Sultai Emissary


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Common
Promo Set Common

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Sultai Emissary

Creature — Zombie Warrior

When Sultai Emissary dies, manifest the top card of your library. (Put that card onto the battlefield face down as a 2/2 creature. Turn it face up at any time for its mana cost if it's a creature card.)

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Sultai Emissary Discussion

Whiskerbro on B/W Tokens

3 months ago

Hi! Deck looks pretty sweet overall, but I have a few suggestions:

  1. I'd cut maybe just a tad more token generation for some mainboard removal, maybe try out Disfigure or mainboard Journey to Nowhere

  2. I think there are better options than Doomed Dissenter, for instance Sultai Emissary, which is normally strictly better, ignoring Triplicate Spirits interactions. I think Doomed Traveler is quite a bit better as well.

mozz on Black Aristocrats

4 months ago

Hi ektoe253,

Thanks for the constructive comment! I haven't played much the deck after constructing it, so it definitely needs refinement. Let me give you mostly the thoughts besides my choices:

  • Butcher Ghoul and Sultai Emissary are my sacrifice fodder. To a lesser extent that's true for Perilous Myr and Undying Evil too. So I can't agree with all your suggestions for replacements at the same time. I consider the Mortician Beetle to be the weakest card as it is very time sensitive.
  • Diabolic Edict vs other removal - I guess you have a point here. Murder, Bone Splinters or Tragic Slip should be the best as they are much more reliable ...
  • My thought of not including Chainer's Edict was that the deck is mostly aggro and I am never reaching the flashback mana. Actually this is the other reason to be running mono black over splash for other colors - to be more aggressive.

Could you give me a link to this podcast - it sounds interesting!

TotsPlay on (B/G) Feed. Me.

5 months ago

Marcus, I really like that deck, I am probably going to replace Sultai Emissary with Brindle Shoat because it gives you a three three, even though it is expensive.

NensouHiebara on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death | TL Aggro/Reanimator

9 months ago


Phyrexian Rager - Not as good as the other card draw sources. It's a one-shot effect, whereas Mentor of the Meek is an engine.

Ophiomancer - Since 3CMC is the format's limit, I like my 3-drops to either be heavy hitters or have strong supportive effects. A simple 2/2 making a single 1/1 token with deathtouch doesn't accomplish much in comparison to other creatures for the same 3 mana.

Magus of the Moon - This card kills my mana base. I have cards that require and in their costs. My two Plains and Swamps wouldn't be enough to circumvent such a downside.

Sultai Emissary - Too risky. I don't like the idea of manifesting a removal spell or one of my enchantments.

Pain Seer - I prefer the extra toughness and the ability to "turn off" the life loss over Dark Confidant.

Samuel-Frederick on Overrunning Zombies

9 months ago

Hey there, you have to love zombies right! Here are a few suggestion to have a think about.

There are loads of sweet zombies out there, and because you have the ability to play some nice one and two mana cards, I feel that playing Dark Ritual is a bit of a waste. The advantage it gives you isn't worth the card advantage. However, I don't know your meta of course, and if it does let you overrun them, then that's fair enough! Either way, here are some zombies I like that may be worth a peek at;

Diregraf Ghoul of course! It isn't Gravecrawler by any means, but playing them alongside each other makes it almost certain that you'll get an aggressive turn one play down.

Not the best card, but if you end up running more multi colour guys, then Grixis Grimblade isn't too bad. He's a 3/2 deathtouch for two, he's solid, and he gets no play, so he's certainly not expected.

Zombies, as with most aggro decks (especially tribal), are vulnerable to removal. You already have creatures that come back, and that take advantage of the dead, but there is always more that can be done! Let's make these zombies impossible for control to deal with! First off, Spiteful Returned. May not look that exciting to start off, but he does a really good amount of damage. His strength of course is when he is bestowed, as it means your opponent will have to kill him twice, and his bestow is only four mana, it's a bargain! Next is another card that doesn't look exciting, Sultai Emissary. He'll get boosted by your lords, he'll be a zombie in the yard when he dies, and he'll put a 2/2 onto the field. If that card is a creature, then that's extra bonus, either way, he takes two removal spells to kill. Geralf's Messenger is of course one of the all stars, but he is a little greedy when it comes to the mana... Awesome though! Ghoulraiser is much less exciting, but draws you a card as he enters, and counts towards your zombie count, and is boosted by lords. If you wanted to drop the blue to tidy the mana, you can run Cemetery Reaper instead of the Captain, another way to reanimate guys from the grave. Or, stick with the blue and maybe throw in Prized Amalgam as he's going to keep coming back as well. Finally, Undying Evil is awesome, one mana save a guy and make him bigger!

