Kitesail Freebooter


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Kitesail Freebooter

Creature — Human Pirate


When Kitesail Freebooter enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. Exile that card until Kitesail Freebooter leaves the battlefield.

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Kitesail Freebooter Discussion

multimedia on Mono-B Midrange

1 day ago

Hey, I suggest streamlining your deck a little more so you can draw the early game cards more consistently.

Consider 4x Duress, 4x Kitesail Freebooter and 4x Dread Shade. These are the cards that you want in the early game. Turn one Duress or turn two Freebooter lets you see what's in your opponent's hand and take removal that can kill Shade. If you can protect Shade this way it can win you the game alone. If it lives the turn after it's played you technically don't have to play any other cards until your opponent kills it because you can use your mana to pump it each turn and do a lot of damage. It's efficiency is one reason it's going to be such a good card. For three mana pump it becomes a 6/6, that's very good.

Because of Shade's mana requirements each turn you want to be pumping it I suggest playing more lower CC cards than higher ones. This way you can pump Shade for the turn and then have mana left over for a removal spell. Attacking with a 6/6 Shade each turn and leaving up mana for Blood Fast or removal for your opponent's creature plays seems like a winning strategy for mono-black. In fact consider ending the mana curve at four drops: Contempt and Chupacabra main deck and Gonti, Lord of Luxury and Josu in the sideboard?

Supernatural Stamina also seems like a good card with Shade. More ways to protect Shade or get it back when it dies I think is the direction to go.

Good luck with your deck.

calvin.baube on Freebooty Tribal

1 week ago

Blaze_Unicycle Yeah I've definitely been having a few problems. My only issue with going down Kitesail Freebooter is that I feel like I need more interaction. In order to actually WIN with this deck I need to draw into a freebooter. Usually whenever I manage to land one, the game is practically over. I do like the addition of Unclaimed Territory, especially in a mono-black deck. Thanks for the suggestions!

Blaze_Unicycle on Freebooty Tribal

1 week ago

I have done a few matches with this deck, and I think the mana base is a little bit messed up. I would suggest maybe x58 Swamp and x2 Kitesail Freebooter. This would prevent people from getting mana screwed so much. For your sideboard I would suggest a few copies of Unclaimed Territory for that extra tribal feel.

FlabbyAbs on Exploration Vegetation

1 week ago

torimino - Thanks for the suggestions to improve on the G/B build. I updated my list I was running from that old one you commented on. I think that was over a couple months old.

Largely I just copied your shell and splashed black for Snake and SB options. I absolutely love Liliana here. So many times it just ends games with a set up board state. Not sure what SB cards I need in my diverse meta.

I saw your latest Simic version and it's nice. :) I think Jadelight is an auto 4x and Hadana looks like it is that alternate wincon I was hoping to get out of black. Of course, Snake allows better bodies early but Hadana is a powerhouse alongside Nissa and SB options.

I'd like to test your Simic build when I have a chance. Right now I'm really eager to see Llanowar Elves in the meta. Thus making these builds strictly better.

I'll look at Kitesail Freebooter over some copies of Duress maybe. I don't like excluding any creatures after game 2 and maybe Freebooter could replace something.

Duke.Fleed on white/black tap

2 weeks ago

Cool looking deck. Something I noticed is that, while you have a lot of control of creatures, you have very little besides Silence to stop someone from killing you with a combo on their turn. I love this style of deck though, people call it "death and taxes" because all your effects tax them and then you beat them to death with your dudes.

I have a couple of suggestions for cards you might add to better help you against decks that don't rely on creatures: Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is a great way to slow down your opponents when they are trying to combo off. Also, her counterpart, Thalia, Heretic Cathar will slow down their lands, giving you a good chance to establish control. Tidehollow Sculler and Kitesail Freebooter are both great ways to take combo pieces out of your opponent's hand before they can even get there. And finally, the best gotcha card Mana Tithe, because no one expects the white counterspell.

torimino on Exploration Vegetation

2 weeks ago

Nice! I also toyed with a G/B version of this deck. How does the Deadeye Tracker play? It's great that he's a mainboard answer to The Scarab God, God-Pharoah's Gift, and Torrential Gearhulk. I ultimately focused my deck heavily on dig cards to assemble the Path of Discovery+Animation Module combo.

I would also consider Kitesail Freebooter, probably as a board card. A coincidental flying body is nice to pump with Path of Discovery and Rishkar, Peema Renegade. Then again, maybe the Duress makes more sense.

Also, since you're so creature heavy, consider Lifecrafter's Bestiary as a 1x.

+1. See my latest Simic version here

Argy on Snatchin' your people up

2 weeks ago

"Help me Argy-won, you're my only hope"

I have looked at decks like this before.

As you have identified, they don't fare well against Aggro, as they take too long to get up and running in comparison - the game is over before their pieces come together, or Control, as there aren't enough Opponent Creatures for them to grab.

We played around with Kitesail Freebooter in Ahoy, Me Hearties! and ended up replacing it with Duress. It is too easy to just kill it, and get back the card it stole. With Duress the card is gone forever.

The way forward here, I believe, is more Creatures to give you time to play your snatching cards, and to let more things die to buff Yahenni, Undying Partisan, which I believe you should have a full playset of. At least three copies.

Early stuff like Earthshaker Khenra would be the way to go. Things you are willing to trade for Opponent Creatures.

Here are some cards you could think about including:

I would also think about Glint-Sleeve Siphoner for early draw, or maybe even Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, which has worked for me. Your draw is happening far too late with Treasure Map  Flip.

Most people have one Arch of Orazca in their deck, these days.

I know that is a LOT to think about. Tag me in these Comments if you want to discuss things a bit more.

Argy on Pirates of Quick Death

3 weeks ago

I would lose the 3x Lathnu Hellion, which are really only good in Limited decks, for 3x Hazoret the Fervent.

Hazoret really puts the pressure on your Opponent to finish things off, in this kind of deck.

2x Evolving Wilds could be replaced with 2x Canyon Slough.

I know you are probably using them to trigger Revolt on Fatal Push, but it's nicer to be able to tap a land for either colour you need, especially with Scrapheap Scrounger in the mix, and to have the option of Draw in the late game.

You always have Bomat Courier or Fanatical Firebrand you can sac to trigger Revolt.

I've played with Kitesail Freebooter, and Duress is so much better. Since you already have Duress in your Sideboard I would replace Kitesail Freebooter with 2x Lost Legacy, which will be the only way you can deal with Enchantments.

You are probably aware that Abrade is a strictly better version of Shatter.

I'm not a huge fan of Blood Sun. Did you realise that it makes all your Opponent's Cycle lands enter untapped?

I think you might be better using Field of Ruin to deal with things like Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin.

Finally, I would swap 2x Swamp for 2x Ifnir Deadlands. Maybe even 3.

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