Martyr's Bond


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Martyr's Bond


Whenever Martyr's Bond or another nonland permanent you control is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, each opponent sacrifices a permanent that shares a card type with it.

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Martyr's Bond Discussion

imSandstorm on Edgar, Dead and Loving It

1 month ago

I play something pretty similar in here, but I have Dictate of Erebos / Martyr's Bond in to clear other people's creatures by sac'ing my tokens. Also hilarious when people are forced to sac their mana rocks when I pop Expedition Map or something similar.

Faded on Athreos, sacrifice and endure.

1 month ago

With all your sacrificing Dictate of Erebos, Grave Pact & Martyr's Bond would work well.

Firegriff on Help Beating Muldrotha Stax

2 months ago

One card I have not seen mentioned,which Muldrotha hates and can be your Commander: Anafenza, the Foremost. Often overlooked, you can go two routes with her in charge. The first is the one I use, probably not the stronger option. Build up an army boosted by +1/+1 counters that add abilities to your creatures. The second, just plain evil option, is Anafenza mill/go ahead and kill my creatures option. Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, Butcher of Malakir, Trepanation Blade, Keening Stone, Balustrade Spy, Destroy the Evidence, Martyr's Bond and the like make Muldrotha's plan painful to execute.

Doctorlobo89 on Karlov Lifegain

3 months ago

This deck feels like it can get out of hand fast if left unattended, the fact that there is coalescence in the synergy of the deck is more fearsome.

But if you want a more sacrifice theme then I suggest Ashnod's Altar, Black Market, Attrition, Martyr's Bond, Disciple of Griselbrand. Those would be the basics and added effect of sacrificing creatures.

Nordlys on Teysa’s Tokens

3 months ago

Creating and sacrificing that many tokens is a must for cards like Dictate of Erebos and gravepact . And I can see you are playing Martyr's Bond and Butcher of Malakir , which are both more expensive, so I see no reason why the two black enchantments are out of your deck. I guess it ain't a budget reason either, since you are playing cards as expensive as Land Tax and Exquisite Blood (which seems to be a bit off the strategy).

ibstudent2200 on

4 months ago

Griffin Protector and Healer of the Pride aren't the greatest of ways to exploit Ghave in my opinion.

Dreampod Druid seems inconsistent with only 3 auras.

Cathars' Crusade > Valor in Akros.

Utopia Mycon is quite possibly the best 'Thallid' ever printed.

Deathreap Ritual is a very solid draw engine with Ghave.

Young Wolf, Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, and Corpsejack Menace all play into making Ghave's loop more effective.

Earthcraft is pricy, but the effect is absurd. Glare of Subdual and Cryptolith Rite worse, but they're both amazing with sufficient tokens.

Retribution of the Ancients and Attrition both act as repeatable removal.

Martyr's Bond is an expanded Grave Pact. It's good.

Blah blah blah, Skullclamp is broken blah blah blah

I'd check your color balance. You're skewed very much towards green, but that isn't as reflected in your mana base. I'd also suggest Blighted Woodland and Oran-Rief, the Vastwood.

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Anti-Board Wipe Cards

5 months ago

Wrap in Vigor is a great addition, thanks!

Also, with regards to Temur Sabertooth, is it worth adding cards that can return multiple of your creatures to your hand for this list? I personally don't think those are good enough, but I'd love to you hear your opinion.

Note to self: add Karmic Justice and consider Martyr's Bond.

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