Cerulean Wisps


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor (SHM) Common

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Cerulean Wisps


Target creature becomes blue until end of turn. Untap that creature.

Draw a card.

Cerulean Wisps Discussion

Spairut on Deck Control

2 weeks ago

You need cards like Crucible of Worlds , you may mill your lands and with this you can play them and fix your mana.

Wand of denial is not modern legal, but you can replace it with something very similar Pyxis of Pandemonium and also is a graveyard hate card.

The big problem i see is this deck is quite slow and doesnt have a lot of control early game , which you absolutely need if you dont want to get screwed. Early game is harder to control what they draw with the "lanterns" because you wont have most of them, until later in the game, so you need cheap discard to remove the big threats from their hand, the same with counters, it is less powerful late game because your lanterns and discard do most of the job to not let your opponent get their cards but that wont always happen so you need counters and removals to control as much as possible , they shouldnt draw what they need and if they draw it you discard that, and if that didnt work you may use a counter or destroy that creature, or the ensnaring bridge but the last one only works against attacking creatures (mostly big ones) against combo or decks with small creatures or raw damage is more of a dead card,i would have 3 ensnaring bridge you may need some more removals/discard/counters instead. You need low to zero cost cantrips to get those artifacts faster like Mishra's Bauble Cerulean Wisps (not the best but 1 mana for what it does is good and is budget) .

Orbs of warding i think you use them mostly for hexproof rather than the synergy with ensaring bridge + orbs though it is a good combo to prevent most damage it comes as early as turn 6 you may need to use other things than get that thing down if youre looking for hexproof Witchbane Orb is lower mana cost .

The eradicate and zendikon combo looks pretty cool as wincon but im not sure how often you can pull it off but if you do you remove most of its deck as you said works better with mono coloured but a wincon that only has a big impact in some decks like mono green elves makes the deck less versatile i would move them to sideboard though i liked the combo. Remember you need low cost removal, you have to stop the other player rather than actively kill him.

Your counters are very high cost you use them more to mill and kill your opponent than to protect yourself. What will you do against a combo if they get all pieces by turn 4 like a retraction helix+ altar of the brood(look for this deck on google) combo, maybe they wont use their combo but you must save your mana to counter that, the high cost of the counter is slowing you down and your opponent may have a secondary win condition for example with a Genesis Chamber . You cant counter 2 things at once(not only that, you may need to destroy something or discard and you cant because of the counter) with that high cost, if you had cheaper counters or discard you could have removed the pieces long ago, even in turn 1 if you Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek the Altar of the Brood and if you dont want that to come back Surgical Extraction which you can cast almost for free and also mills, Sadistic sacrament slows you a lot.

Good counters for early Mana Leak Disallow Dispel Negate Remand (this one also a cantrip) Hinder has a good synergy with your deck. This deck is hard to master because you need knowledge about what kind of deck has your enemy, to know what to remove and when also you can check other decks with the same strategy, it is called "Lantern control". Lands that enter the battefield tapped slow a lot, remove Skyline Cascade,Jwar Isle Refuge,Maze of Ith doesnt give mana it may screw you and you dont really need it and it isnt modern legal

In conclusion:

Lower the mana curve (counters,removal)

Must add discard

Must add draw cards, cantrips or things like that,

Spreading Seas destroys fetch lands and is a cantrip you may add them.

heckproof on Blister Mantle

7 months ago

Okay, I've run a few sample games with your list and I'm unfortunately finding that it fizzles a ton. I think the main reason, awkwardly enough, is Serum Powder . While I know it's really good with the London Mulligan rule right now, it also really, really sucks to draw when you're trying to go off turn two. I think it literally lost me four or five of the seven games I played with it, because it interrupts the combo super hard. I also don't know how I feel about Temur Battle Rage . I feel like Grapeshot might just be better. Another solid card draw spell that I've found in my own testing is Ideas Unbound -it basically just reads "draw three cards", because it often wins you the game that turn. It's not too hard to cast, either, because Cerulean Wisps nets you mana each time.

