4 color enchantments which has been my baby, but has now been a proxy for a couple years so probably needs work (maybe a little too much card draw now with all the enchantresses, needs more creature interaction. Basically folds to anyone just forcing some sort of combo asap) but also won't get fixed until new cards come out that the deck wants, which is fairly rare nowadays with sagas existing. Goal used to be play enchantments, draw cards, lab man someone. Then it became wheel of fortune Narset peoples hands away. Its final form is semi-wheel but focus on trying to secretly mill a bunch of enchantments and then reanimate them, draw off of them, and hope the right ones get in play to win. Maybe someone we get a more adequate commander, but right now Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis fit the theme I am going to try making it hard for you to hit me, here is a 2/8 to make it harder.


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