Deck Goal

Brudiclad is an interesting take on a token commander, dipping into the typically slice of the pie, but with a nice twist. The idea is straightforward enough - make and amass a variety of tokens, then use Brudiclad to transform the board.

Swap in consideration

Currently trying to find a slot for Splinter Twin. I had previously subbed out Reef Worm for it, but play-tested the deck on 10-11-21 without Splinter Twin to some fun success. I think Reef Worm has earned its spot in the deck, so I will look elsewhere for a potential cut.

For this deck, I'm counting Treasure tokens more so as an opportunity for mana acceleration. Depending on board state and tokens available, there are times when it may be more beneficial to transform a stash of Treasures into a token copy of Hellrider for instance.

For this reason, I'm counting Treasure production as a slightly different category of overall token production, since it has a bit more situational flexibility to "ramp" or become a board of creatures for beats.



This is another deck that benefits greatly from making Træsures. Although they aren't a primary sub-theme here like in Prosper, they do have some cool flexibility depending on the established board state & flow of the game.

I typically categorize Removal as any effect that destroys, exiles, or causes forced sacrifice of permanents. I generally think of Interaction as any effect that protects and prevents interaction with my board state, or prevents opponents from fully utilizing their own resources to their fullest capacity or scheduling.



Repeatable draw is nice if possible.

The main combo ingredients in this deck are Combat Celebrant + An effect that makes a token copy of a creature + Brudiclad's effect. This combo results in loop of infinite combat steps, permitting the tokens survive through combat or don't get Fog'd.

Combos of combos:

Similarly, the following creatures are all ideal targets for copy effects to turn into a board of tokens into an army of self-antheming beat down lords:


Updates Add

Played my first game with Brudiclad tonight and had a blast. Played a three person pod with a couple of friends. They played Neyith of the Dire Hunt and Krav, the Unredeemed//Regna, the Redeemer.

Overall the game was pretty quickly paced, and we all took turns trading blows. Krav/Regna was steadily gaining life and stabilizing with the help of Whip of Erebos and Soul's Attendant. I had Rite of the Raging Storm which helped a bit in throwing damage around.

I consistently hit my land drops and was able to play Brudiclad on curve, with a board consisting of 3/3 fish token from Reef Worm that I had Skullclamp'd a turn or so prior, a Lightning Rager token, a Wall of Blood token my Faerie Artisans copied from Krav/Regna's board, and a 2/1 Myr token from Brudiclad. All of these tokens were turned into the 3/3 Fish token from Reef Worm, and I swung out at Krav/Regna. All 4 fish survived the swing at Krav/Regna since they had a life total of about 70 at this point.

The turn after Brudiclad hit the board, I resolved a Brass's Bounty, with 8 lands on board. I Skullclamp'ed my Lightning Rager token to draw into Shared Animosity and Krenko, Mob Boss. I used my last two untapped lands and one of the treasure tokens to cast a Shared Animosity. I moved to combat and turned the 7 Treasures and 1 Brudiclad Myr token into the 3/3 Fish Tokens. I immediately brought my army of 12 brolic Fish tokens, which all had a +12/+0 buff at Krav/Regna, essentially drowning them in sashimi.

The turn after this aquatic deluge, Neyith dropped a Ravager Wurm to Fight and blow up my Brudiclad. I got my own copy of Ravager Wurm from Faerie Artisans, and had it fight the OG Ravager Wurm. At this point, Neyith was the only creature on that side of the board, and they didn't draw into any other removal. It was GGs from there.

Very happy with Brudiclad's first game. Was a pretty wacky back and forth up until the explosive Brass's Bounty turn. I think this game wouldn't have been as explosive for Brudiclad in a full pod of 4, with another player's worth of potential answers and removal on the board.


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+1 Bloodforged Battle-Axe maybe
+1 Captain's Claws maybe
+1 Genesis Chamber maybe
+1 Hate Mirage maybe
+1 Mana Drain maybe
+1 Mechanized Production maybe
+1 Replicating Ring maybe