You could go down the route of keeping your graveyard nice and tidy, changing out cards that want zombies in there, and change them for those that clean and take advantage of it. So Cemetery Reaper is a card that cleans the yard, and it works well with Risen Executioner as he is then cheaper to keep bringing back. They work well with Gravecrawler as well as he gets himself out the yard. Stitched Drake, and Relentless Skaabs are really awesome, clean the yard, and pack one hell of a punch as well. Or, if you really wanted to go bit, Skaab Ruinator is huge, allows the Executioner to always come back cheap, is three mana, and can be cast from the graveyard himself. Or if you want to cast them from the yard, then Havengul Lich is the guy to do it!

Or you could go mono black to take advantage of the Gray Merchant of Asphodel. You want those black pips, so cards like Stromgald Crusader, Sangrophage, Lifebane Zombie (who is obviously awesome against Green and White decks!), the Messenger is obvious the king of black pips. For four mana, he isn't a zombie, but he's all sorts of crazy worth it, Phyrexian Obliterator... I mean, who made that guy, he's so powerful and awesome, and he adds 4 to your devotion for the Merchant!

Just a few directions the deck could go in, and some suggestions of cards that I like and think you may enjoy. Give them a go, some of them might surprise you.

RaveSage on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death | TL Aggro/Reanimator

9 months ago

Love the list! Can I get your thoughts on...

Phyrexian Rager - More immediate card advantage without mana investment (Mentor of the Meek)

Ophiomancer - Drops a solid "defensive" creature if left unchecked.

Magus of the Moon - You're already very resilient to the effect, why not see if your opponent is too? :)

Sultai Emissary - Virtual card advantage in the form of free 2/2s. Potential blowouts if you rip a creature off it.

If he's not in for budget reasons I understand but I would play Dark Confidant over Pain Seer.

NewHorizons on Kill_my_own_guys.dec

9 months ago

I've gotten my list to where I like it and I'm ready to order it and begin actual playtesting with other people at my lgs.

Meanwhile I was thinking about some interesting additions.

Whisperwood Elemental - This guy can give a lot of value by giving consistent fodder for Varolz every turn. Also, manifested creatures count as nontokens for all of our whenever a nontoken creature dies effects. His second ability can also get a lot of value from a living death or wake the dead turn as well as just being general insurance against boardwipe.

Sultai Emissary - just the manifest part of whisperwood really.

Skullwinder - a decent add just because our graveyard will likely have something in it before anyone else's and we can get it back. Nice political piece too.

Ill-Gotten Gains - Similar to Mindslicer but arguably better for this deck for the reason that our graveyard is the most likely to have stuff in it in the beginning of the game. Potentially really mean.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed - Considering most of our creatures are non-creatures this guy is pretty decent. Works well with Cauldron of Souls too.

Samuel-Frederick on My Only Zombie

9 months ago

Hey there. For me, the first thing to look at is tightening the deck up. Any deck that has all 1 and 2 ofs is a deck that doesn't have a great deal of focus. Do you want a deck that is fast off the ground and applies pressure, and then makes a load of tokens in the mid-late game? Or did you want something slower? At the moment the deck is fighting against itself. It runs Diregraf Ghoul which is an aggressive one drop, but also runs Grave Betrayal for seven mana, which is loads.

If you want to play more aggressively and make tokens, there are some really nice and very cheap zombie cards out there, I'll send some suggestions your way and see what you think.

Quest for the Gravelord is a nice one drop, pop it down, let your deck do what it does, and it won't be long before you get your 5/5. In very aggressive builds I like Carnophage, but as this build may be a bit slower, he might just cost you too much life. Another one drop you can run is Slitherhead. He isn't great, but he is one mana and boosts a guy after he dies. and if you run 4x Endless Ranks of the Dead then you want to have a whole bunch of zombies down if you can.

Because you want zombies on the field, your deck can be vulnerable to removal, so it's nice to have some creatures that have some sort of protection. For two mana there is Butcher Ghoul who comes back, Spiteful Returned who enters when the creature he bestows dies, and Sultai Emissary who manifests when he dies. All super cheap cards, as well as being fun and interesting as well.

For three mana Unbreathing Horde is awesome, so I'd run more than one if you can. Another guy that packs a hell of a punch is Diregraf Colossus and Liliana's Elite. Or if you want to get rid of them from your graveyard, then Corpseweft lets you keep getting zombies back.

If you want to take to the skies, then Stitched Drake is really strong. A 3/4 flyer for 3 is amazing value. If you want to go even more bold, then you can run Skaab Ruinator. If you are playing a graveyard sort of feel, then Undead Servant can be really good value, and gives you guys for your Endless Ranks as well.

A big guy with protection is Relentless Skaabs. I love this guy, he's huge, and he comes back! Awesome!

If you want things in the graveyard then make sure you have cards that will do it. Cards such as Screeching Skaab, Thought Scour, and Geralf's Mindcrusher are only a few suggestions for you.

Anyway, there are just a few ideas to have a look at.

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