Creature — Beast

Mutate (If you cast this spell for its mutate cost, put it ontop or underneath target non-Human creature you own. They mutate into the creature that is on top and that creature has all the abilities of every card that is underneath it.)

Reach, trample

Whenever this creature mutates, destroy target artifact or enchantment an opponent controls.

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Gemrazer Discussion

wallisface on Lighting-fast Mono-Green Infect

4 weeks ago

StoryArcher Infect lists i’ve seen generally haven’t had issues running 2-3 colours, so unless you’re doing it for budget reasons, i’d strongly suggest running more than 1 colour.

I notice you suggest Karn's Bastion as a reason to go one colour - imo that card doesn't provide nearly-enough upside to justify running it in place of additional colours.

Gemrazer will turn one of your infect lads into a 4/4 trample-infect lad, and so has multiple uses as sideboard-tech.

StoryArcher on Lighting-fast Mono-Green Infect

4 weeks ago


The point of going mono-green is to straight streamline the mana.

Gemrazer looks very interesting - I'm not familiar with the card... does it work the way it seems like it works?

wallisface on Lighting-fast Mono-Green Infect

4 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

cyeRunner on BG Infect

1 month ago

Welcome to the Infect-Team :)

The Deck that top 8'd was targeting certain matchups anticipated at the event as you can see in the sideboard, so maybe you might not do as well with the list at your local meta:
7x Graveyard-hate, 7x Artifact- & Entchantment-hate in the Sideboard against Hammertime, Affinity, Amulet Titan and Chalice of the Void with 1 Counter. Ashiok, Dream Render is also good against Titan, but there is no Creature Removal and Lifegain against Burn is missing.

Abrupt Decay vs. Assassin's Trophy: Giving your Opponnent a land-card is currently a huge disadvantage so I would not play too many Trophy's or only in certain Matchups. Decay is a good card, it hits most of the stuff you need to hit, including Wrenn and Six, but excluding Urza's Saga which leads us to ..

Gemrazer! This card has some big advantages over other Disenchant-Effects. Sideboard cards can sometimes be "dead draws", meaning the situation you brought them in has not occoured, so the sideboard card is useless in your hand. Gemrazer can still be played as a Rancor-like effect: "Give your Creatures +3/+3 and trample" for 3 mana is quite good even if you don't use the "Destroy artifact or enchantment"-effect. If you get both you 2for1 your opponent. Also it hits Urza's Saga. Even in the worst case it's a 4-Mana 4/4.

For removal Fatal Push is currently sufficient in my opinion, but I recommend having a sideboard removal-card against bigger creatures like Murktide Regent, Serra's Emissary or Archon of Cruelty.

Generally speaking about Thoughtseize: the obvious reason to run it is to disrupt your opponents hand, but the not so obvious reason is that you are more likely to have something to do on turn 1. 8x 1-drops (Hierarchs and G-Elf) are sometimes not enough to consistently draw one in your opening 7 cards. There were times before Ignoble Hierarch where UG-Infect would run a single Birds of Paradise for more consistent draws. If you have a lot of burn/aggro decks in your local meta swap it for Inquisition of Kozilek.

Phyrexian Crusader is currently a powerhouse since most removal is red or white in the current meta. You are right: Blighted Agent is a lot better than Plague Stinger with a lot of fliers flying around, but the 3 color manabase is just superhard to play.

My prefered budget Replacement for Endurance is Nihil Spellbomb since it can draw you cards. (The effect even triggers if your opponent wants to destroy it)

I am playing BG Infect for ~2,5 years now, if you are interested here is my list: Nobody expects the Kozileks Inqusition - BG Infect

ClockworkSwordfish on Ferocious Four Pack (Budget)

2 months ago

This looks like a really good, solid kitchen table-type deck! It's always nice to see more of those types of casual superstars.

One choice that stands out to me, however, is Warden of the Chained... he seems like a reasonable "underpriced creature with a drawback," but it's actually quite easy to do better in . The best example is perhaps Gruul Spellbreaker, who can be the same size and mana cost but has some other abilities, too, without the drawback. In my experience, the card is dirt cheap, so budget is no worry!

One other option you might want to consider is having a way to deal with noncreature permanents. It would be shut down by something like Sphere of Safety or Call to the Grave. I think one of the most efficient budget options is Hull Breach, though you might also like the incidental damage from something like Cindervines or Destructive Revelry. Ancient Grudge is also super efficient if you're more worried about artifacts in particular. If you'd rather handle it on the creature side of things, Sunder Shaman and Gemrazer are both solid options!

Surgesyndicate on There's a BOLO on Volo (Simic Smogashbord)

4 months ago

Mutate is fantastic with Volo! Always guarantees a triple trigger. I definitely wanted to include a few, but nothing in my current collection was worth running. Gemrazer would be a good replacement for Rec Sage, thinking of adding that blue bird that steals artifacts as well.

wallisface on BG infect @SpielBar

5 months ago

I would have thought you could run less lands when half your deck is 1cmc (and you have Ignoble Hierarch to help you out in addition to this). Personally I think you could get away with 16, or perhaps even less, lands (note that would mean you'd probably want to swap-out the Gemrazer in your sideboard).

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