Prosperous Pirates


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Prosperous Pirates

Creature — Human Pirate

When Prosperous Pirates enters the battlefield, create two colorless Treasure artifact tokens with "t, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

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Prosperous Pirates Discussion

Burger_1987 on Naru Infinite Storm

1 month ago

stensiagamekeeper thanks for the feedback :)

Saheeli's Artistry definitely is cool and I agree it'll put on quite the show. I've been looking at some other brawl decks and majority of them do seem quite aggro. SO to make Saheeli's Artistry good I need to find other ways to slow down the game until I have the mana I need. Sailor of Means and Prosperous Pirates may help with the ramp and take a hit to the chin to help Saheeli's Artistry succeed.

I dig your recommendation with Expel from Orazca, and you make quite the Compelling Argument of including Compelling Argument.

I'm open for suggestions, I'm gonna play test as much suggestions as I can :)

TotallyHaywire on Indomitable Wins

1 month ago

Hey PikaSir

I've had an indomitable deck for the last 10 weeks, Mardu Creativity, and it's been fairly competitive, taking 1st place at Store Championship this past weekend, winning FNMs, getting top 16 at a PPTQ which is not the best, but not too bad for how rogue it is. I started with the deck using - Ghalta, Primal Hunger- Samut, Voice of Dissent- Goring Ceratops

Then I switched Samut for regisaur alpha , because that gave me extra damage and all the creatures I was bringing out were dinos anyway.

Now I run- Panharmonicon- Marionette Master- Prosperous Pirates

They enter, Prosperous Pirates makes 4 treasures of the panharm, you sac them to a double-fabricated Marionette Master for 28 lifeloss at instant speed. This combo works better for me simply because it avoids messy combat phases where you can get Settled or whatever.

My deck uses a lot more creature tokens than yours, but I still believe the Marionette Combo is stronger, especially since you're bound to have excess treasure lying around wherever.

I would suggest Trove of Temptation because it's such a strong treasure generator with the combo, and can get out of control.

The other thing is if you draw your wincons, you have no way to win. For my deck, I at least have a swarm of creatures that can be pumped with Shefet Dunes, and casting Cut / Ribbons from graveyard for X=their life can also work when I have enough treasures.

Sorry if I spent more time "advertising" my deck, I'm very tired. My point is, your version is very linear, and while the control and scry help you with consistency, you can lose the game simply by topdecking one of your 3 creatures, which there is a slightly over 50% chance of doing before turn 6.

Whether you change the deck color archetype doesn't matter as much as adding in backup win conditions. Riddleform can be ruthless, but keep in mind dies to pushes and whatnot. Maybe add in some strong lategame burn like Jaya's Immolating Inferno (once Dominaria drops of course). That's just my 2 cents, sorry for any rambling/ patronizing.

Argy on Control the Treasure-Control

3 months ago

Sideboarded like this.


3x Costly Plunder
2x Gleaming Barrier
2x Prosperous Pirates
3x Sailor of Means

All Creatures removed due to the fact that Flame-Chained is efficient with Creature removal, and this will leave their hand full of useless cards.


3x Duress
2x Heartless Pillage
2x Lost Legacy
3x Sorcerous Spyglass

This deck won, again with Mechanised Production.

Sorcerous Spyglass was useful to shut down Angrath, the Flame-Chained.

Another thing with Metalspinner's Puzzleknot is it can be used to activate Revolt on Fatal Push, without any negative consequences.

xhuggels on Control the Treasure-Control

3 months ago

Hey there, got your message. So first up, i think you need more CA mechanics. You have great cycling ability with Opt and treasure map , but they dont actually do anything in terms of CA. Opt only replaces itself, it doesn't actually draw you an additional card. treasure map can work once you flip it, but you need to spend your treasures to use the CA you get from it.(This is important, and ill get back to it)

Second up, i dont think you have enough creatures to play Pitiless Plunderer effectively, so id take it out.

Third up, i think Spell Swindle is a great card, but only if you use treasures to cast it(Again, important, ill get back to it)

fourthly, Ruthless Knave is great, but again, not enough creatures to actually get treasures out of it consistently. if it does so, its by luck. It does help you CA though, but you need to use treasures to make that happen(Same theme)

So you see, to play the control version of the treasure deck you really need freedom to use your treasures when needed. What this means is that you will never...ever have 8-10 treasures on the field, so i think Revel in Riches and Mechanized Production will always be dead cards in this deck.

