Open Into Wonder


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Open Into Wonder


X target creatures can't be blocked this turn. Until end of turn, those creatures gain "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card."

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Open Into Wonder Discussion

AstroGrumpyCat on Exodus 10 - The Locust God

1 day ago

Dude. You're not running Open Into Wonder? With all the insects you'll get, it'll refresh your hand, get in some damage, and make a bunch more!

Cathartic Reunion Is almost always better than Tormenting Voice, so swap out the two you have.

Baral, Chief of Compliance Works well in this deck, as well as all looting effects like Smuggler's Copter (which you can crew for just a locust).

for some creature buffs, Cartouche of Knowledge is a good start, and it draws cards.

Go for some cheap cantrips to draw a lot of cards and make advantage, like Expedite and Renegade Tactics, and get some ramp to go with it like Vessel of Volatility, Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Conduit of Storms.

BlueScope on Does Open into Wonder and ...

3 days ago

There is no functional mechanic of redundancy in MtG - even if you'd cast Open Into Wonder on that creature twice, it would have this ability text:

Whenever Stealer of Secrets deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

While such a card would likely not be printed, there's no reason why you wouldn't draw three cards when dealing combat damage to a player here - the last two abilities neither overwrite each other because they have the same text nor because they have an origin of identical name (nor for any other reason).

The term of redundancy is used (I believe) exclusively for keyword abilities such as Deathtouch - a creature can still have multiple instances of it, yet it will be redundant because lethal damage is always lethal damage - you can't deal "twice lethal damage" (and if you could, it wouldn't do anything special).

elshora on Does Open into Wonder and ...

3 days ago

If you cast Open Into Wonder targeting your Stealer of Secrets and proceed to attack with it will you draw 2 cards assuming combat damage is dealt? Or does this fall into redundancy even though the wording of the 2 drawing abilities stacked on Stealer are worded differently?

djnewellmit on Nissa, Steward of a Bunch of Pummelers

3 days ago

I like the idea of a Simic Pummeler build, but I was unable to get a deck that played as smooth as the original RG. I like where your deck is headed and have a few options for you from my experience.

If you're looking to use Negate to counter their instants during your turn, you could save one mana and go for Dispel instead. The only thing neither hits would be a flash creature.

Also, our little robot friend really needs trample to get through any chump blockers. But if you're playing blue, you can simply make it unblockable as you've planned with Open Into Wonder; we also have available Slip Through Space. And Key to the City can also sneak the robot through.

Since you only have 5 trample granting spells (four Larger Than Life plus Rhonas the Indomitable) you're looking at 68% chance of drawing one of those five by turn 5. If you can add 3 unblockable options, you have an 85% chance of getting one in hand by turn 5.

Brainifyer on Ah!? Locusts!

4 days ago

You also want Divination, Concentrate, Tidings, Manamorphose, Pull from Tomorrow and Open Into Wonder.

You might want another wincon- consider Chasm Skulker

FuryOfTheAge on Kefnet's Meat Grinder || 13-1 Record

1 week ago

I was running Glimmer of Genius before I took it out for more creatures and kill spells, so I would definitely go with that. Pull from Tomorrow and Open Into Wonder are good choices. If you're looking for a creature for that spot you can just add more Elder Deep-Fiend and Bristling Hydra.

Argy on Bounty of wonder

1 week ago

You might want to take a look at my Yuge deck.

It is a similar idea to this one.

I also started that deck with 2x Open Into Wonder, but dropped them because they just weren't working.

I think you need some big targets for Nissa, Steward of Elements to hit.

Do you realise that if she cheats Endless One on to the field it will enter as a 0/0 Creature and die immediately?

Soulus101 on Barrack Embalmer

4 weeks ago

After playtesting for a couple of weeks, I've noticed the following:

The blue Embalmers are very situational. I haven't managed to get much out of any of them, but the potential is there. Land is an issue, as expected, but going up to 24 lands helped.

On MTGO I've swapped Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun for Open Into Wonder, and it's an improvement. Anointed Procession is the keystone, synergizing excellently with Liliana's Mastery and Noosegraf Mob. Lord of the Accursed is already popular in standard zombie decks, and I can see why. Wayward Servant is also excellent. Oketra's Monument also does a fine job, particularly with Anointer Priest on the board.

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