Hidden Strings

Hidden Strings


You may tap or untap target permanent, then you may tap or untap another target permanent.

Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may cast a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)

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Hidden Strings Discussion

DreadKhan on Drake my Day

1 month ago

Heraldic Banner is a boss card in budget Talrand, as are Hands of Binding Hidden Strings and Stolen Identity. Ciphering is amazing in Talrand, and the cards are really budget. Dig Through Time got reprinted recently I think. Ravenform is a great solution card in mono-blue, especially if you add some tutors later, as it can exile an artifact, something blue generally can't do. There is also Resculpt, which gives a 4/4 but is an instant. Either or both are worth considering. Saw It Coming and Mystic Reflection are also worth taking a look at.

wallisface on Merfolk Land Hate

3 months ago

So, Tide Shaper , Sea's Claim , and Spreading Seas are all really good ways to deal with lands. However, Eye of Nowhere , Boomerang , and Hidden Strings are not at all.

  • The bounce effects of Eye of Nowhere & Boomerang will not slow your opponent down much at all, seeing as most modern decks can comfortably cast most of their spells with 2 lands in play - and they can simply replay the land you've bounced. This will often cost you more tempo than it will disrupt your opponent.

  • Hidden Strings being sorcery speed means that you can never tap down an opponents lands to do anything meaningful, besides maybe preventing counter-magic (they'll be untapping everything in their upkeep anyway). Any other instant-speed stuff the opponent wants to cast they can just do in response to you casting this. The Cipher effect seems even less useful, as there's even less valid targets to tap down after the combat phase, leaving you mostly having to untap your own stuff to get value.

I would suggest the following two cards instead:

  • Convincing Mirage is another card that will permanently turn off an opponents land, so is a lot more useful than a flicker effect.

  • Ashiok, Dream Render prevents your opponent being able to search their deck at all, which means if they're playing fetchlands, these lands are useless to them now.

passimo on Tappy Merfolks

3 months ago

Dimir Aqueduct ? Good synergy with Hidden Strings

MetalHeartPipe on Mono Blue Stompy

4 months ago

TheVectornaut Thanks for your feedback! I'll considerate your suggestions. My first build of this deck uses Sigil of Sleep , but I'd rather use Hidden Strings to make the Delver of Secrets  Flip more affordable and faster on the game. I'll test the Invisible Stalker instead Cloud of Faeries . Slither Blade keeps the mana curve low.

Thanks for your advice!

TheVectornaut on Mono Blue Stompy

4 months ago

I'm no expert on competitive legacy, but I think I'd like Invisible Stalker over either Cloud of Faeries or Slither Blade . It's a little slower but helps to save your counterspells for things other than removal. Also, Sigil of Sleep might be an interesting alternative to Hidden Strings depending on what you're up against. it does make Delver of Secrets  Flip harder to flip though. On the other side of things, Mutagenic Growth is a free instant that could push some extra damage.

Saccox on Tap Dancing

4 months ago

Hey Balaam__!Great deck! I have a suggestion: Hidden Strings . Untap gratis 2 permanents or tap 2 opponent's creatures (and your creature gains a new interesting ability^^).

nathanielhebert on Unblockable Pezzent!

4 months ago

Cheers, and indeed, was checking out a few others — I like your commitment to the "overlooked", competitive budget cards.

The cipher spells feel almost broken in this Unblockable Deck. Hidden Strings essentially being "free" to cast by untapping the mana used to resolve it, then ciphering onto an attacker, and untapping two more permanents with the unblock-able merfolk. (And collecting a card draw or two in the process!) I found myself casting 6-7 spells in one turn with the extra mana, and an overloaded Blustersquall was fun to keep the enemies locked down.

nathanielhebert on Unblockable Pezzent!

4 months ago

Fun deck — I gave it a few tries, and liking the efficiency of casting ciphered spells Hands of Binding and Hidden Strings with unblockable merfolk and company. Military Intelligence fills up the hand quickly, and soon enough there's an army to contend with.

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