You may tap or untap target artifact, creature, or land.

Draw a card.

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WolfishHat on Mizzix Buyback

8 months ago

I like this deck.

I am not sure it would be an improvement, but Radiate + Cantrips or Ice Age slowtrips could be valuable for card advantage.

Consider Flare, Enervate, and Twitch could be fun and budget friendly.

Cloudius on Ley & Lore Weavers (Pauper …

1 year ago

Joe_Ken_ Thanks for the suggestions!

I can't include Earthcraft as it is a rare card. Unwind , Cloud of Faeries , etc were in my initial iteration but I eventually took them out, favoring permanents with untapping effects over once off effects.

Twitch , Dream's Grip , Twiddle and the likes are all being considered at the moment but are now left out for the same reasons above.

Keep the suggestions coming and give a +1 if you like the deck too. Cheers.

Joe_Ken_ on Ley & Lore Weavers (Pauper …

1 year ago

How about Earthcraft (expensive af though) so all your creatures can Untap lands then maybe a Counterspell like Unwind since it untaps your lands after the counter. Then Twitch also fills the theme you have going on.

Estuways on Can I untap creatures to …

2 years ago

Inalla, Archmage Ritualist is my new EDH Commander. I've been wondering about her second ability. If I control 4 wizards total but have a way of untapping one, like Twitch - can I tap the 4 wizards to pay for Inalla's ability, then untap one of them to "complete the payment"? Or is this a case of the forbidden "partial payment" I found in the rules? The activated ability rules state that ability costs are paid as spell costs are. And spell costs must be paid completely. I haven't found a rule that clearly states if I can do this or not. If anyone can explain to me which rule governs this interaction, that would be excellent. Thank you!

superhuman21 on Marchesa'a School of Wizardry and Mischief

3 years ago

Apprentice Wizard, Soul Conduit, Elite Arcanist, Twiddle, Twitch could be interesting additions to a deck like this.
The Conduit while expensive could help to ensure that the dethrone ability is always at full effect. The others are to aid in activating abilities twice.

Maxeyum on Count Von Count's Counters

3 years ago

Im not quite sure, but can you even play Ramos, Dragon Engine in this deck, because red is mentioned in his card text. but thats no cost, so think its fine. Anyways cards like Twitch, Twiddle or Voltaic Key in combination with Strionic Resonator and any effect that puts more than 1 or 2 counters on something (OR RAMOS) just lets things go out of hand.Pretty nice deck you've got there!

Sicktoid on Copies. Copies Everywhere.

3 years ago

Seems like an interesting and well thought-out deck. Good job! I love some of the weird tech you got going on in this one.

You might want to consider adding Twitch. If I understand the rules correctly, you would copy it for all creatures on the battlefield and then, as the copy resolves, you choose to tap or untap it and then draw a card. So you can tap down your opponent's creatures and untap your own and you draw a card for each one of them. Since Twitch is worded "You may..." you don't have to untap your opponent's tapped creatures either (if you don't want to) but you still get the card.

darleen on Slow and Painful.

4 years ago


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