Masterful Replication

Masterful Replication


Choose one —

  • Create two 3/3 colourless Golem artifact creature tokens.
  • Choose target artifact you control. Each other artifact you control becomes a copy of that artifact until end of turn.

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Masterful Replication Discussion

KBK7101 on Compleat Repeat

2 days ago

Very cool! New Phyrexian legends really interest me and this list has a similar gameplan to the Urza deck I'm currently working on. Some highlights from that deck that I'd recommend are Rise and Shine, The Antiquities War, Masterful Replication and Sakashima's Will. Rise and Shine dumps lots of +1/+1 counters on your artifacts and animates them, while the other three imitate Brudiclad by changing things into other things on a board wide scale.

My biggest recommendation is Academy Manufactor, though. It triples your treasure output!

thefastestdrifter on $5 Infinity Stones

6 months ago

What would be some upgrades for the deck if I wanted to spend a couple of extra dollars? Also, would Masterful Replication be a good fit for this deck? Thanks :)

marco-piatti on "Fair" Urza win cons

1 year ago

Hi everyone, i want to build a "fair" urza build which in my opinion basically means: no stax and no infinite combos. I would like to know some suggestions about the possible win cons i could add to the deck (i'm on a budget so no >10$ cards). The ones that i had in mind were:

1) Construct army thanks to: Masterful Replication, Deadeye Navigator (without infinite mana i can't go infinite with constructs), Panharmonicon, Conjurer's Closet, Mirrormade, Karn, Scion of Urza and Mechanized Production

2) Token army: Efficient Construction, Thopter Spy Network, Sai, Master Thopterist, Genesis Chamber+Myr Battlesphere, The Antiquities War and Mirrodin Besieged

3) Mechanized Production or Mirrodin Besieged direct win condition

4) cast many spells with low cmc + Aetherflux Reservoir

If you have any other ideas for win cons it would be great.

ShadowAblaze on Shard Assembler

1 year ago

Mechanized Production is faaar better than Clever Impersonator considering your goal for this deck...

Anyways, I suggest that you remove the temples because they enter tapped and it isn't that good to lose a potential play. A different land you could play would be Spire of Industry which is helpful for getting your colors as well.

If you want something else to sink mana into, Whir of Invention can get another shard or assembler at instant speed.

This deck appears to have a mana ramp more than a mana curve. Merchant's Dockhand is a creature that can be late game deck searching. Terrarion is a decent 1 drop that fixes mana and draws a card on the way out. Scrabbling Claws is more of a sideboard card but it is still worth thinking about.

If used with the dockhand stated above, Chief Engineer can help cast 2 shards or the like by turn 3.

Masterful Replication is kind of insane as an instant because you can untap, cast this, and potentially win with Mechanized Production. If you want a creature to win Metalwork Colossus can be a big beater.

Here is a short list of cards to consider: Padeem, Consul of Innovation is protection and card draw. Mystic Forge is another way to generate card advantage. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer is a short term copier but she also can make a token army. Emry, Lurker of the Loch is good for recursion.

This was a lot but I hope you found it insightful. Regardless, I like the deck +1!

Phantomias on One man’s "magic" is another man’s engineering

1 year ago

Thanks IQuarent!

Heat Shimmer looks good and I haven't heard of it so far.

I swapped Stolen Identity for Saheeli's Artistry (which I totally overlooked and forgot), guess in many cases it's more flexible an thus better.

About Masterful Replication I am not sure...feels a bit expensive and I wouldn't know what to throw out for it.

I also changed Throne of Empires for Goblin Assault, because it may have a delay in first instance, but can come in earlier and is cheaper in long sight I guess.

Rite of Replication was already in my Maybeboard ;) If I have some spare-money I will definitely get it!

IQuarent on One man’s "magic" is another man’s engineering

1 year ago

Heat Shimmer could be considered because you can create copies of opponent's creatures, too.

Masterful Replication is also good because it's second mode is a backup to Brudiclad if you don't have him in play for some reason, and if you do have him in play, you can choose the first instead.

Rite of Replication and Saheeli's Artistry are also both auto-includes in Brudiclad, in my humble opinion.

Poly_raptor on "fair" win conditions in casual …

1 year ago

I was the same, my friends play very casual decks and I’m definitely outlined as the combo player anyway. I was given an Urza for my birthday. I said I was thinking about just putting him in a deck and my friends said, “no you need to build an Urza deck with Urza”, so I did, with infinite mana combos and all, and told them what it was like and they were fine with it, they just target me a bit more when I use it because they know it can win out of nowhere.

I would suggest just talking to them about it. My friends are happy to play against mine, because it’s fun for me, and then after we play a different game and I won’t use it.

A good “fun card” I used was Masterful Replication and turned all the artifacts into copies of the Construct token

hobolegs on Saheeli

1 year ago

Think you had mentioned that you already have Cascade Bluffs on the way, and Spire of Industry was a possibility we talked about, and you might want to consider Castle Vantress . I think now is about the time that you'll want to start honing in on what you want the deck to have a focus on; given the push for eldrazi and X spells, I think you could drop Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer and Thopter Engineer . I'd personally cut Reverse Engineer , Saheeli's Artistry , and Masterful Replication and start looking into more payoffs for Saheeli's +1. You may want to consider one or two of the following for casting on other people's turns to avoid as much trouble on your own turn: Shimmer Myr , Vedalken Orrery , and/or Leyline of Anticipation ; these will also play well into Unwinding Clock . I think Palladium Myr is droppable given if it doesn't have haste it's functionally a Worn Powerstone , and Pristine Talisman , Prismatic Lens , and Izzet Locket can be pretty underwhelming. Blue Sun's Zenith and Expansion / Explosion are draw spells that use Saheeli's ability as a payoff, and BSZ will shuffle back in. If you want more draw, Slate of Ancestry is good if you find yourself with a lot of creatures, Tower of Fortunes if you end up with a lot of extra mana to spend, and Loreseeker's Stone if you find yourself empty-handed most of the time.

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