Diddle on Dimir Longbow Tutors

8 months ago

Main deck looks solid, although I'd consider replacing Cerulean Wisps with an unsummon effect such as Vapor Snag in order to give you time in the early game to set up your kill engine. Sideboard is what i think needs the most work. Graveyard hate is very important and 1 Relic of Progenitus isn't enough. Relic is good, but my personal favorite graveyard killer is Nihil Spellbomb . 3 or 4 in the sideboard should be plenty for your hate package. I'd also consider replacing your situational counterspells like Dispel and especially Confound with more general ones such as good old Counterspell , but if thats above budget than Negate is a solid replacement. Your build is really interesting and I want to see this deck work as well as possible, so I hope you consider taking a few of my ideas.

TheMillKid on The Cinder Wind

9 months ago

Lightning Bolt is strictly better than Shock , so that's an easy upgrade.

Although Zada, Hedron Grinder isn't a Wizard, I think she works well in supporting your overall goal. By targeting Zada with any of your cheap cantrips, you draw cards equal to the number of creatures you control. The copies aren't cast, but it could also work well with Eye of the Storm. An optimistic example:

You control Zada, Laboratory Maniac , and four creatures; Eye of the Storm has Leap and Expedite currently exiled. You cast Slip Through Space targeting Zada. Have Zada's trigger resolve first, so Slip targets LabMan and the four others (draw 5). Then, your eye trigger resolves. Target Zada with Leap, Expedite, and the newly exiled Slip. Zada copies those to each other creature you control as well, so you each of your three (3) cantrips would target your six (Zada +LabMan + 4 other) creatures, drawing you 18 cards (23 total, counting the first 5 you drew).

If you're looking for more cantrips, there are some functional reprints of cards you're currently playing, namely Cloak of Feathers and Crimson Wisps . Cards such as Renegade Tactics , Cerulean Wisps , and Twisted Image might also prove useful.

Happy brewing!

SoggyWaffles777 on blistercoil weird

9 months ago

So in my opinion, Cerulean Wisps is a must have. Also, i have tried Turn Aside to get rid of pesky removal ( Path to Exile , Assassin's Trophy etc.), which works very well. The Cerulean Wisps just serves as a somewhat better Mutagenic Growth , and allows you to cast things like your Manamorphose . I run a sideboard of two Kiln Fiend , just in case they remove my Blistercoil Weird . Also Storm Entity just in case they can stop your Blistercoil Weird from attacking. also, Peek gives you insight into their hand to see whether you should combo or not. The dream would be if Gitaxian Probe got unbanned and then it would let this deck go off, but sadly, it is banned. The Crimson Wisps / Expedite are for if you get another Blistercoil Weird / Kiln Fiend later in your turn. I haven't tried it yet, but i think a couple of Faithless Looting are in order for those lands that you don't want in your hand. Last thing, have you considered Young Pyromancer , because i have them in sideboard and they can go pretty crazy.

spilacus on blistercoil weird

10 months ago

SoggyWaffles777 i haven't picked up this in a while so it's great to comeback here and talk a bit about it ahah.

I never used it Mutagenic Growth but it's probably a good option, would have to try and find the perfect balance for it.

In my initial builds i used to run Expedite but it just wasn't useful enough and the reason i would never use Crimson Wisps is the same one that made me drop Cerulean Wisps even though it netted me mana: running Psychotic Fury since it targets a multicolored creature and both wisps make the blitercoil one color, besides that i think i rather pay 1 more mana to be able to draw a card.

about the Slip Through Space : i already run 3 but i also run 2 Apostle's Blessing and giving protection is to a determined color is normally enough to make the blistercoil unblockable, plus it's better against non creature heavy decks.

The big challenge of this deck is finding the perfect balance between the cantrips and utility/removal spells, in my first builds i used to run a much more "combo" focus aprroach but then i moved to this more resilient building.

Will check your list though! :D

tophertbone12 on I Can't Believe It's Not Pod

10 months ago

Maybe Triton Tactics over Cerulean Wisps ? It untaps more creatures.

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Cerulean Wisps occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%