest cards to include. Since I have blanks I can sleeve up, something like Gunk Slug would be easy to include. There's also some more silver-bordered cards like Letter Bomb and Jalum Grifter that I didn't really think about until after I'd resolved to stop ordering cards.

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