Choked Estuary


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Choked Estuary


As Choked Estuary enters the battlefield, you may reveal an Island or Swamp card from your hand. If you don't Choked Estuary enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Choked Estuary Discussion

JeppeFugl on Etherium by Tezzeret - UB Improvise Control

17 hours ago

irishmoosetard: The Mechanized Production was an alternative win-con that could target Prophetic Prism for value :) Heart of Kiran could maybe work as a sideboard card. Not feeling it as an mainboard card. I dont want artifacts that can get removed.

Galactic_Legend Thanks for the constructive comment :) I tinker a lot with the deck atm before FNM. I didn't really expect all these views and up-votes. It's mainly for my own play testing, so sorry if I confuse a lot of people with a lot of changes :)

So I recently changed the deck and took out Ornithopter and other faster artifacts. It allowed me to play Herald of Anguish faster, and you could even add more 0 cmc cards, but I found myself empty of cards fast. Looking at the meta game from SCG, you need to be play more controlling. That's why I added Renegade Map. It enters tapped which is of course bad, but I never miss a land drop with it. Works great with Choked Estuary. It also filters out lands from the deck, so you only draw into gas! Regarding Terrarion, I removed it. Wasn't feeling that it did enough. It was nice with a previous version which played Scrap Trawler, and it had nice synergy with Herald of Anguish.

Pacification Array, and after game one Yahenni's Expertise sideboarded in, this deck should be able to control aggro. There is also extra removal for that in the sideboard.

Earlier today I had 4 x Walking Ballista in the mainboard, but it was mainly to playtest against Saheeli Cat Combo deck. I moved them to the sideboard instead. You could definitely play Metalwork Colossus in this deck! I would up the count of Inventors' Fair and add Cultivator's Caravan. You can even scratch Walking Ballista and add Unlicensed Disintegration for Saheeli instead :)

The deck is by far complete yet. I will wait and see what happens after the Pro Tour, in which I suspect some U/B improvise decks will show up.

Feel free to give me more critic and suggestions :)


2 days ago

+2 Grasp of Darkness, +1 Vapor Snag, -3 Unsummon.

Can you get ahold of any Choked Estuary?

GiantMonsterGames on Budget Heartless Myr combo - $60

4 days ago

Wahrghoul84 Here is a quick list of thigs i woudl replace with cards you have.

The first big upgrade is the Mana base. If you can run Fetch lands Polluted Delta and Shock lands Watery Grave then you can go down to 20 lands in the deck. This will free up 2 more slots my suggestions are assuming that you have them. (also if you are doing this you can remove Choked EstuaryTake out: all 3 Mana Leak, 1 Dispel and one Mulldrifter

Put in: 4 Remand, 2 Thoughtseize and 1 Inquisition of Kozilek (if you haven't finished upgrading the mana base just put in 1 less Remand and 1 less Inquisition of Kozilek)

Also: I recommend running 4 Muddle the Mixture and 2 Shred Memory that way you have extra counter spells if you need them.

I hope this helps,- Adiran

TheGodofNight on Metallurgic Artistry

6 days ago


You make an excellent argument for dropping Red from the board and making this more consistent with two colors. However, in a bid not to be like every other control style deck that will be out there, I opted for Grixis, in part because I feel like this gives me enough diversity to kill multiple types of decks.

To be fair, Yahenni's Expertise is a great card, and would allow me to cut Radiant Flames.

I could cut Harnessed Lightning for a mix of Grasp of Darkness and Fatal Push.

You are right, Unlicensed Disintegration could become Murder or Ruinous Path depending on my Meta.

And I could drop the Fevered Visions from the sideboard in lieu of a different sideboard tactic against control.

I have considered all of these cuts to make a more consistent U/B Control Deck List. However, to be more competitive, I would need to cut Tezzeret the Schemer and Metallurgic Summonings as they are far more gimmicky when compared to a true competitive build. It would probably look something like this:

2x Fatal Push

4x Grasp of Darkness

4x Anticipate

2x Negate

3x Disallow

2x Void Shatter

2x Murder

2x Ruinous Path

4x Glimmer of Genius

4x Torrential Gearhulk

2x Liliana, the Last Hope

1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

1x Ob Nixilis Reignited

4x Sunken Hollow

4x Choked Estuary

4x Submerged Boneyard

3x Evolving Wilds

6x Island

6x Swamp

And the sideboard would look like:

2x Dispel

2x Fatal Push

1x Negate

3x Transgress the Mind

3x Yahenni's Expertise

3x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

1x Summary Dismissal

Overall though, while my version is a bit more gimmicky, it does afford me the opportunity to play the cards I enjoy and to still play a control style build that I like. Thanks for the upvote and the suggestions.

Delta-117 on Dimir in Standard

6 days ago

I would add Baral, Chief of Compliance instead of Curious Homunculus  Flip, and if you can try to get a few Choked Estuary's, Aether Hubs or Sunken Hollows.

Then Grasp of Darkness is a good choice too, and even a bit more expensive though there's Fatal Push. Ob Nixilis Reignited is not a bad idea either.

I know some of this won't be in standard quite as long, so unless you can get them rather easily and cheap don't bother with some of these.

Taitwando on B/U Aetherborn Artifacts

6 days ago

I like the idea of an aetherborn/artifact deck! The deck looks like a lot of fun to play, but it needs some slight adjustments in my opinion. First of all your land base. Instead of running cards like Evolving Wilds and Spire of Industry, you should run Choked Estuary and Sunken Hollow. Second I would replace Cruel Finality with something like Murder. Also why are you running 3x Ornithopter? Not sure what the idea behind that was. Other than that intresting deck to say the least!

TheGodofNight on Tezzeret's Summonings

1 week ago

I built something very similar from a Grixis Control deck and a Mono Blue Metallurgic Summonings deck. I have play tested your deck against a variety of decks. I pitted this against G/W Humans, R/B Hell-bent Vampires, Red Burn, R/B Burn, G/W Tokens, U/R Fevered Visions, and R/W Vehicles (before the ban). I figured aggro decks would present the biggest challenge for this deck, but the deck didn't faulter. My only critique would be this: I'd consider revamping the land base, maybe run a few of the check lands like Choked Estuary and Foreboding Ruins over the tango lands. Other than that, this is an amazing build.

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