Dance of Many

Dance of Many


When Dance of Many enters the battlefield, put a token that's a copy of target nontoken creature onto the battlefield.

When Dance of Many leaves the battlefield, exile the token.

When the token leaves the battlefield, sacrifice Dance of Many.

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Dance of Many unless you pay .

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Dance of Many Discussion

FalconForce on Staring Contest: A List of Blink-Effect Cards

2 months ago

Nightmare Shepherd is one of the best as it adds a lot of functionality with no upfront cost and allows you to exploit sacrifice mechanics like evoke. Creating token clones with etb/ltb can easily become overpowered, especially when combined with populate. In fact I built a great ETB Roon EDH deck around it using cards like Yosei, the Morning Star, Protean Hulk and Wayfaring Temples that clone themselves. Token clone generation is amazing because it's essentially ETB blinking as a side effect. You have some cards that do it already listed under abuse but I think the mechanic is good enough and has enough viable cards that it might be worth making a new category for it.

Token clone makers

Stolen Identity Blade of Selves Mirror Mockery Zndrsplt's Judgment Repudiate / Replicate Hour of Eternity Supplant Form Dance of Many Minion Reflector Bramble Sovereign Progenitor Mimic Anointed Procession Quasiduplicate Rhys the Redeemed Back from the Brink Dual Nature Mimic Vat Rite of Replication Song of the Worldsoul Helm of the Host Doubling Season Parallel Lives Battle for Bretagard Mechanized Production Orvar, the All-Form Prototype Portal Saheeli, the Gifted Saheeli's Artistry Seance Second Harvest Soul Foundry Spitting Image Splinter Twin Replication Technique Saheeli Rai Mirror March Mirrorworks Molten Echoes Mythos of Illuna Sublime Epiphany Flamerush Rider Felhide Spiritbinder Littjara Mirrorlake God-Pharaoh's Gift Hofri Ghostforge Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Followed Footsteps Nightmare Shepherd Osgir, the Reconstructor Echo Storm Cackling Counterpart Esika's Chariot Feldon of the Third Path Flameshadow Conjuring Trickster's Talisman & of course anything with populate.

Also some other blink type cards:

Blink-Yorion, Sky Nomad Conditional bounce- Cunning Evasion ETB clone- Wall of Stolen Identity Graveyard blink- Cauldron of Souls, Twilight Shepherd, Adarkar Valkyrie ETB Abuse- Jalira, Master Polymorphist, Proteus Staff, Master Transmuter. Listing the ones that specifically clone or blink artifacts in their own group might be helpful too.

DreadKhan on Zur the Dom

3 months ago

Dance of Many is a cool card, which can duplicate the best thing out usually, which is nice. The other duplication enchantments, Copy Enchantment and Mirrormade are both useful with All That Glitters , IIRC it's about the fastest Voltron you can generate with Zur. Estrid's Invocation works nicely with Detention Sphere , allowing you to wipe a token type per turn at no cost, handy in some matchups.

Web of Inertia and Rest in Peace is a nice way to be safe from enemy attackers, and to halt anyone else trying to use their graveyard. It has no ongoing cost like Solitary Confinement , and works vs attack triggers (like an enemy Zur or Eldrazi).

I usually prefer Oubliette over Darksteel Mutation (though I run both!) because you can sac the 0/1, and it doesn't deal with auras or equipment like the Oubliette does.

iammute on Muldrotha/Gyruda

9 months ago

Dance of Many is an enchantment clone effect that could be great here. If you copy Gyruda with it you will have to sacrifice it straight away which means you can recast it every turn with Muldrotha. If you end up copying something else you can choose to sacrifice it during your upkeep and reset it every turn for the same cost.

Frontier Siege is a pet card of mine that could work here too. An extra four mana a turn is fantastic and can really turn games around.

RNR_Gaming on Muldrotha Dredge/Self Mill Budget Commander

1 year ago

He always makes it hard to follow up with the suggestion! Guess I'll have to tell you about some secret tech. Dance of Many, Ashiok, Dream Render, Narset, Parter of Veils, Aether Spellbomb, Soul-Guide Lantern and Legacy's Allure

Beroestheenvoy on Yarok, the Descrated - ETB Value/Reanimation

1 year ago

Dance of Many with Risen Reef and yarok gives you 10 triggers. Or 4 triggers of any other creature. Both really good cards in any Yarok deck. Also, Yarok, Mulldrifter and Avenger of Zendikar are elementals so they trigger Risen Reef 2 times when they enter. He might be slower than Coiling Oracle (1 generic more to play, wow) but when he is put into proper use he is 10000x better than that snake. You can go 3 mana -> Risen Reef (1 trigger) -> 5 mana next turn (if you hit a land) -> Yarok (2 triggers). You don't search for creatures directly to play from the deck, so using Necromancy is just better than using Phyrexian Delver, costs less, doesn't cost life, can be cast at instant speed and still reanimates two things but not only from your graveyard.

SpringJoe on Yarokk big love

1 year ago

LegendMainsOnly: You could definitely fit it in, although it doesn't double things like landfall triggers and things like Dance of Many, so I decided to use Spark Double instead: you can always make a copy of Yarok, the Desecrated,effectively being a better Panharmonicon or you can even copy another creature to get more etb's. Still, Panharmonicon would make a great addition, I just didn't want to abuse triggers THAt much :)

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