Faerie Artisans

Faerie Artisans

Creature — Faerie Artificer

Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, create a token that's a copy of that creature except it's an artifact in addition to its other types. Then exile all other tokens created with Faerie Artisans.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

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Faerie Artisans Discussion

Sultai_Sir on Best Creatures to Copy?

3 months ago

I'm building a Riku of Two Reflections deck with a subtheme of Brudiclad madness, and I was wondering what creatures to copy, I've got a couple great ones on the list:

I'm looking for creatures that give you exponential value, or creatures that are just better with more of them. And please, no Biovisionaries. Thanks!

keijser on How to cause more mischief?

7 months ago

Hey, looks like a cool deck.

You've hit most of the enchantments I can think of already but I would for sure fit Darksteel Mutation in and I'm always a sucker for Necropotence.

On the theme of fae trickery you could run Puppeteer Clique which is great value and kinda graveyard hate because it exiles at end of turn. There's also Faerie Artisans that can be really tricky to play against because you will end up getting the ETB first.

Paying some respect to the classic combination of ninjas and faeries you could also consider Fallen Shinobi which with all the evasive creatures you get will have no trouble getting in and if you get to return say a spellstutter sprite then it's just filthy.

foxtrot_101 on Outta' Control, Spellslinger edition.

8 months ago

I would suggest picking up a Talisman of Creativity, and an arcane signet and maybe run a few more mana rocks, as in my experience with Brudiclad, getting mana rocks is critical or you fall behind because he's 6 cmc. you may want to also add some duals like Sulfur Falls or Steam Vents to fix your mana outside of rocks. Molten Birth is a surprisingly good card in this deck. at worst you make a couple tokens, at best you can cast it again. Might I also suggest Tamiyo's Journal? from my experience, this card is an absolute power house. I've found that Saheeli, Sublime Artificer works wonders in a deck like this. Idol of Oblivion is also amazing in this deck as it gives you card draw and allows you to close out a game quickly. You also talked about using your opponents creatures to copy, so i would suggest Faerie Artisans to save you a couple copy cards. Finally, you're on the right track with making massive amounts of tokens, but you're leaving them too weak for boardwipes and to close out a game, my suggestion would be to add Wurmcoil Engine and Reef Worm wurmcoil engine allows you to close out game quick with tokens of 6/6s with deathtouch and lifelink and when a boardwipe occurs, double your tokens. Reef worm protects your tokens from 3 boardwipes and dies on the 4th boardwipe. They get large very quickly and close out games and are great chump blockers in their 0/1 stages.

WanderingSpirit on This Deck Has No Win Condition, but Yours Does

9 months ago

Ahh, I remember when Sen Triplets was popular in groups where I live. Still a heavy hitter! Might I suggest Faerie Artisans to clone your opponents' creatures and get artifact triggers, and maybe Knowledge Exploitation for some instant or sorcery fun?

ju009x on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

9 months ago

Hi Osbert!

Thanks for the tips! I have been thinking about Ghostly Flicker, do you think its better than Spellskite? or would you recommend cutting something else?

I get what your saying about the Faerie Artisans, I will keep it in the maybe board and keep an eye on the amount of ETB triggers my opponents play, if I can play magic again...

I will add Neoform, like you said Birthing Pod is amazing in this deck! As for Eldritch Evolution I think this is to expensive as I've played this in an earlier version of the deck.

Equilibrium is very good indeed, but to be honest to oppressive. I think I'll have to pass up on playing this card, just because of my history with stacks like cards in the past (and the reaction of the playgroup).

I'm thinking of adding Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Grim Tutor, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Oko, Thief of Crowns and Teferi, Master of Time. What do you think of these, and would you add them?

Thanks again for the help!!

Osbert on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

9 months ago

Your deck seems really solid! My GF has a Yarok flash deck so I'll mention some goodies you don't have already.

