Words of Wisdom


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey Common

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Words of Wisdom


You draw two cards, then each other player draws a card.

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Words of Wisdom Discussion

What4joke on Mazes end

2 months ago

I'm also skeptical about Urban Evolution. The high cost and running 4 of them contributes to the slow pace of the deck. turn five you're gonna be feeling the heat and wanting to be halting damage. instead you can simulate this card on earlier turns by comboing Exploration with a low CMC helpful instant that draws cards, I thought Brainstorm(a classic) or you could go with stuff with added effect like Pressure Point(stop an attack!) or Shelter(for an invincible blocker!!) or Words of Wisdom (the list of good drawing cards is much longer than this!). besides, i feel that generally the colors of land you will have available is unpredictable so high and specific CMCs are your enemy. Just an idea since you asked what else to take out.

RamaLama on Quick...Kill The Hippo!!

3 months ago

KamiYamabushi, you could replace Wall of Vapor with Guard Gomazoa, and Temporary Truce with another draw spell, something like Words of Wisdom.

Neither work exactly the same way as the two cards you mentioned, but I don't think you lose much by the replacements.

ironvulturestudios on ironvulturestudios

3 months ago

I love the EDH format and have been exclusively playing that format for years now (before the first commander product was even released). Anyway, my playgroup plays the format a little differently. Everyone starts at 30 life and we don't play with general damage. This makes the games quick and nasty so we get a chance to play more games. We also usually play with a a "3-turn bubble" where everyone plays their first 3 turns simultaneously to speed the game up. Durning those 3 turns one cannot play any cards that would effect anyone else i.e. Words of Wisdom. Also durning the 3-turn bubble you can't attack or cast spells targeting each other etc. You are in a bubble. It's meant to get everyone quickly through the draw-a-card- and play-a-land turns of the game.

ThinkJank on Happy Hugs for Everyone!

4 months ago

I like the deck! I never knew Words of Wisdom was a card, I'll swap it in for Vision Skeins in my own group hug deck.

+1 from me!

LVL_666 on Phelddagrif and Phriends

7 months ago

I like the idea behind this deck: Lure them into your creepy van with sweet promises of a fun and friendly game, then close the door, pull a hood over their head and reveal a world of pain. I'm only vaguely familiar with super friends, only playing against it but the moment more than one planeswalker hits the board, the ruse is over. One card that thematically fits would be Questing Phelddagrif. Some cards that could be fun would be Tempt with Discovery, Swords to Plowshares, Swan Song, and Words of Wisdom to name a few. One deck I would recommend you look at would be Quick...Kill The Hippo!!. There are some friendly cards in there. Oh, and one more card: Selvala, Explorer Returned would be a great creature to have in play. I think she would definitely distract other players from your true intentions.

NewHorizons on General Mills, Inc.

9 months ago

Dream Salvage, Words of Wisdom, Visions of Beyond, Telemin Performance, Soul Manipulation.

Aight I'm done. I'll leave it to others to propose cuts haha.

miracleHat on The Tens of EDH 5: ...

1 year ago

turn 1 Forest Boreal Druid
turn 2 Forest Azusa, Lost but Seeking Forest (2x)
turn 3 Forest (2x) Tooth and Nail -> xenagod + Blightsteel Colossus

Is that hard and fast enough ramp enough for you? It does require you to go sending and somebody casting Words of Wisdom...

Thanks for all of the other comments! Did I not mention that some of these points are contradictory?

Kasres on Deck Erasure

1 year ago

I ran Turbofog in pauper for a little bit, and I honestly found Counterspell to be a dead card almost every game. I'd sideboard them at most (for your control match ups, where you can ditch some fogs). I also ran a 3-colour variant using white exclusively for Dawn Charm because it also stops some burn so it's a fog and a counterspell in one card. I only ran 2 plains to accommodate the 4 copies and used some fetchlands (Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds) to get them out.
Also, turbo fog sets the pace for your opponent, so you can go as slow as you'd like. You don't need to use cards like Tome Scour which are fairly weak. I'd ditch those, the Divination, and the Think Twice copies, and likely the Curse of the Bloody Tome for some more fogs (I think I was close to 20 for safety), more lands (24, I'll explain in a second), and using Vision Skeins and Words of Wisdom for draw, as they accelerate you while milling your opponent (because their cards are meaningless)
The 24 lands is super useful, even on a low average CMC, because you need to see your lands, if you don't you're pretty much not going to be a loss to any countermagic or burn. Also, I ran a singleton Oona's Grace for when I hit 6 lands (which is where I felt safest). Once it's cast it just gives your lands cycling for 3. Great to dig for a little while when you didn't have a more powerful dig.
Those are just some suggestions from someone who's played (and loved) Turbofog, but the deck is fairly resilient, so you can do well with almost any style. Though the only thing I will say is really needed is a way to gain life or protect yourself against burn. Circle of Protection: Red is my go-to, but if you want to stay 2 colour, Quiet Disrepair on anything (even your own Jace's Erasures) can keep you alive

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