Dire Fleet Poisoner


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Leviathan Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Dire Fleet Poisoner

Creature — Human Pirate



When Dire Fleet Poisoner enters the battlefield, target attacking Pirate you control gets +2/+ and gains deathtouch until end of turn.

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Dire Fleet Poisoner Discussion

kon115 on Scurvy Scallywags (Black/Red Pirates)

11 hours ago

id definitely put some Fiery Cannonade in there, i also like Dire Fleet Poisoner

StonedJesus on Aggresive Prison Sex

3 days ago

Whoah, I didn't even consider Dire Fleet Poisoner, I'll try it, Trial of Ambition only has one use in here, and the Poisoner will have at least two. Never stop improving, that's my MTG motto, I intend to re-Tool it as much as possible, ha.

Also, shawnledoux I think I will keep the Diplomacy in, it just tests really well late game (when I need more cards). I do intend to buy 2 more Pushes so I'll give that a shot.

BioProfDude on Aggresive Prison Sex

3 days ago

I like Trial of Ambition, but I think that I would replace those with Dire Fleet Poisoner. The instant-speed removal is so good, and you get a 2/2 for 2 with flash and deathtouch! It doesn't really matter if you lack other pirates to target with the enter-the-battlefield trigger, it's still a 2/2 for 2 with flash and deathtouch! That's instant speed removal!

I like the retooling of the deck. Nice job!

Skinken on BR Pirates

3 days ago

Did you forget about Dire Fleet Poisoner?

"Oh, I see you double blocked Kari Zev. Well, i have responses..."

xhuggels on Arrr

3 days ago

I think tempo is the way to go as well. Pirate themed cards seem to lean that way, Siren Stormtamer, Lookout's Dispersal, Admiral's Order, Dire Fleet Poisoner and Hostage Taker attest to that. Straight up aggro doesnt seem all that good to me, and pirates dont have nearly as much pump as, say merfolk, so i think trying to pump them is a failed effort.

They do have some really epic enter the battlefield and Raid abilities though. One spell that i think is key to abuse their entrance abilities with is Siren's Ruse, as it does everything you want it to do at 2 mana in a tempo deck. saves you a creature, gets your epic enter abilities to trigger again coughHostage Takercough aannnd replaces itself by drawing you a card.

Sadly though, their win-cons are all creature based in nature, and their stats leave much to desire for. they cannot fight proper aggro decks past turn 3-4, and they cannot finish the game soon enough against other stuff with their creatures alone. they need lots off help from non-creature sources, and i think stealing your opponents win-cons is probably the best way to go.

You got the right idea here. Hostage Taker is the key card, and Protean Raider can act as a possible win-con, but again i think the ruse will help you play him more freely too, as you can always change what you copy later on of they one-up whatever you already copied.

I kind of dislike Ruin Raider though, as i dont think you can go over 2 manna on 90% of your cards when playing him, for the risk of just killing yourself. you dont wanna be forced to Abrade or lightning strike your own creature, but i feel like at some stage you will be forced to, and you better hope he got you ahead enough to win before you do. He fits in an aggro deck, and i think even though ur not running much ,you are still running too much 3-4 manna cards to really use this guy with peace of mind.

Darsul on Explore

5 days ago

Hey I've played around with the explore ideal a little too. Walk the Plank is going to be weak, fishes will now see standard play. You could put Dire Fleet Poisoner in its place. No Shadowed Caravel? Maybe Lifecrafter's Bestiary for card draw?

GL hope you find somthing that works

JakeBreake on Fuel, Furnace, Profit

5 days ago

Suhbruh good point, at least 2 should be moved to the side board. I like Lightning Strike for replacement; what do you think of Dire Fleet Poisoner?

Boza on Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers

5 days ago

I got to play Sunday in the prerelease. Opened a sweet foil Deeproot Elite, but only 3 other merfolk. So I went Grixis pirates and I got the nuttiest pool ever.

1 Ravenous Chupacabra, 1 Dire Fleet Ravager, 1 Dire Fleet Poisoner, 1 Captain Lannery Storm, 1 Warkite Marauder were my rares and mythics.

Everything in the deck besides Chupacabra and Raveger and 1 Impale was 3 or less mana.

I got to tempo out people hard. T5-6 kills were plenty. T2 Wanted Scoundrels into t3 Fathom Fleet Boarder into turn 4 Dire Fleet Poisoner + Buccaneer's Bravado left the opponent at 1 life.

Went 3-1 with the deck, losing only to mono-bombs that went t5 Trapjaw Tyrant 2 games and the third went Sunbird's Invocation into next turn Form of the Dragon that fetched and playeda Tyrant for free.

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