River's Rebuke


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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River's Rebuke


Return all nonland permanents target player controls to their owner's hand.

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River's Rebuke Discussion

Dragonman39 on Once in a Thousand Years

1 day ago

I'm a big fan of crazy spell decks. Especially if you can pull off storm. I am worried about your deck's ability to survive long enough to get storm out and finish the game. With the right cards, you can run 0 creatures and still get where you want to go. I think that in your case, there aren't enough counterspells or removal to keep you going. You won't be able to stop everything your opponent tries to do, and they are going to overrun you. If they run something like Lightning Mare or Carnage Tyrant, you may really be in trouble. I would suggest Essence Scatter for more early game, anti-creature assurance. It won't help against the uncouterables, but will stop everything else. Ionize is a nice card because it counters and deals damage so it fills two roles in one card. It may help you cut down some cards to add new ones. As far as Carnage Tyrant goes, there are not many tools in to help there. I think you may need to turn to Star of Extinction or River's Rebuke. You could also try running your own monster that could stand up to it like Nezahal, Primal Tide but sadly all of these options are late game and high CMC. For most faster deck scenarios, you could try some smaller creatures that synergize with your spells. I have a bunch of possibilities in my deck:

Izzet time for a controlled burn? (post rotation)

Standard* Dragonman39


Maybe something in there can help you a little. In any case, good luck with your spell deck! I hope you have fun with it!

saluma on I Made a deck but ...

3 days ago

River's Rebuke has a really good effect but its expensive so maybe. I would personaly run Pithing Needle insted of Sorcerous Spyglass due to it's cheaper

PauperPower on f.r.i.e.n.d.s *S2:E3*

1 week ago

Oath of Teferi

Azorius Signet

Dimir Signet

Thran Dynamo

Gilded Lotus


River's Rebuke

Pir, Imaginative Rascal

Toothy, Imaginary Friend

Settle the Score

Paradox Engine

Go all in with those cards, stick some walkers, blow up lands and keep playing spells with rocks and signets.

SereneTsunami on

2 weeks ago

Sleep and River's Rebuke may be the sweepers you are looking for.

Boza on Unnamed Rainbow

3 weeks ago

Ok, so lets try to revise this. The goal is to be as five color as possible, while using colorless cards to ramp. Admirable goal. I think the best solution for this is to keep the 5 color threats, but change up the mana base.

Have you seen the land Golgari Guildgate? There are 9 more, one for each of the two-color combinations. Now, I would suggest to make your manabase as 2 of each of those plus 4 Maze's End + 2 Cascading Cataracts to fix the mana. Not only does it find you the right colors, it can win you the if you have all 10 guildgates!

Additionally, rolling right into 5 color theme we have:

Door to Nothingness, Urza, Academy Headmaster and any other 5 color thing you can imagine. But do make sure to include also Coalition Victory + Prismatic Omen + any 5-color creature for the win too.

Next you need cards like Exploration or Summer Bloom to play more lands per turn and more draw like Phyrexian Arena or simply Jace's Ingenuity to get more lands in your hand.

Finally, you will need to survive to do all that - You can play either mass bounce/tap like Sleep or River's Rebuke or Evacuation or you can play fog effects like Fog or Moment's Peace and/or counterspells and removal.

Boza on BG Draw/Mill

3 weeks ago

6 counters and 4 blinks will not give you enough time to mill the opponent with 4 corrosions. You have either get more mill effects, more control effects or both.

I would recommend fog effects like Root Snare that blank the whole attack and give you a whole free turn. Including any creatures that can attack is not a good idea as it dilutes your mill plan. So, from the current line up, Tatyova and Archeologist are the only ones that make the cut. Also consider the card River's Rebuke to disrupt the opponent's build up. Finally, you need some big card draw card that wins you the game instantly once you play it.

fettywapmtg on Monoblue Midrange *rotation proof*

3 weeks ago

Appreciate the input, and I agree the artifact theme is a chore to jam in here, but doing these playtests I gotta say I'm liking a lot of these hands. Sai, Master Thopterist, while not shining his brightest, is still basically just a Pia Nalaar and seems to be worth running 2 copies. There's also a Historic theme here so a legendary 3 drop creature is good here. If you take a step back and look at the decklist, you will find a playset of 3 of the best creature cards with flying blue has to offer, and a bunch of 2x legendary spells. I feel like you're describing a more aggro/control approach, which is certainly worth exploring, but I'm really trying to find a home for some of these power cards here that need a nice glue to meld into a cohesive deck. The ideal hand looks something like:

Turn 1: Siren Stormtamer

Turn 2: Warkite Marauder/Favorable Winds/Lookout's Dispersal ect.

Turn 3: Tempest Djinn/Sai, Master Thopterist

Turn 4: Karn, Scion of Urza/Traxos, Scourge of Kroog/Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp

Turn 5: Tezzeret, Artifice Master (BOOM)

Turn 6: River's Rebuke/Karn's Temporal Sundering GG ya digg?

All of the cards you suggested, except for Exclusion Mage (a 3 mana unsummon seems out of place here), easily could find a place in this deck. Merfolk Trickster, Dive Down, and Blink of an Eye I'll try out in this deck at some point, as I remove cards that I deem underwhelming.

Fiftyshotzlater on Estrid of the Many Faces

3 weeks ago

Well I love the card Aura Shards but atm you don't have the creatures to make it viable. If you wan it to be viable then you could add planeswalkers that create tokens such as Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, or Elspeth, Knight-Errant (the second one would be a great include to give all your enchantments indestructible!). I would consider removing Propaganda and Ghostly Prison for Dueling Grounds and Silent Arbiter. Personally I feel you only need to run either Exploration or Burgeoning, really depends on the number of opponents you have but this may be just a personal choice so you could remove one of those for something. With Estrid I can see why cards like Dawn's Reflection, Market Festival, Fertile Ground, Overgrowth, Song of the Dryads, Urban Burgeoning, and Verdant Haven would be appealing but I still feel like they aren't the greatest of options. I would consider swapping them out for some better options like Mirari's Wake, Rhystic Study, and Sylvan Library. I ran Oath of Jace for a while in my planeswalker build but unless you can really recur its etb effect the scrying wasn't as helpful as I though it would be. Instead some walkers like Venser, the Sojourner, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage are great walkers with great ultimates that can completely ruin opponents. Also maybe consider Dovin Bann. Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Nissa, Vital Force, Garruk Wildspeaker (if you decide to keep the enchantments which give extra mana this guy would work well)

Unless you wanna go for a full stax build you could remove Stasis, Winter Orb, Static Orb and Eidolon of Rhetoric. Even Authority of the Consuls isn't the best include you could have here.

TL:DR Remove:
Stasis, Stasis Orb, Winter Orb, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Exploration/Burgeoning, Dawn's Reflection , Market Festival, Fertile Ground, Overgrowth, Song of the Dryads, Urban Burgeoning, Verdant Haven * ( at least 2 or three of these), Authority of the Consuls, Clever Impersonator, Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, Oath of Jace, Herald of the Pantheon, Heroic Intervention, Monastery Siege, Seal of Cleansing

Add: Cyclonic Rift, Sylvan Library, Mirari's Wake, Rhystic Study, Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Venser, the Sojourner, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Peacekeeper, Silent Arbiter, Dovin Bann, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Nissa, Vital Force, Garruk Wildspeaker, Dueling Grounds, Austere Command, Teferi's Protection, River's Rebuke, Inexorable Tide

These are some suggestions I would give for add ins and remove some might think differently from me on this so it would be nice to see others opinions :) If you want other suggestions I would be happy to give them to you!

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