Spawning Pit


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Uncommon

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Spawning Pit


Sacrifice a creature: Put a charge counter on Spawning Pit.

(1), Remove two charge counters from Spawning Pit: Put a 2/2 Spawn artifact creature token into play.

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Spawning Pit Discussion

lithium142 on Can Vizier of Remedies make ...

6 days ago

the answer is yes.

this card works almost exactly like Melira, Sylvok Outcast with persist creatures. so if you have Murderous Redcap, or Kitchen Finks along with a sac outlet like say Spawning Pit. the result would be either infinite damage or infinite life respectively.

Abres_Tenelles on Breya's comeback game

3 weeks ago

Like the deck idea!

Many artifacts double as creatures. One way to expand the theme could with more cards that care about creatures dying, such as Dictate of Erebos, Black Market and Deathbringer Thoctar. All still trigger, even if you get the card back.

A few more cards to help get those creatures back Victimize, Oversold Cemetery, Phyrexian Reclamation and Haunted Crossroads.

Finally some nice little extra sacrifice effects could be tasty too. Stronghold Assassin, Viscera Seer, Spawning Pit, Ashnod's Altar

Vedalken Engineer could also help as another artifact mana source.

hoardofnotions on Claw of the Red Dragon Tribe

1 month ago

How has howling mine worked for you? I know card draw is slim in mono but giving cards to your opponents seems iffy. Maybe try out an Outpost Siege? Kinda risky if you hit a dragon you can't cast, but still good card draw.

Maybe add a Mind Stone, so you can crack it after ramping? maybe take out thought vessel, how many times do you need no max hand size? With that in mind, maybe replace reliquary tower for a mountain as well. get more bonuses with mana doublers and valakut.

A different sacrifice outlet could be Spawning Pit, maybe swap out the gargadon?

how has dictate of the twin gods worked out? If you like the card maybe a cheaper version in Furnace of Rath could be good?

Tolis on

1 month ago

enpc thank you very much for your isnight. I added some of the cards you suggested and will be testing out. For the ones that you find to be somehow off, are there any other budget options you would suggest? Maybe Field of Souls, Spawning Pit or even Hornet Queen for extra tokens to sacrifice?

lagotripha on SOUL CAT (opinions please)

2 months ago

In this 'stall to combo' style deck, I'd cut the Genesis Chamber. Most cards you're running aren't going to let you successfully swarm an opponent down with 1/1 tokens, (unless discard spells are the only spells in your meta) another lifegain creature or spell would let you stall better even then in almost all cases. I'd consider cutting them for another two kitchen finks and a sac outlet like Spawning Pit or Blasting Station to enable the anafenza/thune sac combo.

Alternatively Blessed Alliance provides a powerful, versatile scaling spell to help survive until you can combo. Hope this helps, Good luck and happy brewing!

lagotripha on Sacontrol

2 months ago

If you were running more vamps I'd reccomend Blade of the Bloodchief in concert with Call the Bloodline and Indulgent Aristocrat- it provides a lot of growing lifelink theats, stalling out a lot of midrange decks. Pawn of Ulamog is also worth a look. Sideboard though I've found Mind Slash to be a superb sacrifice outlet and lategame hand control. Its difficult to remove once they're topdecking, deals with a lot of later game threats and keeps ticking over against control- with a zombie on the board and gravecrawler it just empties their hand. Spawning Pit is another interesting one, but artifacts are still sideboarded heavily against wherever I go. I have this big list of goodstuff if you want to look Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox.

qaczek on It That Is Infinite The First

2 months ago

To be honest I don't see any benefits from Spawning Pit here. Infinite combo that is no win condition is not the point here. But removing one colour and changing win condition from Impact Tremors and Wild Cantor to Grinding Station and Myr Retriever is really good idea.

About manabase: I preffer fetchalnds. Effect same, mana I need on the next turn and a one card less in the deck, few % higher chance on perfect drow.

Foundry Inspector and Etherium Sculptor there is no point in making myrs cheaper, Heartless Summoning is needed to sacrifice them and makes them free. True that Spawning Pit and lowing costs can do same effect, but is far easier to get infinite effect with one card than with three.

Im still not sure about number of lands in deck and holy deay as a little survival balance tho.

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