Open Into Wonder


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Open Into Wonder


X target creatures can't be blocked this turn. Until end of turn, those creatures gain "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card."

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Open Into Wonder Discussion

YungGenji on

3 weeks ago

I would probably take out Open Into Wonder for a pair in the main deck, because open into wonder takes up a lot of mana and is only good if you already have several creatures. Basically, its a slow card, and magma spray would help you against faster decks that can run you over.

Controlpointtorbmain on UR Focused on the Locust

3 weeks ago

Try Baral, Chief of ComplianceDrake Haven Open Into WonderHekma SentinelsHazoret's MonumentAdd cycling and creatures with cycling triggers so you are not destroyed early and there is board presence.

SlyBlu7 on Draft League N00B, HELP!

4 weeks ago

Hey guys - just entered a draft league. They let us pick up 4 packs to start (2 ANK, 2 HOU) and build 30 card decks from there. I think I got the short end of the pulls. Especially when I look at the awesome (frustratingly so) pulls that my GF got, who is even more of a newbie to the game. Anyway, this is what I put together:

Creatures Frilled Sandwalla , Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Naga Vitalist, Dune Beetle , Wretched Camel, Ruin Rat, Bitterblade Warrior , Sidewinder Naga , Ornery Kudu , Giant Spider , Bitterbow Sharpshooters

Spells Compelling Argument, Gift of Strength , Synchronized Strike , Splendid Agony, Cartouche of Ambition, Torment of Venom

Artifacts Traveler's Amulet, Bontu's Monument, Oketra's Monument

Land Ipnu Rivulet, Desert of the Glorified, Desert of the Indomitable, Grasping Dunes,1Island, 4Forest, 2Swamp

The idea that I had was to go BG for tossing -1/-1 with Vizier, and having some creatures and pumps. Splashed U for milling.

What else did I pull? Garbage, I think. White was especially thin, which is sad because it's one of my favorite colors.

White Mighty Leap , Oketra's Avenger , Forsake the Worldly , Dauntless Aven , Sandblast

Blue Strategic Planning, Spellweaver Eternal, Labyrinth Guardian , Ancient Crab , Eternal of Harsh Truths, Tragic Lesson, Illusory Wrappings , Shimmerscale Drake , Striped Riverwinder, Open Into Wonder

Black Liliana's Defeat, Shadow of the Grave, Doomfall, Razaketh, the Foulblooded

Red Crash Through, Pathmaker Initiate, Nef-Crop Entangler , Blur of Blades, Open Fire, Pursue Glory , Manticore Eternal , Hazoret's Undying Fury, Desert Cerodon

Aftermath Onward / Victory

Land Sunscorched Desert, Shefet Dunes

Now, my list of cards is recorded at the store, so I can change the deck but obviously cannot add any cards from elsewhere. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have featured Red in the deck, maybe just cut my losses and went RG to keep it simple. Can anyone help me out? It's fairly casual, but I don't really want to get my head caved in for the next two months of MtG.Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

eerie_interlude on Sultai Delrium

4 weeks ago

Needs more rampaging hippo.

But seriously, things you might consider if you want to tweak the deck:

Unsummon seems bs and op. Watch it get used in the tournament, I bet it will be.

Sphinx of the Final Word for your sideboard. This card is ridiculous.

I also think that Open Into Wonder would be ridiculous in this deck. It's probably my top suggestion.

It looks awesome but I've only played a handful of these cards, you should totally try a white deck sometime so I can make more meaningful suggestions ;)

mario390 on UW cycling

1 month ago

Here's a list of cards that I thought I'd try, but they don't line up as well as I'd like to my deck's goal.

If anyone thinks any of these will be better in either board please speak up! Love you all

jaylawlerrr on (HOU) Unblockable prowess

1 month ago

Yes, that is a great card for this deck! I'm glad to see that you are running Open Into Wonder as well, it is such a good card that helps close out the game here.

lilgiantrobot on Wydwen The Budget Gal(<15$)

1 month ago

I'm not sure I like the amount of auras included. They work counter to Wydwen's biggest strength, her return to hand ability. Cards like Open Into Wonder, Artful Dodge, Slip Through Space, Taigam’s Strike, & Shadow Rift don't have the lasting impact, but can also fuel the addition wincon of Rise from the Tides or Runechanter's Pike.

Consume the Meek is another good, cheap sweeper, and an instant. Its listed at nearly .$50 here but I'm seeing a lot of $.20 copies on tcgplayer. Barter in Blood/Innocent Blood doesn't hurt the player either, b/c there's so few creatures and Wydwen can save herself.

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