Adarkar Wastes


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Ninth Edition Rare
Seventh Edition Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Fifth Edition Rare
Ice Age Rare

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Adarkar Wastes


: Add to your mana pool.

: Add or to your mana pool. Adarkar Wastes deals 1 damage to you.

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Adarkar Wastes Discussion

PookandPie on derevi empyrial tactician

1 week ago

Hinder and Spell Crumple honestly aren't that great any longer since the tuck rule is gone (if a Commander would be tucked away into a library, they can choose to put it into the Command Zone now). Counterspell is a straight upgrade to one of those slots (tutor heavy decks would prefer the card being in the library versus the graveyard, plus 1 mana less), and Swan Song might be a good idea for the other as no one cares about 2/2 birds in a 40 life format.

Cyclonic Rift should be in. Overloading that gives you a late game option to swing in and claim a victory when you otherwise would have been behind. As for what to remove, Dovin Baan is cute but not really very good (his ultimate is Static Orb, but you could just run Static Orb if you want to be Stax Derevi as his other abilities aren't that great at once per turn for 4 mana).

Small creatures that grow or have evasion are great with Derevi. Pride of the Clouds is likely better than some of your other creatures.

Coastal Piracy is cute, but Rhystic Study would either draw you more cards or slow your opponents down: Both aspects are better for you.

It seems odd to run Perilous Forays in a list that doesn't make tokens over, say, Dawn's Reflection, which would net you 3 extra mana every time a creature of yours hits an opponent. Forays costs mana to use, as well, so you can't even properly loop Reveillark/Karmic Guide + a 2 power creature like you could, say, Martyr's Cause.

Vedalken Aethermage could just be Worldly Tutor, Chord of Calling,

Also, you have Eldrazi Displacer as your blink enabler, but you don't have enough colorless sources or tutors to find those aforementioned sources. The only land you have that produces colorless mana is Reliquary Tower, and you have no way to tutor that card. The only other things in the whole deck that make colorless mana are Ashnod's Altar and Sol Ring, at least that I am seeing at a cursory glance. So, my suggestion is to add Adarkar Wastes, Brushland, and Yavimaya Coast to the mana base. Wooded Bastion, Mystic Gate, and Flooded Grove are easier to use, but also more expensive. In any place, 3-5 of these lands should replace things like Meandering Coast, Guildgates, etc., so that you increase the likelihood of being able to use Eldrazi Displacer if you draw it (because that diamond symbol means that you need colorless mana plus two of any other type). otherwise, switch Displacer to Deadeye Navigator as he's easier to use without changing your mana base right now.

Heartlesshero800 on

3 weeks ago

I feel like Darksteel Ingot is just odd here. It doesn't draw a card and it costs 3 mana, there are far better ways to be throwing mana around, I would take a look at Sigil of Distinction. I also feel the Glacial Fortress is an off card. While not being more expensive, Adarkar Wastes is strictly better. It always comes in untapped and you aren't ever worried about a single point of damage for needing colored mana. I run this deck as well and to add a little resilience it's best to have a backup plan for sideboard hate. Specifically in Leyline of Sanctity. Goblin Gaveleer is an excellent option for this. Any way you slice it, Mox Opal really is needed to make this competitive, but I like the idea for a budget option.

sylvannos on What To Do With Cards

1 month ago

I have to agree with Atony1400. Unless you're strapped for cash, there's not a whole lot of reason to not just sit if your cards have gone down in value.

Basically, it's better to be mindful of the value of your cards and to pay attention to spikes. Stuff like Blackcleave Cliffs or Adarkar Wastes were under $2 a few years ago, and have since spiked. The same is true for stuff like Mishra's Bauble, Street Wraith, or Devoted Druid.

Things that appear to have no value can randomly spike due to changes in formats, bannings, or new combos. Hell, my buddy back in high school bought a Show and Tell from the $1 box at a local shop because the card was unplayable until more powerful creatures were printed.

PartyJ on Sydri Artifacts EDH

1 month ago

I have been checking your list and I believe that these cards might prove to be good assests:

Like the user above said, cut back on the amount of tapped lands. But this might also be a choice of budget. Decent budget options could include:

Personally I never played with or against this deck. So tell me how it went in your local meta so far :)


Firebones675 on Spirits and Taxes

1 month ago

Eldrazi displacer seems hard to use here seeing the only ways to use it's ability is with your ghostquarters. With no way to tutor for them, i could see the displacers just being a 3 mana 3/1. If you do want to keep them in the deck, you're going to have to tweak the mana base to accommodate them. Adarkar Wastes is the first one that comes to mind

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