Torment of Hailfire doesnt need to have tons of treasures to do damage or even be lethal, and Marionette Master only needs 5 for lethal in addition to being a large body. Alternatively you can play her small to stall the board while you setup a bigger Torment of Hailfire. These are your win-cons i think.

There is a more creature heavy treasure deck with the play-set of Ruthless Knave ,Pitiless Plunderer, Gleaming Barrier and dire fleet hoarder where you can get up to 4 treasures from sacking a creature, and in that deck 8-10 treasures isnt a funny thing to see, but for this deck i dont think Revel in Riches or Mechanized Production works at all.

Prosperous Pirates also only really do a lot if played above curve paying for it with treasures, or in a really lategame environment, but because of that i think its viable here for its toughness. Sailor of Means is also solid, as is Gleaming Barrier.Id drop the plunderer and MC for something that helps your CA.Secrets of the Golden City may be an option as treasures will help you get ascend. Search for azcanta is also an option if you wanna add some $ to it. With the number of instants/sorceries you run primal amulet might even also work if you have room to drop it.If you feel naked with less than 10 creatures you could add 1 more of either Gleaming Barrier or Sailor of Means as well.

Lastly, i love the Marionette Master/Tezzeret the Schemer combo. Those two cards work so well together. He gives her a means to deal direct damage, he can buff her to the point where you only need 2-3 treasures to deal lethal, and that isnt even talking about his ultimate.

w33m4n on Treasure for everybody, well not really... just me

3 months ago

I'd recommend using Gleaming Barrier over Wily Goblin for an early game option. It'll slow them down more giving you more time to setup and counter the early plays also it's not double red so it a guaranteed to come out turn 2 on. Instead of Deadeye Plunderers , Spell Swindle , Prosperous Pirates , or even another Contract Killing will do you more good than the Deadeye Plunderers.(his lack of evasion is very saddening, they shoulda made like a pay 4 give him flying instead of treasures).

I will say I like your use of Release the Gremlins a very different route than expected. Another option if you'd entertain it could be Cut / Ribbons for Ribbons. Decent early removal and late game direct loss of life payout if you don't hit Marionette Master or Torment of Hailfire. (it usually catches people of guard hiding in the graveyard.

If you want any other idea feel free to look at my treasure deck.

Treasure Production Control

Standard* w33m4n

SCORE: 152 | 258 COMMENTS | 24867 VIEWS | IN 70 FOLDERS

ZVCKK on Purple Pirates seaking their destiny

4 months ago

My first question in an effort to help would be:What is your budget?Because that will drastically change what cards can be included in your deck.You are knew, so you probably don't want to spend all that much...but I assume nothing.Personally I like the challenge of a dirt cheap deck and work towards a cap of$25 USD.However most people in the MTG community consider anything below $100 "budget".

My second question is what do you want the deck to "do".Some decks work off of a specific card combo or mechanic - yours does not - which is fineBut you can still be more specific than red/blue pirates

Red can involve aggressive creatures, handy buffs or burn damageBlue can work around countering, bouncing, pacifying, tapping. and those are just forms of control.

Looking at your deck, you have a large number of cards getting you treasure-mana, but not a whole lot that uses all of that mana.

I would recommend removing Prosperous Pirates Sailor of Means Pirate's Prize

Get rid of Siren Lookout and find more Storm Fleet Aerialist

Get rid of Unknown Shores and instead use R/U lands such as Swiftwater Cliffs

consider replacing Swashbuckling with something like Madcap Skills or Hammerhand - madcap is a personal favorite, hammer hand gives you haste if you still want haste.

Sure Strike is good, but chances are you could do the same thing with a Shockthat is: killing the creature and leaving your's alive in a combat scenario.

3 mana is not worth having +2/+1 in my opinion. Probably don't bother with an equipment and go for an enchantment. or a buff instantthey are obviously less permanent and flexible, but they will do more damage/ give more power.

lastly I would suggest that you look for some blue instants. Because you don't have any really.Depending on what you want to do, either go for something like Claustrophobia so that you have a way of dealing with an opponent's 10/10, because your deck currently cant handle big creatures.

or go for a counter card. I know you have the siren for countering, but it can be targeted and killed. Counter-instants are a lot harder to deal with.

