Warkite Marauder


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Warkite Marauder

Creature — Human Pirate


Whenever Warsail Marauder attacks, target creature defending player controls loses all abilities and has base power and toughness 0/1 until end of turn.

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Warkite Marauder Discussion

multimedia on Izzet Tempo

3 days ago

Hey, have you considered cutting red to make the deck cheaper?

Other than Arclight and Factor (which you want to cut both anyways to reduce deck price) I don't see a need for red if you want to play tempo. Mono blue can be a cheap Standard tempo deck ($50-60 total) that can win. It includes cards: Exclusion Mage, Tempest Djinn, Merfolk Trickster, Wizard's Retort, Siren Stormtamer, Warkite Marauder, Curious Obsession, Nightveil Sprite, Chart a Course, Unexplained Disappearance, Dive Down, Opt, Essence Scatter, etc. Mono blue means you don't have to pay $70+ for a manabase (Shocks and Checks) which is the number one problem right now in Standard for budget two color decks.

Good luck with your deck.

MrReynard on The Crew of the Black Pearl: Dimir Piracy [GRN]

4 days ago

Thanks liljramos88, and cool list you have there! I am wondering if you could fit Warkite Marauder in... it is a great aggro flying pirate!

As for my deck, 17 creatures should work ok I think, though I must admit to not being able to have played an actual game of magic with this deck yet lol. The idea is to grind out with this deck, control the game so I can find a way to smack face with Thief of Sanity a few times and generate value over a longer game to overwhelm. Also, hostage taker will often count as two creature cards when I leave a blue up with a stormtamer out, and is played this way ideally on turn 5. (Otherwise this situation draws out two removals from the opponent which Im fine with because it buys time and opportunity for doom whisperer to stick.)

wryguy87 on U/B - Pirates of Ravnica (GRN Standard)

5 days ago

As for Warkite Marauder, I've definitely been thinking about it!

Warkite is an option but when I was making this deck I decided that Fathom Fleet Captain and Dire Fleet Poisoner was a way more dangerous combination. The Captain's ability to create tokens is my ideal win condition and usually my opponent is really focused on killing it off with dual blockers. Against something like Green Stompy, there's a good chance my Captain will eventually be blocked and not even manage to kill something in the trade.

Dire Fleet Poisoner gives Fathom Fleet Captain the chance to create a 2/2 Menace Token AND kill two creatures at the same time with death touch. It makes the Captain way more intimidating than it already is. Plus, the Poisoner is really versatile since I can surprise flash it in on my opponent's turn as a blocker or just bring it in on their turn to avoid summoning sickness.

As for Becket Brass, she's definitely always in the back of my mind but I'm not ambitious enough to try a 3 color formula quite yet. Thanks for all your thoughts.

I actually may decide to swap out at least one Kitesail Freebooter with a Warkite Marauder. Time will tell.

MrReynard on U/B - Pirates of Ravnica (GRN Standard)

5 days ago

Also what do you think of Warkite Marauder enabling some decent attacks?

BlaineTog on Can't Touch This -- $11 Mono-Blue Unblockable

3 weeks ago


That could work, but Warkite Marauder would be strictly better (and it's only $1 a copy, too, so it wouldn't explode the budget or anything). I've found Daring Saboteur to be really good but you do sometimes have to hold off on attacking with it for a turn or two. Marauder would be a more aggressive choice; I specifically avoided including flyers in this deck so we could still attack through other decks with flyers, but Marauder is kinda ok against those decks as well since it can turn enemy flyers off.

That said, now that we have the full GRN spoilers, I've started coming to the conclusion that this deck may need to be back-burnered for now. Losing Slither Blade and Unsummon is a big deal and we don't have great replacements coming from GRN. As such, switching over to full Flyers is probably just the way to go, as Favorable Winds and Tempest Djinn are amazing payoffs for that deck and you aren't quite so dependent on small tempo plays. Something like:

4x Siren Stormtamer

4x Artificer's Assistant

4x Warkite Marauder

4x Storm Fleet Aerialist

3x Nightveil Sprite

4x Tempest Djinn

4x Favorable Winds

4x Lookout's Dispersal

3x Unexplained Disappearance

4x Chart a Course

22x Island

That's just off the cuff, of course, but a deck like that would probably just play better overall.

fettywapmtg on Monoblue Midrange *rotation proof*

1 month ago

Appreciate the input, and I agree the artifact theme is a chore to jam in here, but doing these playtests I gotta say I'm liking a lot of these hands. Sai, Master Thopterist, while not shining his brightest, is still basically just a Pia Nalaar and seems to be worth running 2 copies. There's also a Historic theme here so a legendary 3 drop creature is good here. If you take a step back and look at the decklist, you will find a playset of 3 of the best creature cards with flying blue has to offer, and a bunch of 2x legendary spells. I feel like you're describing a more aggro/control approach, which is certainly worth exploring, but I'm really trying to find a home for some of these power cards here that need a nice glue to meld into a cohesive deck. The ideal hand looks something like:

Turn 1: Siren Stormtamer

Turn 2: Warkite Marauder/Favorable Winds/Lookout's Dispersal ect.

Turn 3: Tempest Djinn/Sai, Master Thopterist

Turn 4: Karn, Scion of Urza/Traxos, Scourge of Kroog/Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp

Turn 5: Tezzeret, Artifice Master (BOOM)

Turn 6: River's Rebuke/Karn's Temporal Sundering GG ya digg?

All of the cards you suggested, except for Exclusion Mage (a 3 mana unsummon seems out of place here), easily could find a place in this deck. Merfolk Trickster, Dive Down, and Blink of an Eye I'll try out in this deck at some point, as I remove cards that I deem underwhelming.

driule on MONO BLUE - Fly over!

2 months ago

Murphy77 I've played a lot with this deck, so I completely disagree about Walking Ballista - this is must have in this deck, reasons are:

  • great combo with Warkite Marauder;
  • about 1/4 games are won by finishing opponent lifes with it;
  • great mana sinker.

Nimble Obstructionist is used in sideboard, because it is relatively mana expensive card.

3x Favorable Winds would be way too much (tried in practice), it slows down deck, especially against many removals it is not worth to play it all (and many removals against me is usually the case)

Curious Obsession is vulnerable, I agree with that, but I gamble with it and many times it helped me a lot. I try to defend that creature with Siren Stormtamer and dive down

I consider main deck competetive enough, but sideboard must be improved with Sentinel Totem, Entrancing Melody and Admiral's Order

maydaymayes on The Brazen Coalition

2 months ago

So I'm not sure what I would take out, but I think Warkite Marauder is just such a good card in pirate aggro decks, that it feels wrong not to include.

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