Krark's Thumb

Krark's Thumb

Legendary Artifact

If you would flip a coin, instead flip two coins and ignore one.

Krark's Thumb Discussion

Coward_Token on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's …

1 day ago

Thrakkus: It's funny to me that his title comes from his mundane profession, rather than him being sone kind of accomplished warrior. Anyway, basically a slimmed Atarka, World Render. It's fine.

Veteran Soldier: solid in the 99 for cheap-ish go-wide commanders

Raggadragga: Go-wide agro dork tribal? Heh. However, there's some tension between the second and the third ability, since you'll probably want/need to tap your dorks to cast for seven+, which means they won't be able to attack. I kinda wish the second ability was replaced by a dork-only version of my custom card: Unyielding Druid

Wyll: Quite aggresively costed Krark's Thumb-like dice tribal commander with a customizable second color.

legendofa: Yes, you can have a Background in the 99:

CHOOSE A BACKGROUND A Background enchantment that's in your commander's color identity can, of course, be played in a Commander deck just like any other card.

TypicalTimmy on I made a balanced 5c …

1 month ago

Yeah stuff like Krark's Thumb would be bonkers.

Fuzzy003 on Chronological Warping

1 month ago

Add a "this triggers only once per turn" to avoid Krark's Thumb + Paradox Haze multi triggers.

JaceTheGrayOne on Coin Toss (R/B)

3 months ago

Coin Flip deck focused around Krark's Thumb.

Rules Note

Multiple Instances of Krark's Thumb follow an interesting rule.

If an effect tells you to flip more than one coin at once, this replace each individual coin flip. For example, if an effect tells you to flip two coins, you don’t flip four coins and ignore any two; you flip two coins, flip two coins, and then ignore one flip from each pair of flips. You will know the results of all simultaneous flips before choosing which to ignore. - (C.R. 616.2; see also C.R. 614.5)

This means for each "N" Krark's Thumb you control when you go to flip a coin you flip 2^N coins and select the flip outcome you like once all abilities have resolved. This means the probability of winning a flip is 1 - (1/(2^2^N)). 1 Krark's Thumb = 3/4 chance of winning a flip. 2 Krark's Thumbs = 15/16 chance of winning a flip.

RizzolRat on Yusri deck

3 months ago

Thank you Deathblossom

I will for sure look into replacing Galestrike with Repulse, makes a lot of sense, and adding some land.

Trying to keep the cost down at the moment but I did consider Krark's Thumb however a bit pricey.

Deathblossom on Yusri deck

3 months ago

A couple of suggestions:

I'd replace Galestrike with Repulse.

Depending on how much you're looking to spend, the card that would have the single biggest impact on your commander's performance would probably be Krark's Thumb (possibly supported by some combination of Muddle the Mixture and Fabricate to tutor it).

I'd really encourage you to play more lands. Even adding just Forgotten Cave and Lonely Sandbar would improve your ability to consistently hit your land drops by so much.

Kougaiji38 on Norin the Scary 2022

3 months ago

Three cards that I really liked were Mogg Infestation, Inventors' Fair, and Indomitable Creativity

Some cards I have questions about however:

Crucible of Worlds, I only see two lands that you are sacrificing and I don't see a lot of things that put lands in your graveyard. I feel that this is kind of a do nothing card in this deck.

Knowledge Pool, I feel like in order to make this worth it you really need the other cards that lock other people out. It's ok-ish as a chaos card, but there are better cards to cause mayhem at the table.

Reliquary Tower, you don't have a way in the deck to draw a lot of cards. This is another do nothing card.

Krark's Thumb, there are only 3 cards in your deck that deal with coin flips. Is it worth it to use this card?

Altar of the Brood, even if you get this trigger twice a turn with norin and Panharmonicon it's not really doing much. It will actually hurt you if you play this against a graveyard deck that want stuff in the yard anyway.

Brand, you don't have anything other than Confusion in the Ranks that gives opponent stuff, when you use confusion to give norin, when he exiles he comes back to your battlefield anyway. Not sure this is doing much for you.

Worldfire, this card needs a solid strategy to be good. Like protecting your board with Teferi's Protection or something before you cast it. Since norin can't actually do damage since he exiles himself when he attacks, this is kind of a nonbo in this deck.

I feel like you are trying to pull this deck in a lot of different directions all at once. Kind of a jack of all trades master of none problem. I would suggest finding one or two things and work on making everything in the deck synergise with that. I also think that this deck might work better with a different commander, there aren't many cards that actually interact with norin in this deck.

Lastly, you should definitely put Genesis Chamber in this deck. It's way too good with norin not to include.

Gelectrode95 on Insert Coin To Play [Primer]

5 months ago


Thank you, glad to have inspired you with some izzet madness

Copy Artifact can be used in many interesting ways but the easiest and usually most effective is to copy your Mana Crypt (or an opponent's one) to get more mana and more coin flip triggers. Because of its flexibility, for only is always a good card to play.

If you have Sakashima of a Thousand Faces in play you can also ignore the "legend rule", copy Krark's Thumb and do a lot of crazy things.

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