Ghostly Flicker is probably the most versatile flicker card because it can hit lands for more landfall triggers. It can create some really nasty loops with Eternal Witness.

Faerie Artisans is kind of sneaky good. Getting a copy of every creature your opponents play and get the ETB is nuts. Yarok even doubles up the trigger so you get two tokens! If you manage to blink Artisans you will permanently keep the tokens as well.

Birthing Pod is such a powerful card in this deck I suggest running the sorceries that mimic it as well. Neoform and Eldritch Evolution are great for turning your small early game bodies into what you need when you need it.

Equilibrium is a versatile enchantment for reusing your own ETB creatures and removal. It's kind of a "kill on sight" enchantment in our group because of how irritating turning every creature into a Man-O-War for 1 man can be.

Funny enough I don't like Tooth and Nail in here. There aren't any two creatures worth tutoring up for 10 mana here. An argument for Craterhoof & Avenger can be made but those tokens won't have haste so you already need a board presence to capitalize on it. I would much rather play lower CmC tutors to find Craterhoof and cut the clunky spell.

Recently I've been really let down my Maelstrom Pulse. It's not that it's a bad card, it's that it isn't instant speed. I've seen it do some serious work like blowing up 3 Sol Rings or clear a board of tokens so it's really hard to pull out of a deck but I've also had it in my hand while my opponent is going off and desperately wishing I could cast it on their Chulane or Guardian Project or Alhammeret's Archive, etc. I guess it's good until it burns you haha.

tenasscity on Aminatou, Value Town

11 months ago

Dreams of the Dead Parallax Wave

Also look into Faerie Artisans bounce them and keep the token. Also, where is the Conjurer's Closet ? :D

Epicurus on Your Cards Lookin Nice

11 months ago

Cool deck! Lol'd at "I ain't got no green." You do have a generous amount of mana ramp, though, so it doesn't seem like as big of a problem as all that. I hear what you're saying, though, but I'd still suggest Treachery.

And the clones aren't a bad idea either. Cloning and stealing both fit the same thematic identity. No reason to choose one over the other, so long as you have more of whichever one is a) helping you more, and b) helping you early. Also, though, Faerie Artisans is my favorite such card. And Sakashima's Student is another fun one, as is Cryptoplasm. And on the other side of the equation, Domineering Will is hella fun in multiplayer, while still valid in 1v1.

As for the untappy stuff, it's always useful to have cards that potentially can tap as well as untap. So if you're stuck with them and no Merieke, they still serve the purpose of disruption. Tideforce Elemental, Freed from the Real and Ghostly Touch are all good for that. Also, Pemmin's Aura is really a must for the deck because it can grant protection in addition to its untap ability, and Aura of Dominion is another cheaper untap card.

Finally, you do have a minor mana curve issue. For any of my suggestions, if you thought about including any of them, I'd first start looking for cuts from among anything that has a similar effect but costs more. Also, simple, single use ramp spells like Dark Ritual, Culling the Weak, High Tide and so on are fairly prevalent in blue and black. Also, Land Tax, while not budget friendly, is worth every penny when you ain't got no green, and Knight of the White Orchid is also useful in the right situations. And Arcane Signet should be an automatic add to any EDH deck, especially if it's more than 2 colors.

I know I said finally in the last paragraph, but also Swiftfoot Boots is a slightly slower but slightly better version of Lightning Greaves, and honestly you're better off with the boots than the greaves because you can target the Boss Lady with your untappy stuff without having to scoot the equipment around. Hexproof > Shroud.

Sorry that this is so damn long of a comment, but please note that I have all of these ideas because I really would like to build a deck like this as well. There's a lot of them I've seen that are full of infinite loops, and I appreciate that yours isn't. That's how I'd like to build mine too. It's not easy with Merieke, because she doesn't have haste, and she doesn't have a built in way to either untap or protect herself. I really like what you have going here, and I'm going to folder it for inspiration.


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