Keep in mind that I have a specific style of deck that I usually default toI tend to build aggressive decks.You may not want something of this style.That is something you will discover as you get more into mtg.

Blo on First ever MTG deck by ...

4 months ago

So requirements:
- Blue/Red/X splash
- Pirate themed deck
- Standard legal

Then there's some stuff to consider. Looking at your deck you have a lot of singles instead of a playset (4), which would increase the deck stability a lot. This is due to the nature of you being new, which is no problem at all. With the deck you currently have, you lack focus. As far as pirate decks go, you could consider pure aggro, a tempo based deck or a more midrange controlling deck. (see spoiler)
Aggro (aggresive) tends to curve out arround 4, with the majority of your cards being less than 4 mana. Decks such as Ramunap red are a prime example of it.
Tempo is an aggresive deck, but looking to bounce/kill/counter any impactfull plays of the opponent, and push damage through since you have a board and they don't.
A more controlling deck would run more higher drops and more counters or things such as River's Rebuke, Hour of Devastation and a few beaters with impact such as Torrential Gearhulk. As far as investment goes, I think control would cost you the most, and you'd be better of adding a bunch of black cards to the deck. So, I will continue with some more aggresive tips.

Some general tips though:
- Try to increase your copies per card and reduce the ammount of different cards.
- You don't really need copies of Unknown Shores, your mana base is good without it. The other land, Unclaimed Territory is great though, and you should try to get 4 in a tribal deck.
- Cards like Spirebluff Canal or even Highland Lake will improve your mana base, and running 4 tap lands won't hurt your deck most of the time. It's worth considering.
- Lookout's Dispersal is a good counter in pirates. It should cost 2 mana most of the time and is a hard counter most of the time.
- Hostage Taker is probably worth splashing for as you continue to play.
- Dreamcaller Siren probably has a place in your deck and isn't too expensive. You can use it to push through damage or tap their creatures before they attack. Either way, great tempo.
- Cards like Abrade serve multiple purposes and are great to sideboard in when you need it, or even play mainboard. - You need some removal. Fiery Cannonade will only hit their board and is great versus vampires or merfolk most of the time. Lightning Strike is just solid.
- Captivating Crew is also great in the sideboard, and a fun card to play.

Aggresive tips:
- Angrath's Marauders as fun as it may be, won't have a place in an aggresive version of the deck. The same holds true for cards such as Prosperous Pirates or Pirate's Prize.
- The raid mechanic is great! since you're attacking often and early you will almost always enable raid to gain benefit. This means that cards such as Chart a Course will outperform Pirate's Prize and Storm Fleet Aerialist will outperform Prosperous Pirates
- cards like Daring Saboteur are great, they are aggresive, can be unblockable and can draw you the cards you need in that match up.
- Warsail Marauder, Storm Fleet Sprinter and Marauding Looter are possible inclusions. The first one is great and very good in any aggresive deck. The last one gives you extra card filtering, to draw what you need.

So rather than giving you suggestions and make your deck, I gave some possibilities and hopefully you will enjoy the search to a more cohesive deck. Deckbuilding is something I enjoy a lot, so I dislike giving a decklist to copy ;).
Good luck and welcome to the game!

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jellowsmurf on

4 months ago

Navigator's Ruin is kind of pointless to run in a control shell. Also, if you're staying mono blue I would just embrace the control and drop Sailor of Means. Like use Spell Swindle if you really have your heart set on ramping in blue lol.

Alternatively I guess Prosperous Pirates could help if you don't hit all your Sailor of Means's. Depths of Desire could tempo your opponent, and Pirate's Prize could draw you into your pieces. All are on curve and help you ramp. If you were feeling real froggy you could try and play Baral, Chief of Compliance. He'd be a lightning rod, but it may draw the hate out so the giant fish doesn't get it later.

Winds of Rebuke could save you in the early game, Aether Meltdown as well but it doesn't have the mill theme. River's Rebuke could save you in the mid-late.

I also wouldn't even bother with Opt.. it doesn't dig very far.. Supreme Will would probably be better and it pulls double duty cuz it could be a pretty solid counter spell. Glimmer of Genius is the all time digger still tho. Search for Azcanta  Flip I guess would be pretty nice at the lower drops.

How has this deck done at FNM or wherever?

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