This is a gimmicky deck designed to be easy to pilot for newer players, or for players who want to not think and play big monster. The deck is heavily themed around playing many lands, generating a lot of mana, and playing big ass monsters.

Creature tutors are intentionally left out, since whoever is playing the deck likely will not know what they are tutoring for. This should help speed up the decision making process, and thus the game. This is especially important since a lot of time spent on your turn will likely be spent shuffling after fetching a forest.

Infinite combos, "easy" win-conditions, and other major cheesy cards are excluded to keep the deck simpler and more focused around turning big creatures sideways.

There's also no dorks because dorks are not big.

Also Torpor Orb since it does not hit this deck very hard. Use it to help prevent many common removal effects, infinite combos, etc.


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