Dark Impostor


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Rare

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Dark Impostor

Creature — Vampire Assassin

4BB: Exile target creature and put a +1/+1 counter on Dark Impostor.

Dark Impostor has all activated abilities of all creatures exiled with it.

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Dark Impostor Discussion

deltonesan on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

1 day ago

Dark Impostor exiles whoever she pleases once you have enough mana. Exile the scariest activated ability creatures for one cheaper than Olivia Voldaren could take control of them. Save Olivia for the high power creatures who you want to attack/defend with.

deltonesan on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

1 day ago

I think this deck could benefit from Dark Impostor. Amazing vampire deck.

deltonesan on

1 day ago

Update: This deck underwent its first playtest today. The results were overall a substantial improvement over the previous iteration (a plain bad deck that used Kambal, Consul of Allocation as a commander, and thus had none of my versatile blue cards).

Things I was happy about:

Game 1:

-It was quick. I was caught by a situation where he seemed to ramp much more efficiently than I, and he was using my artifacts against me by way of Armory Automaton. I summmoned a zombie army with Army of the Damned but he was able to off me before they untapped despite my Fog Bank.

Result: LOSS

Game 2:

-He ramped extremely ineffectively, because he simply couldn't manage to draw one of his deck's colors. I built up past 80 life at one point and finally broke through his defenses to win this one. My victory was a much slower, gradual process than his abrupt win in the first game.

Result: WIN

Game 3:

-Longest game of MTG that I've played in a long, long while. This game was probably well past 3 hours long and ended in a stalemate, with both of us trading off board superiority multiple times in epic ways.

-Dropping Phylactery Lich and Fog Bank on the same turn, effectively freezing my opponent's attackers in their tracks. This allowed me to claw my way back into a match that was as good as lost. I built up to army superiority following that and then he board wiped me.

-He had a nasty setup, again including Armory Automaton and at one point was operating with my Lashwrithe equipped getting +9/+9 from the Lashwrithe alone. This is with multiple artifact buffers equipped as well, and a red attacker that gave his Automaton doublestrike and lifelink. But I answered him with a steady card draw mechanism in Oloro, eventually growing my mana pool enough to exile twice using Dark Impostor in a single turn with mana left over.

This lead to him board wiping me, and the game finally ended in a stalemate when we both simply ran out of time that we had allotted to magic cards for the day. Needless to say this was an exciting end to the day.


So my deck's new iteration went 1-1-1 on the first day of play, and I'm not too disappointed.

AnorexicObesity on Don't matter if you're black or white

1 month ago

I also like the Concealed Courtyard suggestion but I think I should keep some Vault of the Archangel as a mana sink for the late game. That's also why I have Dark Impostor. I might replace Cathedral Sanctifier with Vampire Nighthawk though.

spooniermist on Alesha

1 month ago

Dark Impostor is really expensive for what it does, although it's nice if you can pull it off a few times. Shrieking Mogg is a really nice card here, actually, as if you bring it back with Alesha you're already tapped and attacking, nice!

The rest of the additions looks good!

GoldenDiggle on Anowon's Ritual

2 months ago

Hey! I think this deck looks fun! My favorite thing to do in black is sac.

I think that you could make good use of an Ashnod's Altar. It's nice to dump into an Exsanguinate, Tenacious Dead and Reassembling Skeleton can be sac'd as many times as you have , Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief and Dark Impostor make great use of the ability with pacts out.

I think that Yahenni, Undying Partisan is a perfect fit in this deck as well. Things die and (s)he can sac them.

Fallen Ideal kicks a lot of butt, and ends the game with a pact. Not to mention it recurs itself.

Deck looks good! +1!

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