Collected Company

Collected Company


Look at the top six cards of your library. Put up to two creature cards with converted mana cost/mana value 3 or less from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Collected Company Discussion

StoryArcher on Damned Elves!

2 days ago


Thank you for taking the time to come over and check out the deck - I really do appreciate your comments. Board-wipes are a pretty common threat for Elves - this one is just the rare version that is actually capable of doing it back. If I wanted a way to defend against that, wouldn't Heroic Intervention serve better than trying to mix in a whole new color?

I never really post serious sideboards on this site, the meta varies too wildly from one place to another, BUT having said that, apart from the ever brutal Blood Moon, I specifically selected elf options as a toolbox. Sure, they might technically be inferior to many of the sideboard options that you mentioned, but on the flip side, a sideboard card you never see is worthless. By selecting elves that I can hit with off of Collected Company, Realmwalker AND tutor up with Elvish Harbinger, I'm a lot more likely to actually get the inferior option on the board than any of your more popular suggestions. Some others that I've kicked around are Essence Warden, Melira, Sylvok Outcast, Lys Alana Scarblade, Imperious Perfect and Fauna Shaman.

I know that Nettle Sentinel is a popular choice for elf decks and can be very effective, but it just doesn't work for me. If I were to work something in, it would more likely be Quirion Ranger.

Again, thanks for your comments.

StoryArcher on Modern Elves and Bonfire of …

6 days ago

RyuSama420 Yes it does... but it also has a higher mana cost, doesn't give you an additional elven body for everything to trigger off of and doesn't give you an additional source of multi-colored mana. It also dilutes your deck with non-creature spells, working against the efficiency and effectiveness of both Collected Company and Realmwalker.

Durkle on Abiding Grace Turbo Frog

2 weeks ago

I'm going to take a different stance, I like the mill crabs. At least, I like Hedron Crab, not sure about Ruin Crab. People are seriously undervaluing the self-mill I think. If you have a crab and abiding grace in hand, the crab can find you a fogger to get back, no tutor required.

I will say that I'm not a fan of the green splash. It complicates the mana base, and I doubt you need 8 copies of fog when the entire deck is build around the engine of Abiding Grace.

Also, I can't BELIEVE it hasn't been mentioned yet, but a couple copies of Proclamation of Rebirth seems like an absolute shoe-in, especially with the self-mill.

All that said, I have a spicy idea I want to throw out, concerning the idea of other win cons: I think you can foray this into a super interesting take on UW Spirits. Kami of False Hope and Skyclave Apparition are both already spirits. Mausoleum Wanderer plays VERY nicely with Abiding Grace, and is just a solid card overall. From there, thrown in Rattlechains to give your spirits flash, Supreme Phantom as a lord, Drogskol Captain as another lord + protection, and I think you've got the makings of a really sweet list. Spectral Sailor could be a nice one to round it out as another very solid 1 drop. Or, if you keep the green, you have access to stuff like Willow Geist and Collected Company, if you want. Probably unnecessary, but the Willow Geist is kinda neat if nothing else.

Anyway, that's just a crackpot idea. What you're working with here is already super cool.

Ouroboros_47 on Azorius Spirits - Modern

3 weeks ago

Cleric is good. You can flash it in if you have a Rattlechains or a vial on 2 and surprise your opponent which you can't do with rip. If you ever play bant spirits it can be fished out with Collected Company. If you are in a graveyard heavy local meta you can even use cleric in the mainboard and not feel too bad about it because it is a creature while still having rip in the side. I wouldn't remove rip for cleric but instead, run them together. Like have 2 rip and 1 cleric in the side and maybe 1 in the main if you want. rip is too good to remove imo.

Also, I don't recommend Kira I just think I'd rather have that than Spectral Adversary.

zapyourtumor on Wrathful Werewolves (Budget)

1 month ago

I definitely second Defied's suggestions. Werewolf Pack Leader is a very strong card advantage engine which would give the deck the late game gas it needs. Lightning Bolt is premier red removal -- definitely a 4 of since there are no werewolves with removal stapled on.

Collected Company would be amazing here, given how many sub 3 cmc creatures you have. Although they're pricey, I'd fit in as many as your budget allows. For cuts, I think Moonmist and Arlinn would be the best ones.

Omniscience_is_life on

1 month ago

I have exactly zero experience with Pioneer, but I like what you're doing here from a commander perspective!

Since I have such little knowledge of the format, you ought to take all my suggestions with several grains of salt; but here's what I've got:

I wonder if Fleecemane Lion is worthy of a playset--would a Kargan Intimidator (can give Pelt Collector trample!), or Adorned Pouncer (also a cat lol, and works well w/Ghor-Clan Rampager) be a worthy replacement?

Speaking of Ghor-Clan Rampager (albeit the first mention was parenthetical, but surely it counts!), I don't love it as a 4-of--so much mana, even if it can be activated for cheaper. A few Collected Company could reeeaally help give this deck some gas, and that seems like it would take the same slot given mana cost.

Glad to see people playing non-commander formats, it can get a little stale with just that sometimes ;3

VVriter47 on Valinor

1 month ago

I would replace Sylvan Anthem and Imperious Perfect with a playset of Elvish Clancaller. Imperious Perfect is too slow and Sylvan Anthem isn't a creature (can't be grabbed by Collected Company, doesn't help Elvish Archdruid, etc.). Clancaller is also a mana-sink that fetches copies of itself, which is great.

Sylvarion on Valinor

1 month ago

Balaam__ Do you think that Rite of Harmony or Collected Company would work better in this? I'm having a tough time deciding.

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