Chromeshell Crab

Chromeshell Crab

Creature — Crab Beast

Morph [[symbol:4] *(You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for . Turn it face up any time for its morph cost.)

When Chromeshell Crab is turned face up, you may exchange control of target creature you control and target creature an opponent controls.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare
Legions (LGN) Rare

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Format Legality
Noble Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

Chromeshell Crab occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Chromeshell Crab Discussion

Phroggy1 on Mono-Blue Burn + Your Stuff is Mine

6 months ago

Peer Pressure seems pretty situational at best and pretty bad at worst. Umbral Mantle is a strict upgrade to help with your twiddle combo. unless you play against a lot of mono red Blue Elemental Blast is terrible, red being the worst color in the format that ele blast will whiff a lot i would run something more like these as budget replacements Overwhelming Denial or Narset's Reversal Foil Tale's End Spell Pierce <--- all decent budget counters, narset's reversal and tale's end have a lot of extra uses. Serendib Sorcerer seems ok, but not sure it fits with the rest of your theme. Chromeshell Crab seems a bit overcosted here for this effect and anyone that play against this deck will know in no time what that morph is as you only have 2 morph creatures in the deck and you would likely never play the alchemist face down.

bigbeefytaco on who gets the "enter the ...

11 months ago

opponent has Chromeshell Crab face down. It is my turn. I play Ravenous Chupacabra , It enters the battlefield. My opponent flips Chromeshell Crab face up targeting his Chromeshell Crab and my Ravenous Chupacabra exchanging control of cards. do I get the enter the battlefield effect of ravenous chupacbra or does my opponent steal the effect with the card.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Commander 2019 early hopes and ...

1 year ago

I am a fan of the mechanic focused theme this year. I think all of the chosen mechanics were great/interesting choices as well.

Who else is super excited for Morph? My Quicksilver Dragon , Chromeshell Crab , and Ixidron will finally have a home! I have toyed around with decks using that mechanic for years, but they always lacked enough support to prevent the deck from being clunky.

Hopefully it will be Temur, but I'd settle for Simic. I think a cool ability for the new morph lord would be a reverse Ixidor, Reality Sculptor where you can activate him/her to turn a morph creature face down again.

Also, I wouldn't worry about mechanic specific cards like Dream Chisel or Catalyst Stone . Those cards are so unique/niche. WotC would be crazy not to reprint them in decks dedicated to their respective mechanics...though I have been wrong before.

McToters on You work here now! Chihiro Pillowfort Sen Triplets

1 year ago

How about Chromeshell Crab ? Fits for flavor. Plus you can tell people you’re giving them CRABS! Lol. There’s also Geth, Lord of the Vault . Not sure how much those help.

Kogarashi on If someone took possession of ...

1 year ago

Chromeshell Crab 's ability is a control-changing effect. When a player leaves the game, one of the things that happens is that all effects that give that player control over objects end, which would include the one from the Crab. At that point, control of your Apocalypse Hydra would revert to whoever controlled it prior to the Crab's control-changing effect, in this case you.

If they had somehow put the Hydra on the battlefield directly under their control (not a control-changing effect), it would be exiled when they leave the game.

The Hydra would only go to your graveyard if it was somehow killed or sacrificed during all of this.

Nuubi on If someone took possession of ...

1 year ago

So the scenario goes, someone played a Chromeshell Crab face down and morphed it, taking control of my Apocalypse Hydra . The turn came back around to me. I drew an Insurrection tapped out and played it. So, I took possession of everything, proceeded to swing with everything but a blocker. I took out the opponent that took control of my apocalypse hydra and one other opponent. We were playing commander so I still had one opponent left. The question is since I took out the player who took possession of my hydra, would I regain control of it or would it go to the grave yard?

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