Vines of Vastwood

Vines of Vastwood


Kicker {{G}} (You may pay an additional {{G}} as you cast this spell.)

Target creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control this turn. If Vines of Vastwood was kicked, that creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn.

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Vines of Vastwood Discussion

Samothrace on Halana & Alena - Stomping Ground (v0.7)

1 week ago

I have a mono-green deck that cares a lot about commander protection. Here are some of the cards in Green that I've left in, though certainly not all of them are worth a slot here. Anyways, hope this helps:  Alpha Authority  Ranger's Guile  Sheltering Word  Stonewood Invocation  Vines of Vastwood  Alpha Authority Canopy Cover  Molting Skin  Snake Umbra  Archetype of Endurance

iRidetheTvan on Obliterate (Golgari Ambush Ramp)

1 month ago

Some random suggestions:

-Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to make casting big scary man easier.

-Mwonvuli Beast Tracker to find your big scary man (I know you have Grim Tutor but instead of losing three life you now have a 2/1 blocker)

-Vines of Vastwood for possible veil substitute

-Scavenging Ooze to eat up all the sacrifice

-Deadly Allure could be fun?

bryanedds on Double Dragon

1 month ago

Vines of Vastwood seems potentially interesting here. It could even protect equipping of Boots / Greaves!

Spisepinden on The Projects: Budget Urban Development

1 month ago

It's a damn shame this deck can't run Liquimetal Coating :P I love the theme!

As others have stated, the plan hinges on a fragile creature. Having Vines of Vastwood or Apostle's Blessing can be helpful, but if your Myr gets killed, it might be useful to have something like Evolution Charm to bring it back from the graveyard. You're probably not going to use the flying mode often, but being able to search for a land in a pinch is a great secondary option to keep it from being a completely dead card. The instant speed is nice as well.

Beyond that, a card like Nullmage Advocate might be a useful way to keep the land destruction going without relying on draws all the time. The cards you return to your opponent's hand won't matter since they have no mana to cast them, meaning they'll likely end back in the graveyard at your opponent's end step. And even if you're returning lands, the Advocate will happily flatten them over and over again, at no card disadvantage to you.

Other sources of destruction could come in the shape of Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and Conclave Naturalists, though the former might be a bit too slow while I could see the latter competing a bit with the Siege Wurm and Tangle Golem. There's something to be said about card destruction on legs, though.

Card drawing options are a bit far fetched for green, but if you're really desperate, Bonder's Ornament and Arcane Spyglass are probably your best options in case the game goes long.

On a final, sort of side-tangent note, even though I know the deck is mono green and almost certainly benefits from being able to ramp with a single color, I still feel that it would be a shame to not at least mention a card like Sanctum Gargoyle.

Happy deck brewing!

Balaam__ on The Projects: Budget Urban Development

1 month ago

Thanks Altoman. I’m still relatively new to Pauper as a format, so I’m in the process of learning the cardpool. You’re right about the fragility of the key card, of course, and I’m glad you pointed out Apostle's Blessing—I always forget that’s a common. Vines of Vastwood is great too, and I’ll add both to the Maybeboard until I determine how to adjust the maindeck. The deck performs reasonably well as is, owing to the breathing room gained by interfering with the opponent’s mana base, but I agree that if there’s an effective way to protect the core strategy then that’s the best course of action.

I will definitely consider replacing Siege Wurm with Tangle Golem (never saw that before, that’s a new card for me!). I haven’t had much issue ramping up to the wurm’s cmc, but the golem appears to be an all around improvement. Fading sounds kind of sketchy so I’ll pass on Blastoderm.

Many thanks for the overview, you’ve given me a lot of great suggestions here!

Altoman on The Projects: Budget Urban Development

1 month ago

What a nice deck. I love it. However I think it might be a little fragile. You rely heavily on a 1/1 and you don't have a way to remove anything that the opponent placed on the board.

You are tapping most of your creatures so you won't be able to use convoke from Siege Wurm. I suggest replacing it with Blastoderm or Tangle Golem or maybe go wild with Ulamog's Crusher. :P

A 1/1 is fragile. You have a pretty low mana curve and you are using mana creatures so you don't need 20 forest. I would remove 4 of them to add Vines of Vastwood and/or Apostle's Blessing.

RDWDTR on [Modern] Mono Green Stompy 2021

2 months ago

I've been playing more or less the full version of this deck for over a month now (minus the Peatlands). I was shocked how big of a difference Noble Hierarch made. The Exalted trigger is great and I run 1-2 fewer lands than this shell, so the mana dorking is much appreciated. I don't bother with the 1-of Experiment One (even after having its purpose explained to me lol) and instead I mainboard a single copy of The Great Henge. It's unlikely you'll draw it in most games, but all the pump spells make it trivially easy to cast and your opponent is screwed if they don't have an answer. Even if you use all your mana to cast it, it gives you back GG which is awesome.

The other differences I've made are all pretty trivial. Compared to this list, I run +1 Rancor, -1 Vines of Vastwood. My sideboard is different but that's metagame dependent anyway.

I'm a firm believer at this point that Treetop Village SUCKS. I've never had a game where I was happy to draw it, but I've sure had plenty of games where a plain ol Forest would've probably ensured the W. I'd like to find a more suitable manland.

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